Rahul Gandhi says RSS equal to SIMI – A rejoinder

The PM in waiting for the Congress , Sri Rahul Gandhi, has come out with his latest mathematical equation , viz RSS = SIMI;  Is he aiming for a noble prize in Mathematics ?

Both are hardline, he says and  they are not welcome in Youth Congress. I know only that both SIMI and the RSS are fanatical and hold fundamentalist views,” he said at a press conference at Bhopal on 6th Oct 2010.


But Rahulji, what is new in your revelation…You are only continuing your family tradition… Just in case you forgot,


Your great-grandfather , the late Sri Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was the innovator of these views. He was so forthright that he mentioned that Hindu revivalism will take the country backward. That was explicitly stated by him to the then President of India, Dr.Babu Rajendra Prasad when Rajendra Prasadji was going to participate in the inauguration of the Somnath temple. Pt. Nehru thundered that ” he will wipe out the RSS” and ” I will not allow an inch of land to fly the Bhagwa”. He did make all efforts to wipe the RSS but failed. 

But then, two years before his death in 1962,  the Chinese gave him the shock of his life and attacked India . His friends, the communists, openly welcomed the CHinese attack in Bengal  with wall writings, stating’ Welcome to China”. How could they, he wept ?

It was at that point of time that he really saw closely the yeomen service that the RSS swayamsevaks rendered in assisting the Indian army in fighting the Chinese. He saw the services that swayamsevaks across the country rendered in blood donations and raising funds and material to keep the morale of the army up. It was only due to their love for the nation.

 But, it was too late, he had already planted many of the communists in key positions in the goverment, in education system, in the buereacracy in his attempt to wipe out Hindu nationalism. There was little he could do to turn the tide back.

ONe year before his death, in 1963, he invited the RSS to participate in the Republic day parade and over 3000 ganavesh dhari (uniformed ) RSS swayamsevaks participated in the parade. He had a rare vision of clarity saying that ” The RSS swayamsevaks are patriots “. The same words were told to him 15 years back by Sardar Patel, but he did not lsiten then. Unfortunately, after getting a resounding slap by the communists he left for his “heavenly abode”.

Little did he know, that Hindu nationalism is the life breath of our country and world peace is ensured only when the people who want world peace are strong. The only community in the world who have the concept of Vasudaika Kutumbakam ( world as one family) are Hindus.


Rahulji, your grandmother , Smt. Indira Gandhi also attempted to wipe the RSS during the Emergency. And what was the reason for imposing emergency ?

On 12 June 1975, the Allahabad High Court  found Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minsister guilty on the charge of misuse of government machinery for her election campaign. The court declared her election null and void and unseated her from her seat in the Lok Sabha. The court also banned her from contesting any election for an additional six years.

In order to save her chair, she imposed emergency and banned the RSS along with other organsiations. The country rose as one voice under the leadership of Loknayak Jayprakash Narain backed by the RSS cadres.

‘The Economist’, London,(dt.4-12-1976)  described the movement as “the only non-left revolutionary force in the world”. It said that the movement was “dominated by tens of thousands of RSS cadres, though more and more young recruits are coming”. Talking about its objectives it said “its platform at the moment has only one plank: to bring democracy back to India”

Indira had to lift emergency on  21st March 1977.


Do you See that the only time that Independent India was subject to a Nazi like Emergency situation was during the Congress rule under your grandmother and the Congress party…and yet the country being largely Hindu has forgiven all those sins, and given your family opportunity after opportunity. In any other country, for the atrocities commited, you would have been driven to political oblivion.

Later in her life, Indira also had her moment of truth, during the Andhra cyclone.  Seeing the service of the RSS workers, she chided the Congress workers saying ” I see only RSS cadres in the affected areas .” The then Congress CM of A.P., Chenna Reddy said, ” What RSS does today, the government does tomorrow”.

Compare this with what SIMI stands for…

What is SIMI ?

The SIMI ( Student Islamic Movement of India), The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, is an Islamist fundamentalist organization, which advocates the ‘liberation of India’ by converting it to an Islamic land. The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence.

 Does SIMI believe in Nation-State ?

As the organization does not believe in a nation-state, it does not believe in the Indian Constitution or the secular order. ( compare this with the RSS, which worked night and day towards restoration of Indian democracy).

SIMI also regards idol worship as a sin and considers it to be a holy duty to terminate idol worship.

