“The Professional” – Kanchi acharya vicitimisation continues

Happened to read Subroto Bagchi’s , (Gardner “Mind Tree”) book ” The Professional”. The book is basically about the importance of values and that it is not the job but the life that we put in the job that is important. However, he has a chapter on Kanchi Shankara’s involvement in the murder case giving credibility to the false propaganda that has been unleashed on the Acharya by the politico-missionary nexus.

My response to him is mentioned below. The comment is pending on his blog



Dear Subroto sir

I got introduced to you through the review of “Go Kiss the World”. I read the book, then the ‘High performance Entreprenuer. Both these books establish the importance of valuing people and also building the ability to scale up even when there is opposition & in situations of crisis.

I read “The Professional” last month..However, I must say that I was disappointed with some of the examples that you choose to give in the book esp., to the one related to the Kanchi Seer. In your earlier books you came across a person who is very earthy and understands that a person can be a victim of politics ( eg : your DCM stint ).

I have very good reason to believe that the Kanchi seer was victimised by the political forces in Tamilnadu and seeing the same being justified in your book which is broadcasted across the world, was I must say very dissapointing. During the trial, it was more than proved that the witnesses were coerced by the police and the police personnel including the SP himself is under scanner. It is unfortunate that you choose to believe propaganda than go through the facts.

Pl visit http://kanchi-sathya.org/


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