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Congress Land Mafia plays Mosque politics

The Allahabad High Court had ordered in 1964 that no public mosque existed at the disputed land bought by the Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in Saharanpur, for further construction, which led to riots in this Uttar Pradesh city last Saturday.

Muharram Ali Pappu, a former Congress councillor was arrested on Wednesday by the local police as the main conspirator in the riots, which took the lives of three people. The city magistrate had given an adverse report against him as the one instigating the trouble over the disputed land in 2011, a copy of which is with The SundayGuardian.

According to an order passed by a Saharanpur court on15 May last year, while due debts were being recovered from the original owner of the disputed property, some persons claimed that a public mosque existed at the site and filed a petition before a special district judge, which was dismissed. “Against the said order a petition was filed before the honourable High Court and the court made it clear via its order dated 01-09-1964 that no public mosque existed at the disputed site. That order is the final order. No appeal has been made against it,” said the order. The Sunday Guardian has a copy of the order.

The order added that at present, no mosque has been found at the disputed property nor was namaaz being offered by anyone. The order mentioned that false claims had been made about the presence of a public mosque at the site.

“Hence it is proved that according to available evidence as per the petitions neither did any public property form part of the disputed property nor was it in use,” said the order.

The case (no. 744/10) was fought between Gurnam Singh Sahni, general secretary of the Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara committee and one Abdul Wahab, apparently the mutawalli of the mosque.

The report by the city magistrate earlier stated that Pappu was a “notorious professional leader” and one of those “persons who wanted to disrupt communal harmony.” The report said that Pappu was using Abdul Wahab, a labourer, as a front because he had cases against him multiple police stations in the city. Wahab later admitted being influenced by Pappu for filing the case.

The report added that “the probe till now has not revealed the presence of any mosque nor have people from the Muslim community made any statements regarding it”.

It further mentioned that the municipal council had also not found the presence of any mosque from 1947 to 1967, as it deposed during the cases which went on in the said time period. “The common people also rejected the presence of any mosque here,” read the report.

In its petition to the Sahranpur court, Guru Singh Sabha contended that they bought two adjoining plots in 2001 from one Anurag Atri and others. The Singh Sabha sought permission from Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee and began the construction of a gurdwara, after taking due permission from the concerned authorities. The first owner of the property was Sheikh Md. Aksari and due to some legal issues, his property had to be auctioned. At that time, one Khalil Ahmad objected that the disputed property had a public mosque in its north-west corner and thus it could not be auctioned. Aksari sought permission from the then sub-divisional magistrate to sell it off and it was granted. Consequently, he sold it off to two women. A petition was filed challenging the sale in the court of the special judge, Saharanpur which was dismissed on 02-12-1951. Subsequently, the Allahabad High Court also dismissed it.

After buying the property, the Singh Sabha began construction and faced objections following which a case was filed in 2010.

In response, the defendant Abdul Wahab said that he was the mutawalli of the said mosque and was against the sale of the disputed property. He alleged that the Singh Sabha presented a wrong map of the property to the authorities and thus got the permission. He contended that Aksari used around 535.69 square meter land for private purposes as a mosque. Initially, it was not in public use.

He added that following differences between the two women buyers, the matter went to court and Pandit Padam Prasad was declared the owner of one part of the property. His descendants, including Anurag Atri and others sold it off to the Singh Sabha. Wahab claimed that the mosque continued to exist and it was taken over by the Sunni Central Waqf Board in Lucknow but slowly, it lost out on most devotees.

In its order, the court noted that Wahab had later admitted that he was illiterate and had signed the affidavit without reading it. He also made a u-turn on ever having accepted that there used to be a mosque at the disputed property and that it was ever in use.

Wahab admitted that he had been misled by Pappu who offered him financial inducement and got him to file the affidavit.


Hindu Temple Desecrated- Violence in Saidabad, Hyderabad

 A day after the Hanuman Jayanti, it seems that the Muslim leadership

of Old City, Hyderabad  is back to its old trick of polarising the society…

and as usual the miscreants are running free.

In the early hours of Sunday, 8th April 2012, the bhakts ( devotees) of

the Hanuman temple at Kurmaguda, (in Saidabad ) were in for a shock.

They found that the green colour had been splashed on the walls of the temple.

When they opened the doors of the temple, they found that larges

pieces of beef ( Cow meat) was thrown inside the temple from the


The naturally agitated Hindu youth protested against this

sacrilegious act.

The Muslims who are a majority in that area launched an

offensive on the Hindus and both sides engaged in a duel of stone fight.

