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Rising Bharat National News Feed: October 19th 2020

  • Aksai Chin
  1. J&K भाजपा प्रमुख बोलेअब अक्साई चीन, गिलगित बाल्टिस्तान को आजाद कराने का वक्त

(Jansatta, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Why report on Capt Rajendra Nath’s 1952 expedition to Aksai Chin is classified to this day

(The Print, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • China’s unsubstantiated claim over Aksai Chin

(Financial Express, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. बदल रही फिजा: सरहद की रक्षा के लिए उमड़े जम्मूकश्मीर के हजारों युवा

(Amar Ujala, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • जम्मूकश्मीरः मेरा शहर मेरी शान कार्यक्रम आज से, परेड ग्राउंड में लगेगा मेला 

(Amar Ujala, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. NEP is huge initiative to bring fundamental change in India’s education setup: PM Modi

Key points:

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the centenary convocation of the University of Mysore. The event took place via video conferencing on October 19. While addressing the centenary convocation, PM Modi said, “National Education Policy is a huge initiative to bring fundamental change in the education setup of the country. To make our capable youth even more competitive, a multidimensional approach is being focused on. Effort is to make youth flexible and adaptable for the changing nature of jobs.” “Never before had there been such four-dimensional reforms in the country. Earlier, when decisions were taken one sector used to benefit but others used to be left behind. In the last 6 years, multiple reforms in multiple sectors were done,” he added.

(Times of India, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • NEP 2020 implementation: Running the PESTLE risk analysis tool

Key points:

  1. The National Education Policy 2020 arouses varied emotions for practising educators, parents and students. Given the pandemic, the policy comes across as an instrument of reconstruction of the education sector. To overcome the challenge of education continuity for millions of children is a humongous task, given the lack of access to technology and other support systems to a large population of children.
  2. A three-phased approach of survival, reconstruction and leading-by-example, supported by the PRMM (Preventive Risk Mitigation Model) and ECP (Education Continuity Plan), is a potent strategy (see graphics).

(Financial Express, 19 October 2020) News Link