Rising Bharat National News Feed: August 16th 2020

  • National Education Policy
  1. New Education Policy aims at ensuring 100% gross enrolment in schools by 2030

Key points:

  1. In Tamil Nadu, the webinar on New Education Policy organized by the Rural Outreach Bureau, Government of India in Thanjavur today, emphasized the fact that the policy primarily aims at ensuring 100 per cent gross enrolment in schools by 2030.
  2. The webinar, held as part of Independence Day celebrations, was one element in a series of online communication exchange campaigns being organized by the Rural Outreach Bureau.
  3. The subject experts including Dr Kalaiselvi of Thanjavoor Government Arts and Science College, Dr Kamaraj of Nannilam Community College spoke on various aspects of the policy and their effects on the education domain.

(News on Air, 16 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Assam
  1. Assam: Over 1500 beds to be added for Covid-19 patients

Key points:

  1. Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed today that 3 new Covid Care Centres will be functional very soon in the state. He said that a 850 bed Covid care centre will be functional at Nehru stadium in Guwahati while another centre with 704 beds will be operationalised at Mirza .
  2. The Minister further said that the third such centre will be functional with 40 beds facilities at Guwahati for women and children.

(News on Air, 16 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Delhi
  1. COVID-19: Delhi Govt to set up ‘Oxygen Jaanch Kendra’ in 30,000 villages

Key points:

  1. The Delhi Government will now set up ‘Oxygen Jaanch Kendra’ in 30,000 villages to combat COVID-19 and the village youth will be trained and provided with the oxymeters to set up these Kendras, said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday.
  2. Taking to Twitter, CM Kejriwal wrote, “Already received commitments for 30,000 oxymeters. I am overwhelmed. Will now set up “oxygen jaanch kendra” in 30,000 villages. Commitments still pouring in. Will help set it up in more villages. Thank you, donors. We will train village youth and give them oxymeters to set up oxygen kendras.”
  3. “This will help us in saving lives by detecting a drop in oxygen levels in time,” he added.
  4. Earlier on Saturday, CM Kejriwal requested people to donate oximeters to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) so that it can be provided to the villages.

(ANI, 16 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Uttar Pradesh
  1. RT-PCR lab opens in Ghaziabad, to screen 96 samples daily

Key points:

  1. Minister of state for health Atul Garg on Saturday inaugurated the much-awaited RT-PCR lab in Ghaziabad. Constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 76 lakh, it will be able to screen 96 samples at a time, the results of which will be available in three hours. The ealth department has plans to screen 300 samples daily.
  2. While inaugurating the facility, Garg said, “The laboratory will not only boost testing in the district but people from neighbouring districts can also avail the facilities. It has all modern equipment and will increase the number of testing.”
  3. To step up testing in the district, UP principal secretary (health) Amit Mohan Prasad had visited Ghaziabad on July 22 and instructed to start a RT-PCR laboratory. The state government had instructed to carry out 1,000 antigen tests and 350 RT-PCR tests daily but in the absence of laboratories, reaching the target was not possible.

(Times of India, 16 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Puducherry
  1. Puducherry govt fixes Covid-19 treatment cost in private hospitals

Key points:

  1. The Puducherry government has fixed the cost of treatment for Covid-19 positive patients in private medical colleges and hospitals and private institutions.
  2. The government fixed the cost of non-critical care Covid-19 treatment at Rs 3,250 per day. It has fixed the cost of critical care Covid-19 treatment in intensive care unit (ICU) without a ventilator or non-invasive ventilation (NIV) at Rs 5,480 per day, with NIV at Rs 5,980 per day and with a ventilator at Rs 9,580 per day.
  3. The cost of treatment in ICU for sepsis care without a ventilator is fixed at Rs 6,280 per day, for sepsis treatment with a ventilator at Rs 10,380 per day and for treatment for septic shock and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) with a ventilator at Rs 10,380 per day.
  4. The costs are inclusive of isolation ward/ICU rent, administrative charges, nursing, monitoring and maintenance charges, basic interventions, consultation charges, drugs and investigations, oxygen and nebulization charges, cost of personal protective equipment kit per day, nutritious diet and disinfection cost per person per day among others.
  5. However, private institutions cannot charge patients referred by the government for treatment. The institutions must treat them free of cost.
  6. The government has also fixed the cost of tests like reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), cartridge-based nucleic acid amplification test (CB-NAAT) and TRUENAT (a chip-based, battery-operated RT-PCR kit) at Rs 2,400.

(Times of India, 16 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Centre
  1. मानसून सत्र की तैयारियां तेज:सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग, हवा में वायरस को मारने वाली मशीन, लार्ज डिस्प्ले स्क्रीन का इस्तेमाल होगा; राज्यसभालोकसभा के सत्र सुबहशाम को कराने पर विचार

Key points:

  1. लगातार राज्यसभा सचिवालय के मुताबिक, सत्र के दौरान अपर हाउस के मेंबर दोनों चेंबर और गैलेरीज में बैठेंगे। 1952 के बाद से भारतीय संसद के इतिहास में ऐसा पहली बार होगा, जब इस तरह की व्यवस्था की जा रही है, जिसके तहत 60 मेंबर राज्यसभा के चेंबर और 51 मेंबर गैलरी में बैठेंगे। बाकी 132 मेंबर्स को लोकसभा के चेंबर में बैठाया जाएगा।
  2. पहली बार लार्ज डिस्प्ले स्क्रीन, कंसोल्स, अल्ट्रावॉयलेट जर्मिसिडल इर्रेडिएशन सिस्टम, दोनों सदनों के बीच स्पेशल केबल और पॉलीकॉर्बोनेट सेपरेटर का इस्तेमाल किया जा रहा है।
  3. सदन की कार्यवाही में सभी भागीदारी तय करने के लिए गैलेरी की सीट्स को कंसोल्स के साथ फिट किया जा रहा है। प्ले-कार्ड्स राज्यसभा की गैलेरी में पार्टियों को इंडीकेट करेंगे।
  4. दोनों सदनों को जोड़ने के लिए स्पेशल केबल का इस्तेमाल किया जाएगा, जिससे कार्यवाही के ऑडियो-विजुअल बिना देरी के दोनों हाउस के बैठे मेंबर्स तक पहुंचे। स्पेशल केबल से मेंबर्स के रियल टाइम पार्टिसिपेशन में मदद मिलेगी।
  5. राज्यसभा सचिवालय ने बताया कि राज्यसभा की ऑफिशियल्स गैलेरी को चेंबर से अलग करने के लिए पॉलीकार्बोनेट शीट्स का इस्तेमाल किया जाएगा।
  6. एयर कंडिशनिंग सिस्टम में अल्ट्रावॉइलेट जर्मिसिडल इर्रेडिएशन सिस्टम का इस्तेमाल पर भी विचार किया जा रहा है, जिससे एयर सप्लाई में बैक्टीरिया और वायरस को खतम किया जा सके।
  7. ऑफिशियल गैलरी और प्रेस गैलरी में भी सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग नॉर्म्स का पालन किया जाएगा। इनमें 15 लोगों को बैठाया जाएगा।
  8. अधिकारियों ने बताया कि सीमित संख्या में सचिवालय के अधिकारियों को सदन के टेबल पर बैठाया जाएगा और रिपोर्टर्स (सदन की कार्यवाही के वर्बेटिम नोट लेने के लिए) को फॉरेन डिगनिटेरीज के बनाए गए स्पेशल बॉक्स में बैठाया जाएगा।

(Bhaskar, 16 August 2020) News Link

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