Election Season – Award Wapsi and Intolerance

Elections Ahoy ! and ofcourse India has to be portrayed intolerant, fascist;  Otherwise how does one create the fear that “Minorities Khatre Mein Hai” and keep reaping the benefits of it ? And this time all the stakeholders gang up together. It is therefore imperative that people who believe in India’s present and future raise their voice.

Few videos, photos  and articles on the issue which present the pro-nation sentiment of some of the artists and expose some of the artists & premier intellectuals who have raised the bogey of intolerance.

Politically motivated Atmosphere  Raveena Tandon – Video

” #Intolerance of the Elite & Returning Someone Else’s Award !  – Anupam Kher Video

Are We Living in a Frightening Period ? – Anupam Kher Video

Returning Award is insulting the nation – Kamal Hasan – Video

We still listen to Foreigners About How to Organise a Debate on Tolerance Video

Intolerance and Kashmiri Hindus ” – Video

” Returning awards itself shows their intolerance“- Video – G.Madhavan Nair, Former ISRO Chairman

Selective Outrage is Dangerous ” –  Letter  – Padma Bhushan, G.Padmanaban, Former Director IISC

” India a country of Communal Harmony ” – Ratan Tata –

Ratan Tata on Communal Harmony

Ratan Tata on Communal Harmony

And while on the subject, would be good to see how some of the the #Awardreturnees pay tribute to their masters.

Sahitya Akademi Returnee Ranganath Misra touching feet of Akhilesh Yadav, CM of UP, state in which Dadri Lynching happened. 

Sahitya Akademi Ranganath Misra

‘ Rahul Gandhi showing ‘signs of great change ” – Nayantara Sahgal 

IBN Live 5th Nov

IBN Live 5th Nov

Arundhati Roy on Support to Naxal Movement :

Arundhati on Naxals

It is clear that most of those who took the awardwapsi were motivated politically. A few gullible people also followed either due to ideological affinity to the opposition Or out of trying to make a point owing to the media blitzkrieg about intolerance.

Those have material on the above subject, kindly mail us at arisebharat@gmail.com

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