Calling Muslims as minority implies a non-secular attitude

Tafail Ahmad writes  “There is a class of Hindu politicians who desire Muslim votes and want to look good by advocating Muslim causes. Hamid Dalwai, the Muslim social reformer of Maharashtra, warned that such Hindu collaboration could undermine the secular foundations of India, arguing that the secularism of Hindus who treat Muslims as a minority encourages Muslims’ anti-secularism, and minorities in a democracy have equal rights, not privileges. “The very fact that in India we call Muslims a minority and Hindus the majority,” Dalwai wrote, “implies a non-secular attitude. ”

Indian Muslims do not qualify to be a minority. India is placed second or third in the list of countries with the largest Muslim population, about the same number as in Pakistan. With population estimates upward of 170 million, Muslims cannot be called a minority simply because the number of Hindus is higher.

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