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Muslim Candidate Gets Fake BC-E caste reservation certificate for Elections

The Musheerabad police of Hyderabad have booked a case in Crime No. 377/2020 under Sections 420, 466, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code, following a complaint lodged by Musheerabad Tahsildar K Janaki, who said Inayat Khan was issued a BC-E certificate from Musheerabad.

Also, the case has been booked on the issuers and the people involved in the fake reservation certificate that was issued to Inayat Fatima. She is the sister in law of Congress leader Feroz Khan who was arrested for assaulting scribe.

The candidate Inayat Fathima Khan who was contesting from Vijaya Nagar Colony ward in the Hyderabad civic polls was issued a fraudulent OBC Certificate /  BC-E certificate from the Musheerabad mandal and on verification, no application made by her was found in the office.

The candidate resides in Nampally and she took the fake reservation certificate from the Musheerabad MRO and it resulted in the case bust.

At the MeeSeva office from where the application was made, the file was locked using a password denying access to the application document. During preliminary enquiry, it was also noticed that the Aadhar card details were false and facts were misrepresented, the Tahsildar said, demanding action against the guilty after investigation. Further investigation is going on.

Government Notifies Domicile Rules for J&K

The Government notified Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules, 2020. These Rules prescribe the procedure for issuance of Domicile Certificate which has been made the basic eligibility condition for appointment to any post under the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir following amendments in the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Decentralization and Recruitment) Act, 2010.

Under the Domicile Rules all those persons and their children who have resided for 15 years in Jammu and Kashmir or have studied for seven years and appeared in class 10th or 12th examination in an educational institution in the UT are eligible for grant of domicile. 

Children of Central Government officials, All India service Officers, officials of PSUs and Autonomous body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognized research institutes of the Central Government, who have served in the Union territory of Jammu of Kashmir for a total period of ten years will also be eligible for Domicile status in the UT.

Besides, all those migrants and their children who are registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner will be granted Domicile certificate.

Children of those residents of Jammu and Kashmir who reside outside the Union territory in connection with their employment of business or other professional or vocational reasons have also become eligible for grant of domicile status.

The rules provide a simple and time bound procedure for the issuance of the Domicile certificate so that no one is put to any inconvenience.

There shall be a timeline of 15 days for issuance of the certificate after which the applicant shall be free to approach an Appellate Authority.

The decision of the Appellate Authority shall be binding upon the issuing authority and the orders of the Appellate Authority are to be complied within seven days, failing which the defaulting officer shall be liable for a penalty of Rs 50,000 out of his salary. 


The appellate Authorities will also have revisional powers. They can, either suo moto or on through an application made, call for records, check the legality of any proceedings and pass appropriate orders in reference.


The rules have a provision that applications for grant of Domicile Certificate can be submitted either physically or electronically online. The Competent Authority can also issue domicile certificate(s) electronically.

              Requirement of Documents for granting Domicile of UT

Permanent Residents of the erstwhile State of J&K in whose favour Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) has been issued by the competent authority before 31.10.2019 shall be eligible for receiving their Domicile Certificates on the basis of PRCs alone and no other additional document shall be required for such residents.

Kashmiri migrants can get the Domicile certificate on production of either a PRC or Certificate of registration of migrant. 

Further there may be bonafide migrants and bonafide displaced persons who have migrated but have not registered with the relief department. In order to facilitate such persons, the Relief Department shall be making a special limited provision to apply before the Relief & Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrant), for registration for the purpose of issuance of a domicile  certificate only, with any one of the many documents such as

1)1951/1988 electoral roll,

2) proof of employment,

3) ownership of property,

4)proof of registration in other states/UTs as a migrant or a displaced person or any other documentation which would have made him/her eligible for grant of PRC before 06-08-2019.


As a result of the new rules and procedure,

  1. a) West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs), Safai Karamcharis living in state for 64 years but not permanent residents, Children’s and spouses of women married outside the state but lives in the state , Gurkha’s living in state for more then 150 years are eligible for Domicile Certificate.

West Pakistani Refugees were part of the Parliamentary electoral roll but not that erstwhile state electoral roll. They will now be covered under the 15 year residence rule or their children under the 7 year/ class 10/12 rule.


  1. b)  Similarly a simple procedure has been defined in the rules for other categories of people who are eligible for grant of Domicile Certificate as per Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Decentralization and Recruitment) Act. These include persons who have resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir or have studied for a period of seven years and appeared in class 10th / 12th examination in an educational institution located in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir or children of such persons. These also include children of Central Government Official, All India Service Officers, Officials of Public Sector Undertaking and Autonomous body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognized research institutes of the Central Government who have served in the Union territory of Jammu of Kashmir for a total period of ten years.

simple and easily available set of documents such as Ration Card, Immovable Property record, verified Education certificates, Electricity Bills or verified Labour Card/Employer Certificate, have been prescribed for obtaining the Domicile Certificate.


