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RSS General Secretary Wishes BJP and citizens of Bharat on the Political change

RSS Sarakaryavah (General Secretary) Bhaiyyaji Joshi issued a press statement related to the massive victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in 16th Lokasabha elections. BJP has gained absolute majority and will form the new Government at the centre.


Following is the full text of his statement

In the recently held Lok Sabha elections, Bharat presented an amazing example of healthy democracy to the world, which is matter of great pride for all of us. We are also glad that the process of electioneering by and large was peaceful, restrained and lead by awakening of masses like never before.

In this election, thousands of political activists, hundreds of candidates across political parties, media houses, administration and security forces, all have played an important and satisfying role. During electioneering, some ideological differences may have surfaced at times and there may have been some personal allegations/counter-allegations. However, with the culmination of electoral process, we are very hopeful that everyone will now take constructive steps to get back to normal, amicable & positive environment in the interest of the nation. Driven by the undeterred spirit of brotherhood, we expect everyone will work together towards fostering a positive environment for growth and peace.

Millions of voters have expressed their desire for change. We are hopeful that the newly elected government will be successful in fulfilling the people’s aspirations. By setting aside the ideological, religious and social differences, we expect the new government to create an environment where nation stays united, there is total social inclusiveness and no one ever feels exploited.

There is no doubt that the role of government is highly crucial in democracy. We also have to acknowledge though that the process of lasting & positive change has its own pace and will be possible only through collective and coordinated efforts of government, administration, all political parties, common masses and social and religious institutions.

Hearty congratulations to the newly elected government and all fellow citizens of Bharat!


Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi

RSS Sarakaryavah,


RSS Ghosh Tarang at Bhagyanagar ( Hyderabad)

Ghosh TarangThe 3 day Ghosh Tarang shibir was successfully completed in Bhagyanagar ( Hyderabad).

 862 swayamsevaks coming from 223 places participated in the shibir
The samarop ( valedictory function ) was held at Nizam college grounds, Bhagyangar (Hyderabad) on 10th Feb 2013.For the samarop 8000 people – 6000 purush + 1200 mahilas came to participate in the program.
Padmasri Sri Ella Venkateswara Rao, a famous mridang player, who was also the Adhyaksh of the Swagat samiti gave his aashish prasang.
 About Sri Ella Venkateswara Rao – http://www.rgukt.in/aca-yellavenkateswararao.html
The chief guest was Sri Sirivennela Sitaram Sastry, a famous lyricist in Telugu film industry spoke eloquently on the occasion.
About Sri Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
RSS Maa. Sarkaryavah Sri Bhayyaji Joshi was the speaker.
More Photos are at
Videos of the demonstrations and speeches are at :

Nationwide protests by RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

On November 10th,2010 nationwide protests were organised by RSS against the continuous usage of a new phrase coined by the Congress Party of India, “Saffron Terror” , the attacks on Hindu organisations and Sants and the recent allegations against the RSS that they are involved in terror attacks. For the first time in its history of 85 years, RSS called for a Dharna in all district headquarters of the country.

Sri Suresh ( Bhayyaji ) Joshi participated in the Dharna at Hyderabad. His speech can be viewed at



For Telugu listeners, the purpose of the Dharna, details are available as part of the interview with NTV

Part 1
Part 2