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Rising Bharat International News Feed: September 7th 2020

  • Relation with Tibet
  • Xi’s new approach to Tibet will affect India

Key points:

  1. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent remarks at the seventh Central Symposium on Tibet Work indicate that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is doubling down on its hardline approach in the region, which evolved gradually after the 2008 protests.
  2. The strategy for the next few years that Xi outlined entails a mix of persuasion, development, connectivity, indoctrination and coercion. This will not only have serious implications for ordinary Tibetans but will also impinge on the Sino-Indian boundary question, particularly in the context of China’s claims on Arunachal Pradesh.

 (Hindustan Times, 04 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Bangladesh

News updates from Hindustan Times: To review bilateral ties, India and Bangladesh to hold virtual meeting and all the latest news

Key points:

  1. News updates from Hindustan Times: To review bilateral ties, India and Bangladesh to hold virtual meeting and all the latest news.
  2. The matter figured in a phone conversation between external affairs minister S Jaishankar and his Bangladeshi counterpart AK Abdul Momen. Jaishankar tweeted the two sides had agreed to hold the JCC meeting “very soon” but there were no details from the external affairs ministry.
  3. “Warm conversation with FM Dr AK Abdul Momen of Bangladesh. Agreed to hold our Joint Consultative Commission very soon. Will continue to work closely to reach the ambitious goals set by our leaders,” Jaishankar tweeted.

 (Hindustan Times, 07 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with China
  • Public funeral for soldier of secretive force in Leh

Key Points:

  1. Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ram Madhav’s presence at the official funeral of a Tibetan soldier from the secretive Special Frontier Force (SFF) on Monday created a flutter in diplomatic and political circles amid the border standoff with China.
  2. The funeral of SFF company leader Nyima Tenzin, killed in a landmine blast in an operation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) during August 29-30, was held at Leh in the union territory of Ladakh. The funeral cortege was joined by scores of cars and motorcycles and people waving the Indian and Tibetan flags.
Image Courtesy: Swarajya

(The Times of India, 07 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with USA
  • China using Pakistan for military logistics facilities: US Defense report

Key points:

  1. The US Department of Defence in its annual report to Congress on ‘Military and Security Developments involving the People’s Republic of China 2020’ has stated that Pakistan is among the countries, which have been chosen by the Beijing for “military logistics facilities”.
  2. According to the Defence Department’s report published last week, the PRC is seeking to establish a robust overseas logistics and basing infrastructure to allow the PLA to project and sustain military power at greater distances.

(Hindustan Times , 07 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relations with Russia
  1. Jaishankar set to make stopover in Iran en route to Russia for meeting of SCO foreign ministers.

Key Points:

External affairs minister S Jaishankar will make a stopover in Tehran to meet his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif on Tuesday afternoon on his way to Russia for a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), people familiar with developments said on Monday.

Jaishankar will be the second senior Indian minister to visit Iran in less than a week, with defense minister Rajnath Singh having made a stopover in Tehran on Sunday for talks with his Iranian counterpart Brig Gen Amir Hatami that focused on bilateral cooperation and regional security issues.

(The Times of India, 07 September, 2020) News Link

Rising Bharat National News Feed: August 30th 2020

  • Measures taken by Centre
  1. Restrictions imposed again in parts of Srinagar to prevent Muharram procession

Key points:

  1. Srinagar, Aug 30 (UNI) Strict restrictions were again imposed on Sunday in parts of Srinagar city to prevent ‘Ashoora’ processions on the 10th day of first month of Islamic calendar Muharram, when Hazrat Imam Hussain, Grandson of Prophet Muhammad was martyred over 1400 years ago at Karbala in Iraq.
  2. The divisional administration easing lock down on August 16 had announced that strict restrictions would continue on all religious processions and gatherings in all districts of the Kashmir valley.
  3. Shia mourners are taking ‘Ashoora’ procession from Abi Guzar Imambara in the civil lines on this day and after marching through different streets, including Maisuma, conclude in the downtown. However, since the eruption of militancy in early 90s the Muharram processions are banned in Srinagar for security reasons after some separatist leaders joined the mourners.

(UNI, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • Govt to provide Ayurveda/Siddha treatment to COVID Patients

Key points:

  1. Puducherry, Aug 30 (UNI) The Puducherry administration is contemplating to provide Ayurveda and Siddha treatment to Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) patients who desire for it, Chief minister V Narayanasmay said here on Sunday.
  2. Addressing a virtual press conference here, Narayanasamy said he had a teleconference with the professors of Ayurveda college in Mahe region and they informed his that they got a scheme for the treatment of COVID patients. Hence, a wing at the Government Dental college here will be allotted for the Siddha/Ayurvedic treatment for COVID patients, he added.