Sensing trouble, the police indulged in lathi charge and also

fired tear gas hurting many of the protesters. At the same time,

the Muslims grouped themselves into a larger group and more

or less occupied the main road of Saidabad armed

with stones and swords.

One of the expectations from administration is security and punishment of

the wrong doers. The ruling Majlis party whose Mayor himself is a

criminal ( an accussed in 7 criminal cases )cannot guarantee the security of

the Hindu temples. It seems that the administration is responsible only for the

protection of non-Hindu sites . The Hindu society has to be vigilant and protect itself. .Meanwhile the tension on the spot continues ….
Saidabad becoming a haven for Islamic extremists

Saidabad in Hyderabad has been in the news continuously for the

last decadewith a number of ISI agents, SIMI & TTSI activists & a

few other terrorists being arrested.

2003 – 

Four suspected ISI activist arrested. Zameeluddin Ahmed

of Santoshnagar, Abdul Samad of Mallepally, Manzoor Siddiqui

a resident of SBH Colony in Saidabad and Maulana Mufti Akbar of Karimnagar.


2004 –

DJS activists attack policemen.

http://www.djsindia.org/djsnews.htm#Activists of the DJS attacked policemen as they reached Sayeedabad

This organization was later banned for planting bombs in the churches 

2008 – It was also notorious for the incident when a number of burkha clad women

stormed into a police station ransacking it.


July 2008

Source – SATP – Terrorist Outfits – SIMI

Police arrested Mohammed Muqeemuddin Yaser, a former SIMI member,

from his residence in the Saidabad area of Hyderabad. Yaser, who is a

MBA student, is also the eldest son of Maulana Naseeruddin,the

founder president of Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Shaan-e-Islam (TTSI).

Yaser’s younger brother Raziuddin Naser, a suspect

in the twin blast cases in Hyderabad in August 2007, was arrested

by the Karnataka Police in January 2008 for planning terrorist

attacks in Karnataka and Goa.

SIT sources said “Yaser was an active member of SIMI.

Now, he along with some other former SIMI activists of the city

has formed a group which downloads jihadi material and religious

killing videos from the internet and distributes disks to extremist

religious groups in the country.”



2011 –

Attacks on Ganesh processions

 2012 –

Also, minority groups within the Muslim society like the Ahmediyas are

also unsafe due to the bullying of the dominant Summi groups here.

Saidabad is also been in the news for the dominant Muslim Sunni groups

attacking the Ahmediya mosques.


Few other reports  on the issue : 9th April 2012


Update on 3rd May : Police resorts to 3rd Degree torture to foist false cases on Hindus in connection with the case. Shame on the government’s cheap and appeasement tactics.


Magistrate calls for explanation from SIT in temple desecration case

Nagaraju's arms seen badly injured in Hyderabad on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

Nagaraju’s arms seen badly injured in Hyderabad on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

The Madannapet temple desecration case took a twist on Wednesday when one of the four arrested persons, N. Nagaraju, complained to the court that the police tortured him forcing him to confess to the offence.

The magistrate sought explanation from the Special Investigation Team Inspector, Murali Krishna, following the allegation while directing the Chanchalguda prison superintendent to extend medical treatment to Nagaraju at the OGH.

The 14{+t}{+h}Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, R. Radha Devi, said Nagaraju can also be taken to any private hospital for treatment.

Nagaraju, 29, GHMC sanitation contract supervisor from Kurmaguda, was arrested along with three other Hindus of the same locality, five days ago on charge of creating communal disturbances by planting cow’s legs in a temple and sprinkling paint on the temple wall in the first week of April. The quartet was accused of desecrating the temple at the behest of Niranjan Yadav and Srinivas, of the same area.

Nagaraju and his associates, Kiran Kumar, Ramesh and Dayanand Singh, were later remanded in judicial custody. The case took a curious turn when the Madannapet police brought Nagaraju from the prison to the court seeking his custody in connection with some communal cases registered in 2010 following outbreak of violence after Hanuman Jayanti rally.

Nagaraju’s lawyer, K.K. Sagar, had already filed a petition stating that the police had picked up his client from the residence on April 23. He was taken to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner’s Task Force office in Secunderabad where he was tortured for five days, the affidavit said.

They collected a false confession from Nagaraju using third degree methods, the lawyer said. “They tortured and threatened me to own up the offence. I am in no way connected to the case,” Nagaraju, who could not raise his arms and had difficulty in walking, told the magistrate. He maintained that he didn’t dare to reveal police torture when he was produced before the magistrate five days ago as the police warned him of foisting more cases against him. The magistrate directed the Chanchalguda prison superintendent to submit the medical certificate of Nagaraju and furnish a report on his treatment on Friday.