The Government has also constituted a Committee to accelerate recruitment to government vacancies and to ensure transparency, inclusiveness and speed and that the committee has been asked to identify the vacancies for being filled up on immediate basis with priority to Class IV vacancies. The Committee will also ensure that necessary sanctions are obtained, rules are notified and any hitches in the recruitment process are removed.


The process of issuing domiciles is simple transparent and fast and is explained below:-


  1. Permanent Resident Certificate Holder:Permanent Resident Certificate


  1. B) Children of persons possessing Permanent Resident Certificate:Permanent Resident Certificate of the parent; and Birth certificate issued by Competent Authority


  1. A person who has resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir:Any document such as Ration Card: immovable property records: educational records: voter list: electricity utility bills: labour card; or, employer certificate verified by the Deputy Labour Commissioner or the Director Industries & Commerce of the Concerned Division; or, any other document of proof of residence and birth certificate issued by the competent Authority

Children of a person who has resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir :


3) Students who have studied in the state for seven years and appeared in class 10th/12th examinations in educational institutions of Jammu-Kashmir UT:- Certificate of education issued by the Head of the Institute and verified by Chief Education Officer of the School Education Department of the concerned District


4) Migrants/ Children of Migrants Certificate of registration of migrant; Or Permanent Resident Certificate, if available and Birth Certificate


5) Children of Central Government officials, All India Service Officers, Officials of Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous Body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognised Research institutes of Central Government who shall have served in Jammu and Kashmir for a total period of ten years Certificate of service issued by General Administration Department/Cadre Controlling Authority and Birth Certificate issued by the Competent Authority


6) West Pakistan Refugees: They were hitherto not allowed the benefit of government jobs. They were part of the Parliamentary electoral roll but not that erstwhile state electoral roll. They will now be covered under the 15 year residence rule or their children under the 7 year/ class 10/12 rule.

7) Safai Karamcharies they too were not allowed the benefit of governmentt jobs. They will now become eligible under the 15 year residence rule or their children under the 7 year/ class 10/12 rule.

8) Women (erstwhile) resident married to non residents were also not eligible so far: They will also become eligible under the PRC/ children/residency rule.

9) All other migrant and displaced persons not covered so far will also be covered under the new rules/migrant order.

10) Gurkhas living in state serving in state forces at Maharaja’s times since 1840 but were denied status of Permanent residents.


AriseBharat Digest – Phalguna, Yugabd 5118

Namaste Bandhus

Wishing you all a Happy Holi ! We are glad to share this edition of our Digest.

The country has witnessed a round of elections in some of the states and it does seem that the voter has voted above the framework of caste and faith. As is being rightly said, a voter is trying to usher in a new era of hope and positiveness.  A major change that seems to be occuring is the assertion of the Muslim woman who is taking up the cause of fighting against the draconian practise of Triple Talak.


Saraswati Rajamani was 16 years old when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose visited Rangoon to collect funds and recruit volunteers for INA. Netaji  gave a inspiring speech. Deeply impressed with his fiery speech, Rajamani removed all her expensive gold and diamond jewellery and donated it to the Indian National Army.– She became woman was India’s youngest spy, Read more about Saraswati Rajamani

Rising Bharat

Aero India 2017 provided a significant platform in bolstering business opportunities in International aviation sector. It has favourably poised an exponential growth over previous edition. A rapidly growing economy, defence preparedness challenges and opening up of defence production to private sector, have given a major fillip to the defence industry in India. It has also become a hub centre for defence business in the Asia.

Read More about Aero India 2017

Setting the Record Straight

There is a Muslim ideologue who has been going around town stating that Aurangzeb destroyed the Kashi temple in order to punish the priests there for having assaulted a Hindu princess. We share with you Dr.Koenraad Elst’s rebuttal of the same

Why Did Aurangzeb Destroy the Kashi Vishwanath Temple


Communism captured power in Kerala in 1957 and since then ideological opponents are physically targeted and killed. About 270 nationalists have been murdered in Kerala. Over 82 of them have been murdered in Kannur district alone.  Supplementing this dance of death, there is a police torture and false cases, especially when CPM/LDF grabs power.

Vimala – 28th December 2016 – Burnt alive with other relatives. Locked in the house which was set ablaze. A relative and her husband died on the spot. Vimala struggled with third degree burns and died in the hospital.

Santosh – 18th January 2017 – CPI-M hoodlums waylaid him near his house, in the constitutuency of the chief minister, Dharmadam, and hacked him to death.

Nirmal –12th February 2017 – A 21 year old nationalist youth killed brutally.

