Twisting a research paper to support Aryan Invasion theory

A Team of professors from UK-US says there was some migration to India from Europe.

There was another research earlier in 2009 which concluded no Aryan invasion happened and Indians from North to South were One DNA. But, as usual #TheHindu newspaper whose commie ideological leanings are well known, calls the new research as support for Aryan Invasion !

There is a saying” डूबते को तिनके का सहारा ! A sinking commie ideology which wanted to drive wedges into this great nation wants to use one research paper to support its divisive theories which were basically a continuation of the British. The researchers of the West may argue endlessly putting forth “research”, but the Hindus know that for ages this Rashtra has been one.

The Vishnu Puraana for example states “uttaram yat samudrasya himaadresh caiva dakshiNam;
varshham tad bhaaratam naama bhaaratee yatra santatih”. If there was a divide between the North & South, the purAna would not have talked about one nation from the Himalayas to the Ocean…

Hundreds of such shlokas can be shared…For details that were earlier shared regarding this debate, do go through links below


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