(UNI, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • Measures taken by Assam
  1. Assam sprucing up intensive care facilities for COVID 19 patients

Key points:

  1. Guwahati, Aug 30 (UNI) With rise in number of critically ill COVID 19 patients in the state, the Assam government has started sprucing up its advanced and specialized treatment facilities.
  2. State Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said two COVID hospitals in Guwahati are being fitted with beds that have oxygen supply facility and ICUs.
  3. The minister had mentioned of a possible oxygen supply deficit in the state due to increase in number of COVID 19 patients requiring oxygen support.
  4. The Bagri Children COVID Care Centre has 55-beds exclusively for treatment of COVID 19 positive children.

(UNI, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • Ram Mandir Vyasvastha
  1. Video: राम मंदिर का नक्शा जमा, अगले हफ्ते शुरू हो सकती है नींव की खुदाई

Key points:

  1. राम मंदिर की नींव की खुदाई अब सितम्बर के पहले हफ्ते में शुरू होने की उम्मीद है।
  2. श्री राम जन्म भूमि तीर्थ क्षेत्र ट्रस्ट के सदस्य डॉक्टर अनिल मिश्र ने शनिवार को राम मंदिर के पांच एकड़ क्षेत्र के नक्शे के साथ पूरे 70 एकड़ क्षेत्र का लेआउट नक्शा अयोध्या विकास प्राधिकरण के वीसी नीरज शुक्ला को सौंप दिया।
  3. वीसी के मुताबिक नक्शे और इसके साथ जमा दस्‍तावेजों की जांच बंद कमरे में प्राधिकरण की टीम कर रही है। यह कार्य 24 घंटे में पूरा हो जाएगा।
  4. उन्होंने बताया कि इसके बाद नक्शे को पास करने की औपचारिकताएं पूरी कर 4 दिनों के अंदर इस पर अप्रूवल की मुहर लग जाएगी।

(Navbharat Times, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • Dan: Ram Mandir
  1. धर्म:अयोध्या में राम मंदिर निर्माण के लिए घरघर से दान संग्रहण

Key points:

  1. अयोध्या में राम मंदिर निर्माण हेतु घर-घर दान संग्रहण कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत नरसिंह सेना गाे सेवा रक्षा दल के कार्यकर्ताओं द्वारा 108 डिब्बा हर गांव से अयोध्या में राम मंदिर निर्माण के लिए दान इकट्ठा किया गया। गाे सेवा रक्षा दल हीरालाल मेवाड़ा ने बताया की हर गांव से घर-घर दान संग्रहण करके अयोध्या भेजा जाएगा।

(Bhaskar, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • Kashmir After Article 370
  1. We are not Anyone’s Puppets Says Farooq Abdullah

Key points:

  1. Pakistan has always abused mainstream political parties of Jammu and Kashmir but now suddenly they like us,” Abdullah told PTI
  • Let me make it clear that we are not anyone’s puppets, neither New Delhi’s nor of anyone across the border. We are answerable to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and will work for them

(Scroll, 30 August 2020) News Link

Rising Bharat Swadeshi News Feed: August 30th 2020

How 2 former Unacademy colleagues launched an e-sports streaming platform for millennials

Key Points:

  1. Bengaluru-based Rheo, an online e-sports streaming and community platform, was founded in 2019 with the aim of enabling gamers in India to live stream games from mobile phones and create live gaming streams in vernacular languages.
  2. Its goal is to bring gaming into the same league as that of cricket and Bollywood in India.
  3. Rheo provides live streaming gaming videos and engagement with streamers. It also lets users get access to exclusive tournaments and e-sports events hosted and participated by top gamers in India and stream one’s favourite games from PC, Xbox One or any Android smartphone.
  4. The platform claims to have over 100 games that are streamed online. These include PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty.
  5. Further, with the recent ban on Chinese-origin mobile apps the number of new users on Rheo has increased by up to 200 percent per day, and the total number of users on the platform have doubled (grown by 2x) during this period, it claims.

