Bhagyanagar and Not Hyderabad even in 1757


A tweet by Sri Sunil Baboo shows that even in 1757 Maps, Bhagyanagar was not known as Hyderabad. It is therefore clear that the state was called Golkonda and Bhagnagar was a city there.

Bhagyanagar Map tweet

Bhagyanagar and Not Hyderabad – Redline by Editor

It is nothing but mischievous propaganda that stated that the city of Hyderabad was known by this name for 400 years. It also makes the case clear that the story of Bhagmati being converted to Hyder Begum and hence the city name was changed from Bhagnagar to Hyderabad is also nothing but propaganda.

It is clear that the city was named on the Goddess and it also makes the case for a bhavya Bhagyalakshmi temple  very strong.

For decades,  the Hindus are fighting a battle to save the Bhagyalakshmi temple in Hyderabad from onslaughts on numerous occasions. In 2011, we had written a detailed article on this topic – Historic Bhagyalakshmi Temple Under Siege


2 thoughts on “Bhagyanagar and Not Hyderabad even in 1757

  1. Ashfaq raza

    upload this original & full map those you have…. and every places is not correct in your map you have to see with your own eyes.. karnataka is available on left side behind of telangana state but in this your worst map is showing bhagyanagr is bottom location of telangana….

  2. Ashfaq raza

    i think you dont know about Hydeerabad & telangana okay mr. and also i requeest to dont try hatred spread out in this peaceful hyderabad city. i know the history about that city better you i also have so documents & evidence to show you…
    but its a request for you…


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