RSS Sarasanghachalak’s valedictory speech in Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012

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3 day Hindu Shakti Sangama comcludes in a spectacular valedictory, From 1894 villages of 13 districts of North Karnataka 21,554 swayamsevaks participated in this 3 day residential camp of exercise.

Hubli Janurary 29:  “We belong to a Hindu nation, known as Hindu Rashtra. Hindutva is the only ideology which unites this nation, which has all solutions for national challenges” said RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat 

He  was addressing a mammoth gathering of swayamsevaks at the valedictory of 3 day convention Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012 at Hubli.

Mohan ji Bhagwat speaks in Valedictory Ceremony of Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012 (9)

“We have a great diversity in terms of food, culture, language and lifestyle. But by a basic inherited ideology of Hindutva we are related and united as a Hindu nation. It is a permanent theory and is never reactive. By Hindutva ideology our ancestors reached different part of the world from Mexico to Indonesia. Wherever they went, they contributed for the enhancement of their lives by teaching Yoga etc to those and seeded the eternal values of life”

“As said by Dr Kalam we forgot the worship of power (Shakti ki upaasana), due to which we were under slavery for thousand years. We need to regain the power make our society stable. RSS has doing this job of making these countrymen stronger to regain the power, to make a strong and prosperous Bharath”

“The power should be used for a better social cause. This power should be coupled with character (sheela). Then only this power will serve the society. Though Bharath was a victim for foreign invasion several times, they could not destroy this nation. We have a potentiality to resist all such attacks and to survive ourselves. The power should be utilised for join the society and should not divide”

“Men with character and social commitment are the need of the hour. In India we need such an awakened society to face challenges. This is the requirement for the world, as violence is growing globally; India has the potentiality to solve it. RSS is involved in making these countrymen to think and work for the nation” said Bhagwat

Valedictory of Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012

“This country is not just a piece of land for us. It is been worshipped as motherland since time immemorial. Our ancestors called it Mrunmayi. The society should remember 3 things, first the concept of Mathrubhoomi, Second proud of our Culture and third respect towards our ancestors. The one who always respects his ancestors and their contributions, values is a Hindu. He will feel that the river, mountains, environment and society is related to me directly or indirectly” opinioned the RSS Chief

“Hindutva always focuses on unity and integrity. Though India achieved Independence by administration, we should be self-dependent in our life. The Government and the Law (Shaasan and Prashasan) should help a common man in this direction. But due to short-sightedness and for mere political gains, people in govt are trying to divide the country by bringing new laws/bills or adhering to such policies of division. The administration should think of uniting people and not to divide. Hindutva ideology is the one which joins all countrymen” said Sarasanghachalak.

Mohan Bhagwat seriously accused central govt, said “Government’s  inept handling of the Military General’s age issue and the issue of scientists being black-listed. Government is demolishing and demoralising the esteemed personalities and established institutions of the nation such as Saints, the army and the scientific community”

RSS has indulged in making a united society by educating a common man about his individual role. Reminding the vedic sentences (Sanghachadwam Samvadadhwam, let’s walk together, let’s have a common voice), we always focus upon national integration in our daily activities.

“RSS never demands publicity for its activities. Our work is towards a silent social transformation. We educate swayamsevaks to involve in works which strengthens our national unity. Swayamsevaks established more than 1.5lakh of social service activities or seva projects across the country. During natural calamities Sangh swayamsevaks reached the spot even before police or army men and involved in rescue operations”

Mohan ji said “RSS swayamsevaks always joined hands with all positive activities which make society stronger; Swayamsevaks never took part in any anti-social activities. If at all a swayamsevak is doing a mistake in social life, he should refill himself with Sangh values. Such cases are rare as Swayamsevaks has only aim of Rashtronnathi– the Prosperity of the Country”

“In India, the political leaders are not the masters, but the society is the master.  The concept of Janata Janaardhan is well known. We suffered from imbroglio in Kashmir, Tibet etc due to lack of national vision. Though we didn’t attacked any country so far, we should be stronger enough to resist any foreign attack. We should have such a stabilised society so that we can have a stable administration”

“RSS has supported all forms for anti-corruption movements and will never tolerate corruption of any form. How can a society be corrupt, If strong character persists in individuals? “asked Bhagwat

In his presidential speech veteran scientist L.G. Dr V J Sundaram said “India got political freedom in 1947, but it was not economical. We had problem in several sectors, later we successfully achieved green revolution, white revolution and technological revolution. India has proved its potentiality in technology; our missile technology is one of the best on the world. In construction of Pruthvi Missile, I realised the strength of India being its project director”.

“India has made many missiles, army weapons indigenously. We proved our strength capacity in each sector in LAC. Dr Kalam was one of key man in this regard. ” said Dr V J Sundaram.

