AriseBharat Monthly Digest – Kaarthik, Yugabdi 5118

We are going through a historic phase of an economic transition in Bharat.
The little bit of inconvenience that all of us maybe facing in the short term is probably our small bit towards the economic rejuvenation of this great nation.
In case you have missed Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modji’s speech at Goa explaining the intent .- Here it is
Rising Bharat – Initiatives
Chapter From History 
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in one of their publications wrote : “ Our investigative research into the origin and first major use of solid state diode detector devices led to the discovery that the first transatlantic wireless signal in Marconi’s world-famous experiment was received by Marconi using the ironmercury-iron-coherer with a telephone detector invented by Sir J.C. Bose in 1898.” Bose was a pioneer in microwave optics technology. His birthday, 30th Nov could be a great opportunity to introduce the great Acharya JC Bose to the modern generation from a new perspective. Short Bio-Sketch
Threats To Humanity
State Sponsored Communist violence on Hindus continues in Kerala –
Setting The Record Straight
It is sometimes presented that the concerns related to Gharwapsi or de-conversion is a recent phenomena after the rise of the so-called “Hindutva forces”. It is worth reading what Swami Vivekananda had to say about this subject. It does seem that all people who were and are concerned about the nation’s progress were also concerned about changing demography.
Swami Vivekananda on “Receiving back into Hinduism“.

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