 According to the SIMI, Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is an outstanding example of a true Mujahid, who has undertaken Jihad on behalf of the ‘ummah’.

There are more such details which you should be knowing as the General Secretary of the Congress party.

Our prayer

We pray to the Paramatma, that you need not wait till the end of your life as your great-grandfather and grandmother had to do, to realise the truth about the RSS.

“Ishwar aapko aur aapke anuyayiyon ko sadbhuddhi de. ”



31 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi says RSS equal to SIMI – A rejoinder

  1. mani

    ragul is mad.
    rss is welqualified org. meri quri is accupt the org.
    he does not know about R.S.S………….

    thevudiya paiyan

  2. shashikanth boorla

    rahul o chota baccha

    he does not know about R.S.S. our history says the person who scold Us will be ruined.
    thts what happened to his family members.

  3. Ketan Mandani

    Bala Saheb Thackrey is right when he says – Both Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah are Mentally retarded !! send them to Mental Hospital..

    ideally we should not be bothering about what such mad people think and say.. but looking at the fact that whole of the congress is mad after such a mad “yuvraj” , and the impact he has on a section of people who vote for such a mad party.. i think we shd respond to his statement heavily (not softly) so that he understands that he is insane and doesn’t dare to make such a statement again. he shd be hit on his backside…


  4. Anand

    Rahul Gandhi should be more mature & responsible. Since he do not have any political career, his remarks need not to be taken seriously.

    Just ignore him guys … poor Rahul !

  5. Babu Menon

    The utterances of Rahul do not deserve any reply. He and his ancestors are traitors of this great country and they will continue to work towards the goal of destroying Bharath and perpetuating western rule here. Already the country is being ruled by foreigners..Every democratic and constitutional institutions including the Parliament, the Supreme Court, the High Courts and even the highest offices of the President of India and CEC has been compromised to uphold the interest of this family.
    You can wake up a person who is sleeping. You can’t wake up those who pretend to be sleeping.
    Jai Hind…Bharath Mata Ki Jai Ho…..

  6. arish sahani

    Its shame we hindus don’t like to lead but follow. All leaders in congress looks like hindu but are convert to chritianity and follow an unedcuated leaders like sonisa .Shame on hindu who have no plans to protect as They have not identified their enemy yet, While enemy has identified Hindus as their enemy. They are killing and conveting hindus.

  7. Vishnu

    here you find a RAHUL, PM in waiting ( hope he just keeps waiting), who makes nonsensical comments on the most patriotic and nationalistic organization and endorses people such as Omar Abdullah who questions the sovereignty of Bharat. i think it is high time we expose his imbecility and lack of basic understanding on critical issues to the people, read young India, otherwise it will be dooms for our country.


    u have done an excellent job.we all protest against his comment.there should be a protest against his comment and he should apollogize.

  9. kulkarni kb

    Rahulji said none of people he came across talked to him about Ayodhya… etc. The all were worried about Education & Employment n that’s all.

    What he has done in this regard??? other than forwarding issues to bechara PM !!!!!

    Is Congress – of which he is so called Gen. Secretory – not responsible for these problems of today’s Youth??

    It is we who are at fault to listen these guys patiently n none else.

  10. rajasekhar

    hi rahul is worst than pakisthani terrorist , he dont have any cast and raligion his blood is mixed with anglo , itali and christiam muslim blood thats why he taught dat way , and finally he dont know about rss and rss activities but varun gandhi knows dat is the differns of mixed blood and original blood . JAI SREE RAAM ,JAI BHARATH.

  11. Datta Hposabale

    The essay and the comments are fitting replies to Rahul and quite thought provoking pieces.

    Your points and arguments are well chosen. A nice way of reacting to the baseless allegation.

    Datta Hosabale

  12. Skanda

    The issue here, is that any ‘justified refutation’ gives an unjustified credibility to the initial idiotic statement which otherwise deserves no attention of people at large.

    Yes, unanswered, it should not be left. But a response should make the guy feel ashamed, and afraid to make another statement. Bring out the worst of his side, show he is *not eligible* to talk – and say so.