“I admire the discipline of RSS Swayamsevaks. The need of the hour is a social or public discipline to make our country prosperous. The 3 years working plan of RSS in organising this Hindu Shakti Sangama is executed well here” he added.

The event was presided by scientist L.G. Dr V J Sundaram. Sri Rajayogeendra Mahaswamy, RSS General Secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, Kshethreeya Sanghachalak Justice Parvat Rao, Pranth Sanghachalak Dr Khageshan Pattana Shetty, President of Working Committee Sathish Jagajinni were present on the dais.

Prior to the speech of Sarasanghachalak, a spectacular show of demonstration of various Sangh physical exercises by swayamseavaks, attracted the gathering.

From 1894 villages of 13 districts of North Karnataka 21,554 swayamsevaks participated in this 3 day residential camp of exercise. Around 2000 swayamsevaks were working as Prabandhaks (volunteers in organising team).

The Hindu Shakti Sangama was held to commemorate 75th anniversary of visit of RSS founder Dr Keshava Baliram Hedgewar to Chikkodi of North Karnataka on January 16, 1937 from where RSS activities began in Karnataka.

The live webcasting of the programme was arranged for global viewers in which is the official website of Vishwa Samvada Kendra, the media centre of RSS.

Earlier to this there was meeting of Saints (Sant Sammelan) and get-together of selected Intellectuals of north Karnataka was organised in which RSS Sarasanghachalak shared his thoughts and social concerns.

The Valedictory of Hindu Shakti Sangama

The Valedictory of Hindu Shakti Sangama

6 thoughts on “RSS Sarasanghachalak’s valedictory speech in Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012

  1. Rocky

    @Atul Thakur. Not just Hindus, but all Indians must be united.

    @Arish Sahani. Stop thinking of Christians or Muslims as enemies. Christianity came to India in 2nd century AD (please see the detailed history). Islam too came many centuries before India started existing as one country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Nagaland. India belongs to all Indians, just like America and UK belongs to all Americans and Britishers not just whites. Please get rid of fascist violent philosophy and do good for the country.

    Stop spreading hatred against fellow Indians in the name of religion. Hinduism is certainly not in danger. It was far more in danger during the time of emperors like Aurangzeb or during the time of fanatics like Alaudin khilji.

    Don’t keep whipping up fear, hate and anger. These are the tactics of asuric/rakshasa forces. Use of power, fear, violence and hate are the tactics of asura forces. Be careful. Asuras come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t think only some muslim terrorists or people like Adolf Hitler were the asuras.

    Anyone who takes pride in killing innocent people, women, children comes from Asuric source. Bal Thackerey, Modi and people like Dara Singh (who burnt two young children of someone supposedly an Australian missionary in Orissa) were all Asuric forces.

    Be careful. Also remember one more karmic rule. If you hate any particular human group, as per the karmic rules, you might have to be born in those circumstances. Please remember that.

    If you hate muslims irrationally and fail to appreciate the fact that some people are born into devout muslim families for no fault of theirs, remember that, as per karmic rules, YOU will also be born into a muslim family.

  2. arish sahani

    India can be saved while Hindus are in majority declare India as Hindu nation.Like Bangladesh,pakistan are islamic and china a communist nation. Being secular you are soon a dead meat.

  3. arish sahani

    In India Hinduism will not survive. New religion of the Arab and west has a better game plan to destroy Hindus. Destroy from with in. Now no soldiers are required. Convert some Hindus to Islam and Christian by any means (lure with jobs position and money) and these new converts are good to fight their own brothers and sister to kill, destroy and fight the war in their own land Now on the name of democracy buy votes, create corruption, loot temples and one day they will make India to a Islamic or Christian nation .
    All ready we have lost 1/3 land and 350+ millions bodies to Islam and Christian .
    These new converts are new soldiers of our enemy in house warrior to destroy their own culture and land and future of their generation.

    1. Rocky


      Don’t keep whipping up fear psychosis. Don’t say Hinduism won’t survive. It is thriving all over the world including Britain, US etc. In US alone there are close to 3 million Hindus, more temples than ever before. Same with Britain and many parts of Europe. British whites also come to Diwali and holi get togethers these days.

      Don’t keep creating a fear psychosis so that you can get more donations from abroad for organisations like RSS which believe in shameless violence and have no compunctions in using violence against other Indians in the name of religion.

  4. arish sahani

    Today is the world of information. Its shame our RSS leaders are still in early 19 century. If people don’t know what are you doing You don’t exist.
    Want people to respect your action make sure people know what are you doing on daily basis. Use media or misinformation will destroy you.
    Its your duty to project your right image .
    if you don’t your enemy will spread misinformation any way.
    know your enemy or you will perish,

  5. Atul Thakur

    Excellent. So good to see Hindus get together and discuss issues facing them. We need to have Hindus develop faith in themselves and their religion as primary. Only through prayer and faith can change come in life


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