Rejoinder to Wendy Doniger’s ” The Real Roots of Yoga

Yoga- Its not about Ownership, Its about Origins 

Rejoinder to Rahul Gandhi – On his comments equating RSS and SIMI

Rejoinder to ‘The Hindu’ Article on RSS – Forgotten Promise

Rejoinder to NYTimes Editorial on Modi – Narendra Modi’s Rise in India

Sardar Patel, Nehru and the RSS – A Rejoinder to the Congress attack on RSS

RSS Not Responsible for Gandhiji’s Assasination by Justice K.T.Thomas

Gandhi Assassination – Nehru and the Power Equation – Asking some Unanswered Questions on Gandhi’s assassination

Alexander Victory over Porus – A Distortion of History

Dr.Manmohan Singh’s speech shows intellectual slavery – A short rejoinder to Dr.Manmohan Singh’s speech at Oxford in 2005

Bhagyanagar and Not Hyderabad even in 1757 – A discussion addressing the propaganda around the roots of name of Hyderabad.


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