(Your Story, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • StepSetGo app: PM Modi praises the platform making fitness fun by rewarding every step users take

Key points:

  • To incentivise people to work out and make fitness a daily habit, childhood friends Misaal Turakhia(28), Abhay Pai (27), and Shivjeet Ghatge (28) started Mumbai-based startup and fitness app StepSetGo in January 2019. 
  • StepSetGo app, a winner in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge, aims to get people out of the workout rut by incentivising the process of walking. PM Modi recognised the fitness app by the Mumbai-based startup in his Mann ki Baat address.
  • Fitness app StepSetGo is a fitness app that maintains records of how much a user has walked and motivates users to stay fit, PM Modi noted in his Mann ki Baat address. 
  • The app currently gets revenue from advertisements, which the users can choose to watch to earn coins. However, a user can earn only up to four coins per day this way. Users can also decide to watch banner and video ads for additional perks. 
    (Your Story, 30 August 2020) News Link

    AskSarkar: how this Made in India app by Bengaluru-based CoRover is disrupting the AI chatbot segment in India
    Key points:
  • Bengaluru-based conversational AI startup CoRover’s chatbot AskSarkar app leads users to official government websites and resolves their queries on government services via text, audio, or video. This Made in India app is among the winners of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.
  • CoRover’s AskSarkar app received special mention in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat broadcast to the nation on Sunday, during which PM Modi recognised the disruptive innovations taking place in India.
  • CoRover itself was founded in 2016 by Ankush Sabharwal along with Rahul Ranjan, Manav Gandotra, and Kunal Bhakhri.
  • The startup provides a conversational AI platform that offers managed Chatbot-as-a-Service to help businesses improve customer experience, operational efficiency, generate revenue, and save costs.
  • While the co-founder did not reveal details about pricing, he says it depends on the number of user queries, number of questions being asked, different intents, concurrent users among other factors. Prices vary for different clients. 
    (Your Story, 30 August 2020) News Link
  • CaptionPlus: the app for brands to turn pictures into stories
    Key points:
  • According to international social media marketing firm Socialbakers, posts with explanatory text overlay generated 41 percent more interactions on average over the course of 2017. This was one of the underlying rationale behind CaptionPlus — one of the winners of the government’s AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.
  • In 2018, three Delhi University students, Rahul Maurya, Anurag Kumar, and Jitendra Yadav found this an opportunity to help content creators. The trio launched CaptionPlus in beta in August 2018 with zero monetary investment after initial market research and studying profiles of thousands of people.
  • In two years since the beta launch as a simple repository of captions and hashtags, the app has now integrated an AI engine, which can show users contextual captions and hashtags to the images. This is similar to the tags or emoji options one can get while doing the SEO optimisation or drafting any social media message.
    (Your Story, 30 August 2020) News Link
  • Hitwicket: this Made in India app seeks to disrupt the global e-sports and mobile gaming market for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat
    Key points:
  • Cricket Strategy Game 2020 by Hyderabad-based startup Hitwicket emerged as one of the favourite Made in India apps in the gaming category in the recent AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • In line with PM Modi’s clarion call for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, or a self-reliant nation, and more particularly, his call for an Aatmanirbhar App Ecosystem, Hitwicket aspires to create a truly world-class gaming experience for the billion cricket fans, with their Made In India game for India and the world. Their vision is to host Hitwicket World Cup 2023, the grandest e-sports event for cricket.
  • Furthermore, the team behind the game plans to make India a prime hub for e-sports championships by orchestrating the all-ambitious Hitwicket World Cup, tentatively scheduled for 2023 — wherein users from all across the globe would compete in a virtual IPL-like tournament at zonal, state, national, and international levels.
    (Your Story, 30 August 2020) News Link
  • Investment by other countries
  1. Mauritius-based PE firm invests ₹250 crore in Shriji Polymers

Key points:

  1. Malaysia-based private equity firm Creador, managing assets worth $1.5 billion, has invested ₹250 crore in Indian pharmaceutical packaging firm Shriji Polymers (India) Ltd.
  2. Shriji’s product portfolio includes high-density poly ethylene bottles, polypropylene caps–both continuous thread and child resistant–and other speciality plastic products such as derma bottles, tablet applicators, dosing cards and self-administered metered dosing devices.
  3. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in key markets across India, the US, and China.
  4. The deal signifies the interest of private equity players in this pharma allied industry of packaging, given India’s cost advantage and policy makers’ efforts to boost domestic manufacturing.
  5. “We will continue to make significant investments in India supported by the recent government initiatives of ‘Make in India’ catering to domestic and exports,” Anand Bangur, founder and managing director of Shriji said.

