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Attack on Baba Ramdev – Emergency Like

36 years ago, on 5th June 1975, Loknayak Jay Prakash Narayan gave a call for Sampurna Kranti addressing a massive student rally at Patna’s Gandhi maidan against the corrupt electoral practice by Smt. Indira Gandhi. The courts had found her guilty of the same.The entire country, including the RSS stood by JP. Fearing public uproar, Indira Gandhi subsequently declared Emergency on the midnight of 25th June 1975 and imposed draconian laws to stamp public outctry.

36 years later on 4th June 2011, Baba Ramdev offered satyagraha against the lacs of crores stacked away as black money in foreign banks. In the early hours of 5th June 2011 the Congress party lead UPA Government attacked the peaceful satyagraha of Baba Ramdev.

It clearly shows that the Congress has not changed its ways and has utter contempt for any movement against corruption and has not changed a bit for the last 36 years.

Police attack

India Rockstar Yogi ramdev-6_060611092112 RamdevEviciction295x200_eBaton charge

In the Puranic age, the Rakshasas used to attack in the nights, in the kali yuga, it does seem that the Congress has the habit of doing everything at midnight, clandestinely…They accepted partition of the country in the night, Independence day speech by Nehru was at midnight, Emergency was clamped at midnight, Kanchi Shankaracharya was arrested at midnight and Baba Ramdev was arrested and thousands of his supporters beaten at midnight. Photos of some of the people who have been admitted are at

Rajbala Rajbala's injuries

Photo courtesy : Revati Laul

The country must rise as one voice and run a consistent campaign against this arrogant behaviour. If atrocities are not challenged when committed on others, they come to haunt everyone, including the ones who are apathetic.

Arise Bharat.

Update :

Rajbala died of the injuries.

Rajbala 2