Goldie Behl should give a second thought to his serial on ‘Aryan Invasion’ theory

goldie-and-rajivRajiv Malhotra, an eminent public intellectual, has raised a red flag through his FacFacebookdeo post on an upcoming TV serial by well-known masala movie producer Goldie Behl of Rose Movies fame.

Rose Movies has made many good movies over years. However, Goldie Behl has more flops to his credit than hits. Now he has moved onto the small screen. Name of the proposed serial is ‘Aarambh’. It is his take on ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ – a theory long discredited by new scientific researches by archaeologists, genetic studies, linguistic studies and historical evidence. ( Ed : Read about how the theory is discredited – Here )

Rajiv Malhotra’s contention is based on the fact that shooting has already begun. As per insiders, it is based on AIT. Interestingly, Vijayendra Prasad who gained global fame from his super hit movies‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’ and many more in South is supposed to be writing for this serial. While other movies of his are work of fiction and he could take huge flights of fancy, this serial is not a fiction.

A simple disclaimer about this serial being work of fiction will not absolve it of the crime of raising social tensions by giving new oxygen to so-called Aryan-Dravid divide. Imagine somebody making a fictional serial on Prophet Mohammed or Jesus and putting a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction. I am sure, nobody will buy it. Such a fictionalization of the oldest living civilization will not be a good idea.

Aryan Invasion Theory was invented by Max Mueller under the aegis of British. This myth was further perpetuated by Bishop Caldwell to serve British interests, as Malhotra explains. Nobody in India had bought this idea but it was used for political gains in last 60-70 years first by Dravidian movement spearheaded by Periyar Ramaswamy Naicker. It is being revived more seriously since last two decades or more by Church to exploit the political situation, especially in South to run its conversion factory.

Genetic studies, latest being by Harvard group of scientists, had convincingly proven that genetic pool of people in North (supposedly Aryans) and South (supposedly Dravidian) is the same. They come from same stock. Linguistic studies show deep connects between languages of north and south India with lot more in common in words and grammar. Archaeological proofs show no violence or war in Harappan belt that displaced Dravidians from Harappan civilization to south. There is no sign of any violence in these places. A new theory that people moved out from Harappan and Mohanjo Daro belt due to drying up of river Saraswati is backed by scientific evidence. How can then a serial show something that is blatantly wrong? ( Ed : Read Report Here)

This AIT was perpetuated for political gains by interested parties beginning from British. A serial through mass media like TV will definitely leave a mark on the new generation that is reading neutered and castrated history and has no time to go to the internet to understand the real history and legacy of this ancient land. So, this fiction will shape their thoughts as history. This could give air to social disrupters.

Only recently Ashutosh Gowarikar fictionalized Mohanjo Daro civilization. He did take a lot of creative liberties; but not to the extent of legitimizing AIT.

We know our film makers are quite lazy about research. Our movies about history and ancient Indian culture are witness to this. There seems to have been no attempt to study alternative view point by the producers. Rajiv Malhotra has appealed to the makers to evolve more scholars, discuss the ideas thoroughly and take a common view before going ahead with this ambitious project which may end up doing more harm than good. Rose Movies may make good money but at the cost of the integrity of this nation and hurting glorious civilization of India.

We do hope better senses will prevail and Goldie Behl will revise his plans based on established truth, around which he can fictionalize with love stories or drama or anything interesting for his show business. No nation can afford to damage its heritage and still hope to gain the respect of the world.


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