An Open Letter to Dr Kumar Vishwas – Quit AAP over JNU row & Reclaim yourself!

Dear Dr Kumar Vishwas,

Generally open letters are long and get pretty boring to read. Also, understand that you are a busy person. So keeping it as brief and precise as possible.

The letter has underlying assumption that you have nationalistic blood in your veins. If that is not true you may discontinue reading right here because everything else will not make sense then.

So here I start.

The fiery nationalist Poet Kumar Vishwas who use to make thousands and thousands of people clap on recitation of two lines has got lost somewhere in just over couple of years in dirty game of politics. Your fans have just vanished & many seems to have started hating you instead! And what remains with you is authoritarian AK and handful of followers!

Let us be honest – Aren’t you and likes of Annaji, Kiran Bedi, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Swami Agnivesh and many others ranging from rightists to leftists, have been used (and sacrificed?) for the rise of Arvind Kejriwal on the political scenario. While many others found their right timing to exit, somehow, you, who appeared to be with most nationalistic thoughts & least political interests, have still ended up getting stuck to one of the most anti-national & opportunistic politician Arvind Kejriwal. Well, you may have your own reasons for it, however, what are you waiting for now!

My 6th sense with modest logic tells me that you won’t find a better opportunity than JNU row to make a great leap forward. Quit AAP!

Why I say this is simple. It makes all the following senses.

Nationalistic Sense – I am sure you completely agree that what has happened at JNU is no short of sedition (irrespective of what your party line is)! Aren’t you feeling suffocated? Quitting AAP on JNU row, will just bring back your passions & freedom to express openly!

Poetic sense – A simple poem by Yogeshwar Dutt and today he is a hero! Please don’t tell me you can’t do a way better job than him!

Leadership & Popularity sense – If someone has seen downfall on popularity in campus in recent times, it is none other than you. Quitting AAP at this time and taking nationalist thoughts to campus with your amazing kavitas will, believe me or not, not only regain your name & fame, but people will see a role model in you.

Re-Branding sense – What started as India against corruption we know has gone down the gutter! It is open truth that Delhi is as corrupt and possibly more with AAP in power. This gives you opportunity to re-brand yourself as a great nationalistic poet cum politician rather than a fake anti-corruption crusader.

Political sense – Let us accept that AK & Manish are never going to let you achieve your ambitions. However, my gut says, more AAP supporters sympathize with you than them. Either you should take charge of AAP (which seems unlikely considering tanashahi nature of your party) or better join some nationalistic party & the respect you will gain at this time of anti-national sentiments will be remembered for long time to come!

So hope you can apply some logic, do your calculations, garner some courage and call it quits to anti-national Arvind Kejriwal & AAP.

And see how good things embrace you!

Your’s & Nation’s well-wisher!

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