K. Ramachandran – 11th July 2016 – A labour leader murdered before the eyes of his horrified wife in broad daylight.

Ramith –12th October 2016 – Young man, the sole breadwinner of his family, was waylaid when he came out to purchase medicines, and slaughtered. His father, Uttaman, was killed in an identical fashion fourteen years ago

P. Chandrasekharan – 4th July 2012 – former CPM worker – killed without remorse or pang of conscience.

What wrong did these citizens of Bharat commit? Was their work for nationalist organizations, for the poor, for the country, a crime? Apparently in the eyes of the Marxists, it was. These are just a few instances of the continual ongoing massacre of patriotic men and women of India by Kerala Communists. For more details, do read,

Bharat Must Rise to Defang the communists

Do share your feedback and suggestions on the posts.

Team Arise Bharat.

AriseBharat Digest – Magh Shukla Padyami – Yugabd 5118

Namaste Bandhus
For the first time in decades, the Padma awards were truly representative of this great nation. The nation came to realise the yeomen service being rendered in the farthest nook and corner of our country.  Here is list of award winners – Padma Awards 2017

Rising Bharat – Initiatives

We are glad Sri Daripally Ramaiah whose story we had covered in AriseBharat years ago has received the PadmaShri award this time.

Setting the Record Straight

Jan 30th, 1948 was a sad day in the annals of Independent India’s history. It was the day Gandhiji was assassinated. It is a known fact that Nehru had extreme animosity towards the RSS whom he considered as a political rival. Taking Gandhiji’s death as an excuse,he banned the RSS. The RSS fought a long battle to come out of the ban unscathed.
However, some unanswered questions remain. The article below tries to cover those.


Attacks on Women and Children in Kerala 
We have been covering the violence in Kerala by the CPM cadre for the last few months. Do read the Attacks on Women and Children in Kerala.
Unconstitutional Reservations on Religious Grounds in Telangana 
Telangana’s Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) announced in the state assembly day before yesterday (18 January) that his government will table the long-pending bill to triple reservation for Muslims in education and employment, from the current 4 per cent to 12 per cent, in the upcoming budget session. Additionally, he told the house that he was planning to arm the Wakf Board in the state with judicial powers. Read article below

AriseBharat Digest – Pushya- Yugabdi 5118


The Supreme Court’s directive to the Government to audit nearly 30 lakh non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is a welcome move and comes in the backdrop of not only misuse of public funds by many NGO’s but also in their involvement in secessionist activities. Read More

Rising Bharat – Initiatives

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to hoist tricolour at 10,000 places on Republic Day


With a view to increasing participation of Muslim community in celebrating the Republic Day, the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) has embarked upon a massive campaign.

On this Republic Day, the MRM would take initiative to unfurl the National Tricolour at least 10,000 locations on January 26. Efforts are on to involve the maximum number of madrasas, mosques and schools in Muslim areas said Mohd Azal, MRM National Convener and Girish Juyal, National Organising Convener. Read More


Collective efforts of local villagers give fresh life to closed govt schools in Telangana

Colorful campaign flyers, multi-storeyed buildings, children in uniform attires of tie, belt, shoes, school buses – this is the general picture of corporate private schools. On the other hand, we find morose government schools – schools with no teachers; if there are teachers, no proper building; when school has both building and teachers, parents not willing to send their children to these schools, due to poor standards. If someone comes forward and admits their children in these schools, they are struck with a doubt whether their children would finally get some decent education or not. Parents were full of anxiety that their children might fall behind in the race with the English medium students. Bearing this financial burden, many parents ending up sending their children to private schools, thus resulting perilous for government schools.

In these kind of depressed situations, some schools are generating hopes. With the cooperation of peoples’ representatives and active participation of local villagers, few government schools are heading towards their old grandeur. Closed schools are being reopened. With little support, government schools are proving themselves to stand up against the campaign of private, corporate schools. Eenadu correspondent witnessed this change of environment in several districts of Telengana during his tour across the state.

Read More

Setting the Record Straight 

Makara Sankranti

All Hindu festivals have a close connection to nature and the changes that occur in it. There is invariably a scientific connotation to it as well. Across all sections of our society, we notice a cultural continuum while observing the festivals. For example, Jyotish Shastra is a Vedanga which is primarily a study of astronomical movements of planets and the astronomical world. The application of this knowledge is extended among various vocations. For example, the farmers plan their farming based on “ Karthis”. Celebrations of Samuhik utsavs like Kumbh / Pushkars show that cutting across sections, the knowledge of basics of Jyotish shastra is present even in remote villages from where people come for these festivals. Makara Sankranti has a message of Social Harmony for all of us. Read More


Smt. Vimala is the latest victim of this organized savagery. In the absence of any decisive action by the state government and law enforcement agencies, the political violence has intensified and been emboldened, by the dual strategies of strategic silence and open encouragement (reported in media reports) by party leaders. Today, this strategy has cost a young, vibrant woman her life under the most barbaric circumstances, where her existence was reduced to a mound of burnt flesh. She died not wishing to live anymore. Read More

NIA arrests one more Hyderabadi for links with Islamic State