Mating as marriage judgement is a shocker


In a repeat performance, another judge gets into the act of equating marriage and live-in relationships. The only solace is that unlike the other case viz,
the judge in this case did not quote from our scriptures to make his point 😦

Gurumurthy writes a powerful article on the judgement. The full article is at

The family is the primary institution that socialises individuals with time-tested mix of duties and rights. Marriages are the foundation of conventional family and society. Customs and rituals legitimatise a marriage in the society’s eye. The combine of family and society, not the law or State, creates and sustains customs and rituals. Also law cannot bring about marriages. It can only terminate them.

Courts cannot admit a petition to make marriage. They can only accept a petition to break it. However unacceptable it is to progressives, conventional marriage continues to be the prerogative of the family and the society in which the family functions.

The way the judgment of Justice Karnan trivialises the satisfaction of the society is an invitation for marital chaos.

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