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Facing New Evangelisation Strategies

Arise Bharat


Readers of Telugu may wish to read my article that appeared in Jagruthi, a Telugu weekly on Facing New Christian Evangelisation Strategies and lessons that Hindus must learn.

Facing New Evangelisation Strategies


English Version :

Facing the New Christian Evangelization Strategies

– Nadimpalli Ayush

 What Keeps Hindus attached to their traditions and remain as Hindus inspite of varied onslaughts?  This question has been bugging almost all evangelists who have come to Bharat.  In their ambition to Christianize the whole world, the evangelists have time to time revised their strategies. Though most parts of the whole world fell to their designs, they have faced major resistance in Bharat. However, the future of whether Bharat would remain Hindu depends largely on how the Hindus respond to the evangelistion strategies and methods.

” India’s first major contact with Christianity began when Vasco da Gama, from Portugal, landed with gunboat and priests in…

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Pastor from leading Church, CSI forces minor girls into prostitution

CUDDALORE: Police have arrested a CSI pastor, a youth and three women on charges of forcing two minor girls into prostitution in Cuddalore district.

The pastor and the youth were also charged of raping the minor girls.

The arrested were identified as Aruldoss, 60, from Tittakudi, Satishkumar from Vadalur, Dhanalakshmi, Kala and Jameena from Tittakudi. Police arrested them on Tuesday night and produced them before a magistrate, who remanded them in judicial custody.

Police said the girls, Class 7 and Class 9 dropouts, from Tittakudi went missing on July 8. Their parents lodged a complaint with the Tittakudi police on July 11.

The police managed to trace the girls, one aged 12 years and other 14 years, by tracking the signal from their cellphone.

They detained Satishkumar, with whom the girls spoke frequently, and rescued the girls from his custody.

Inquiries revealed that the girls had been raped by the pastor and Sathiskumar and sold to pimps.

Police produced the girls before a Mahila court which recorded their statements on August 4. The two victims were sent to a home after medical examinations.

Aruldoss sexually abused the girls after luring them with gifts and presents. A local woman, a pimp, who came to know about the sexual assault, forced the girls into prostitution threatening that she would expose their links with the pastor. She allegedly confined the girls in her custody and after a week she sold them to Kala, another pimp, for Rs 5,000.

Kala too confined the minor girls in her custody and forced them into prostitution. Later she sold the girls to Jameena for Rs 25,000. Jameena forced them into flesh trade and after 10 days, she sold them to Satishkumar for Rs 25,000.

Police said the girls had earlier run away from their houses. When they went missing for the second time, police presumed that they had again run away.

When an investigation team contacted the girls on their cellphone, they gave false information that they were working in a big textile showroom in Tirupur and claimed that they did not know the name of the unit. They told the investigation team that they were not allowed to go out of the unit and were offered food and accommodation.

Source- TOI Chennai