Valentine’s Day – Background and Promotion

The Background of Valentine’s Day by Rajiv Dixit –

About Rajiv Dixit

As per Rajiv Dixit, while Valentine was trying to promote the concept of marriage in Europe  as opposed to the general practise of having multiple sex partners, he was executed for doing this. As opposed to this, the concept of Valentine’s day in India is being promoted by marketing companies and so-called “liberals” for exactly the opposite effect.

Also read an article written couple of years back by Sri S.Gurumurthy

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Background and Promotion

  1. Confused Krishan Bhakta in Canada

    These consumerist holidays are good for the economy. If you don’t have the disposable income to buy cards, flowers or take your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse or lover, out on a dinner date, just enjoy quality time with her/him at home or go to a park and enjoy nature.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy stuff.

  2. Rahul A. Shastri

    Genius! He has pointed to the essential conflict between the original valentine and the modern marketised distortion. The media is hyping everything western as modern, with no one to question them. Those who question are labelled – A marxist technique of suppressing free debate.


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