    There was one statement made by the BJP/RSS, and Cong comes back to it and so on. It should not be. Rahul and Cong should be exposed so much, shown their place in a refutation – so much that there can be no possible response –

    1. They have created the biggest problems of this country – Kashmir
    2. Abuse of democracy –
    (a) distribution of electoral constituencies
    (b) ballot frauds
    (c)political murders
    (d) bringing down non-Cong govts midterm and continuously creating violence and disturbance in the country, and causing a huge expense for the whole country
    (e) frauds and abuse of voter lists
    3. Treason –
    (a) siding with anti-national forces like terrorists
    (b) siding against patriotic forces like RSS
    (c) siding against national interests as in Pakistani border and Bangla border, after being in power for decades
    (d) Give-away vast lands to Pak, China
    (e) Sell-out of the country to the west on most of the economic deals – NPA, GATT
    (f) Sell-out on deals threatening national security – nuclear deals etc
    4. Insult of sovereign India –
    (a) Foisting someone like Pratibha Patil as a president on this country
    (b) Insult to public opinion – their very coming to power is against common man’s will and their fraud with ballot and voter lists
    5. Anti-constitutional – Insult of court orders to cater to vote banks – Shabano, official support to bands in protest to court orders against Muslim reservations, ignoring court orders on Ayodhya and other genuine Hindu demands
    6. Outright criminal – organizing riots throughout independent India for decades, Sikh murders etc

    It is like a Ravana talking about character, when a congressman talks of a patriotic organization.

    Let Rahul and Cong bother about how to fraud the next election, how to bag thousands of crores in the cong-ruled states in the name of development and calamity, how to secure another fund for Nehru’s descendants, how to further cheat Hindus and subvert them, how to pretend like but not actually trying to contain the Muslim terrorism and infiltration, how to continue their clandestine promotion of christian propaganda, how to create more scams and scandals, how to cheat people with lies and then, when lies come out how to divert topics to get out of embarrassment.

  13. kalyan

    Rahul Gandhi knows no’s nothing about RSS….. He has no right 4 him n congress party to talk adt RSS… They r the real terrarists In this is cuntry…

  14. Mahesh Kuar

    The comments made by Rahul ji was Immoral. I think he must read the Indian History, This typeo f comments(PROPAGANDAs) common for Congress polictians, as they need to Improve Their VOTEBANK from MUSLIMS & Cristians

  15. Deepak

    A very well written article and an apt reply to Rahul’s insane comments. It not only shows how biased he is, but also revels him immaturity of having a complete view. India will be doomed if he becomes a PM!

  16. Vishnu

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Most appropriate thoughts expressed in a cogent manner. They say all fools are alike, but he is different. It’s definitely not immaturity but insanity.Did he check the fact that our Parliament expressed condolences to the then RSS sarsanghchalak Guruji’s death, a rare gesture for a non parliamentarian and his grandmother was our PM then? Does he know the fact that our courts have repeatedly acquitted RSS of all the malicious charges leveled by his great grandfather and Italian breeding Columbian cross breeds whereas SIMI’s ban was upheld by SC? What does he flout, Our democracy or our Law? With this comment, he once again proved that you can not make him a fool. For he already is.

  17. RaviJ

    I think the rejoinder is too soft and decent for such illogical and baseless comparison. One consolation is that he did not equate RSS with Congress!! That is the only saving grace,. Curiosly, the Naxalites (whom his Home minister is so desperate to finish) do not figure in this equation. They are not fundamental in his viewpoint, I guess.

  18. Ram Kumar

    Excellent article. Rahul Gandhi is frustrated with the good will generated to RSS and Mohan Bhagwat after it’s response, post Ayodhya verdict. More coverage in Social Media and sustained campaign against the false propaganda shall bring more sincere and patriotic yound indians closer to RSS.
    This is only to provoke RSS, designed by Digvijay Singh and executed by Rahul.

  19. Narasimhan

    It might be appropriate to remind the comments made by his father and actions of the Congress Ministers and cadres during anti-Sikh riots.

  20. garimella

    Its a wonderful reiteration of historical importance of the great RSS & its Services. Perhaps Rahul is yet to know Indian culture and history as he is still in fold of Italy & christianity. The view of Rahul is absolutely immature & mindless.

  21. Anu

    How to send this article to media so that many people could know the truth? I want to use very very abusive language to Rahul Gandhi and if god asks my last wish before I die then that will be a hit on Rahul’s back.

  22. khansadepra

    Your rejoinder is sharp,finely balanced and enlightening. Now my commnt .I don’t pretend to be polite with respect to a mongrel whose family is a curse to India,its ancient culture,civilization, ethos, traditions, integrity,prosperity and wellbeing.And so is the party he represents.


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