(Live Mint, 30 August 2020) News Link

  • MF investment in REITs jumps three-fold to Rs 735 crore in H1 2020

Key points:

  1. Emerging investment instrument REIT seems to be finally catching investors’ fancy, with mutual funds investing a whopping Rs 735 crore in such units in the first six months of 2020, nearly three-fold jump from the year-ago period.
  2. However, mutual funds’ investment in infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs) dropped by 8 per cent to Rs 4,968 crore in the period under review, data with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) showed.
  3. Investment by fund houses in REITs jumped from a mere Rs 7 crore in January 2019 to Rs 71 crore in January this year and further increased to Rs 402 crore in June 2020.
  4. Fund managers infused Rs 735 crore in real estate investment trusts (REITs) in January-June 2020 compared to Rs 249 crore in the first six months of last year.
  5. The investment in InvITs rose from Rs 611 crore in January 2019 to Rs 908 crore in the same month this year and thereafter to Rs 968 crore in June 2020.
  6. As compared to last year, fund managers’ investment in InvITs declined to Rs 4,968 crore in January-June 2020 from Rs 5,400 crore in the first six months of 2019.
  7. Ever since Sebi introduced InvITs, markets witnessed the listing of two public InvITs — IRB InvIT Fund and India Grid Trust.

(Economic Times, 30 August 2020) News Link

  1. PM Modi urges startups to ‘team up for toys’ for India to become global toy hub

Key points:

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called upon startups and entrepreneurs to “team up for toys”, as he noted India’s miniscule share in the global toy market of over Rs 7 lakh crore and asserted that the country has talent and ability to become a hub for the industry.
  2. In his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ address, he said it was time for startups to be “vocal for local toys” and also asked them to develop computer games in and based on India, citing the nation’s rich heritage and traditions that can drive innovations in the toy and gaming industry.
  3. The prime minister had also recently chaired a meeting aimed at boosting India’s share in the global toy trade in which China is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters. 
  4. He also urged people to raise dogs of Indian breeds at their homes if they consider keeping a pet dog. Indian breed dogs are being inducted by security forces as well, he said.
  5. He said the area for the sowing of kharif crops increased by seven per cent compared to last year, paddy by nearly 10 per cent, pulses close to five per cent, oilseeds around 13 per cent and cotton by about three per cent.
  6. He said September will be observed as “Nutrition Month” and added that the need for having a good nutrition is being converted into a “mass movement”, especially in villages.

(Financial Express, 30 August 2020) News Link

  1. Trai to reform licensing regime to fuel investments, innovation in telecom sector

Key points:

  1. India’s telecom regulator is aggressively working on reforming the licensing regime and would soon release a consultation paper to base its views on promoting innovation and attracting new investments, as a part of ease of doing business in the sector.
  2. The sector watchdog has previously recommended a slew of measures to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) such as the reduction in levies, and the upcoming initiative is aimed to further improve the industry’s health in line with the national policy unveiled in 2018.
  3. With this reduction, the applicable uniform rate of licence fee would become 6%, from the present 8% of AGR, according to Trai, while the 3% of license fee (LF) that directly accrues to the government would not change.

(Economic Times, 30 August 2020) News Link

Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder – 2G Spectrum Verdict

Editors Note : This is a note received over whatsapp. Unfortunately, since there was no name of the author in it, we could not carry her/his name . As of now Anonymous.

Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder

I am witnessing enormous righteousness from ignorant Right Wing people after the 2G verdict. They are cursing Modi. Some are insinuating a DMK alliance. Some even connected non-existent dots to his courtesy call to Karunanidhi as a striking-deal meeting. Some are asking what is stopping Modi government from prosecuting opposition leaders and some have already decided to punish him in 2019.

I started this article saying, “Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder”. Let me elaborate. The whole 2G case hearing and major proceedings were over before 2014 May. The case was conducted by Supreme Court appointed Amicus Curiae overseeing the CBI investigation. In essence, all the important proceedings were over before Modi came to power. This government was handicapped by the fact that, it was not allowed by the Courts to interfere in any way with the investigations.

When the Supreme Court pronounced the 2G contracts were corrupt and cancelled all the allotments, it is clear there was corruption. So where was the problem ? The problem was with arbitrary criminal conspiracy charge sheets filed by CBI. The courts could not agree with the criminal conspiracy theory and that is how the charges were dismissed because no evidence to substantiate the charges were produced. Was it deliberate ? That is anybody’s guess.

Now, many right wingers are cribbing, Modi has shown reluctance to fight corruption. Reluctance? You want Modi to go and beat these people up, drag them to court by the scruff of the collar, produce evidence in the court and and win court cases followed by slow motion walk ? That happens only in movies. In real life, it is India. That India, where there is an ecosystem painstakingly cultivated by the Congress. The ecosystem isn’t easy to byepass. Our judiciary is built brick by brick by Congress. You can’t change the system just overnight. There are too many checks that prevent the executive interference in judiciary while unfortunately the judiciary can do anything.

Modi is running a BJP government with 90% Congress people in government machinery. He can’t sack them all. Reforms in a country as vast as India will take at least 10 to 15 years. If we aren’t ready to give that time and the support to Modi, if we start suspecting and abusing Modi like many idiotic right wingers are doing, we deserve to be ruled by Congress forever !