True Concept of Dharma


It may sound ironical, but it is my observation that those who know English find it difficult to understand the true meaning of Dharma. The reason is, the English knowing public, is accustomed to equate Dharma with religion. A common man who does not know English is under no such obsession. He knows the meaning ofDharmashala. It is not a religious school. He understands the meaning of Dharmarth Hospital .No religion is treated in such hospital. He comprehends the meaning of Dharma Kanta. It is not a balance that weighs different religions. He knows Raj-Dharma which is not a religion of a king apart from the religion of his subjects. He understands that the Putradharma is not the religion of the son, as distinct from that of his parents. .

Go To the Roots

The above examples are sufficient to establish that Dharma and religion cannot be equated. The natural question is. what is Dharma? To comprehend the full connotation of the concept of Dharma, we must go to its root. We should follow the adage that when you are in difficulty you should go to the fundamentals. The word Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit root Dharanat  which means to hold together, to bind, to sustain. What does Dharma hold together? It holds together the whole universe. Therefore our Shastras say that “Dharanat Dharma ityahuh (it is called Dharma because it holds together or sustains). Read More

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