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Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder – 2G Spectrum Verdict

Editors Note : This is a note received over whatsapp. Unfortunately, since there was no name of the author in it, we could not carry her/his name . As of now Anonymous.

Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder

I am witnessing enormous righteousness from ignorant Right Wing people after the 2G verdict. They are cursing Modi. Some are insinuating a DMK alliance. Some even connected non-existent dots to his courtesy call to Karunanidhi as a striking-deal meeting. Some are asking what is stopping Modi government from prosecuting opposition leaders and some have already decided to punish him in 2019.

I started this article saying, “Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder”. Let me elaborate. The whole 2G case hearing and major proceedings were over before 2014 May. The case was conducted by Supreme Court appointed Amicus Curiae overseeing the CBI investigation. In essence, all the important proceedings were over before Modi came to power. This government was handicapped by the fact that, it was not allowed by the Courts to interfere in any way with the investigations.

When the Supreme Court pronounced the 2G contracts were corrupt and cancelled all the allotments, it is clear there was corruption. So where was the problem ? The problem was with arbitrary criminal conspiracy charge sheets filed by CBI. The courts could not agree with the criminal conspiracy theory and that is how the charges were dismissed because no evidence to substantiate the charges were produced. Was it deliberate ? That is anybody’s guess.

Now, many right wingers are cribbing, Modi has shown reluctance to fight corruption. Reluctance? You want Modi to go and beat these people up, drag them to court by the scruff of the collar, produce evidence in the court and and win court cases followed by slow motion walk ? That happens only in movies. In real life, it is India. That India, where there is an ecosystem painstakingly cultivated by the Congress. The ecosystem isn’t easy to byepass. Our judiciary is built brick by brick by Congress. You can’t change the system just overnight. There are too many checks that prevent the executive interference in judiciary while unfortunately the judiciary can do anything.

Modi is running a BJP government with 90% Congress people in government machinery. He can’t sack them all. Reforms in a country as vast as India will take at least 10 to 15 years. If we aren’t ready to give that time and the support to Modi, if we start suspecting and abusing Modi like many idiotic right wingers are doing, we deserve to be ruled by Congress forever !