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Communist China failed to destroy Dalai Lama, not learnt any lesson: Human Rights activists

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has failed to force Tibetans from following the Dalai Lama, even as Beijing deprives the Tibetans of their legitimate civil and religious rights, according to human rights activists.

Communist China’s claim over Tibet is also based on historical lies, even though military power and authority have been used to clamp down on facts about occupied Tibet, even as Beijing continues to demonise the Dalai Lama through fake narratives, the activists said. They were speaking at a webinar on “Communist China and its Failure to Destroy the Institution of the Dalai Lama: Lessons for the Future” organised by New Delhi-based think-tank Law and Society Alliance and geopolitical magazine Defence Capital.

Joining the event from Geneva in Switzerland, Ms Thinlay Chukki, a Special Appointee for Human Rights at the Tibet Bureau, said Tibet was militarily occupied by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949 as part of its expansionist agenda.

“Since then, China has constantly tried to destroy the institution of the Dalai Lama,” Chukki said.

The Dalai Lama has been the political ruler of Tibet at least since 1642, with nearly 500 years of a Tibetan government under the institution of the spiritual leader, she said.

“For China, usurping the powers of the Dalai Lama marks the first step towards the consolidation of the CCP’s power. When His Holiness was forced into exile from Tibet, Mao Zedong lamented saying that China had lost the entirety of Tibet. Only if the Dalai Lama were in control of the Chinese, would their military conquest of Tibet gain some sort of legitimacy,” she said.

Chukki blamed present Chinese President Xi Jinping for projecting CCP’s ideological battle in Tibet as a national security concern for the PRC due to Tibetans’ unique culture, language, and identity. She pointed out that in 1994, the United Nations compiled a special report after the visit of the special rapporteur on religion to China in which it was noted a consistent attack and persecution of Buddhists was in progress in Tibet.

“The Tibetan Buddhists are persecuted for even possessing a photograph of the Dalai Lama because the CCP feels that the spiritual leader, who embodies compassion, posed a greater threat to Beijing’s rule over Tibet, as the religious figure symbolizes a legitimate government of the Tibetans, even though in exile.”

She said the international community needs to keep an eye on Communist China’s actions. Because, this oppression was not just confined to Tibet, under CCP rule, as a recent report by Freedom House stated.

“By taking control of the institution of the Dalai Lama, CCP is also trying to exert influence Tibetan Buddhists settled in all parts of the world. This includes those in states such as Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, apart from nations such as Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia.”

Washington DC-based International Campaign for Tibet’s Interim Vice President and International Director for Outreach Ms Tencho Gyatso said the present Dalai Lama’s actions and sacrifices over these 70-odd years have only deepened the Tibetan people’s connection with the spiritual leader. “The Dalai Lama now represents the whole of Tibetan culture, religion and nationhood.”

She said Communist China has attempted to rewrite all of Tibet’s historical narratives. “The Chinese government calls the Dalai Lama ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The CCP has indulged in mass cover-ups of the atrocities it perpetrates in Tibet and on the Tibetans, just as it has tried to erase the Tiananmen Square massacre, as though it never happened.”

Gyatso said despite the CCP’s best efforts, the bond between the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama has only grown stronger.

“Young Tibetan monks that have been forced to grow up under the oppressive Chinese regime and have never even seen the Dalai Lama. Yet, their allegiance and spiritual connection to him are unbelievably strong. Over 150 Tibetans have self-immolated and called for the freedom of Tibet.”

Gyatso noted that while Tibetans enjoyed full freedom in India, a democratic nation, this freedom was impossible to imagine for those Tibetans currently under the CCP’s rule.

“Tibetans in Tibet today have to deal with a strictly regulated society. There are cameras everywhere and any display of Tibetan culture, language or loyalty to the Dalai Lama is dealt with very harshly.”

She said the final straw was the atheist CCP trying to control the process of selection of the next Dalai Lama by introducing laws that Tibetan Buddhists are forced to follow.

“Besides, the CCP leaders these days are talking about the idea of Sinicization of Tibetan Buddhism – that is, Buddhism with Chinese characteristics,” she added.

Gyatso noted that several democratic nations globally, including the United States, are now supporting the idea of a successor to the Dalai Lama, as chosen by the present spiritual leader and that CCP would have no say in it. “This position has been supported in the US administration’s Tibetan Policy and Support Act that threatens to penalise any Chinese authority that interferes with the institution of the Dalai Lama.”

Invading Education– Louis F. Budenz, 1954, Ch X of ‘The Techniques of Communism’

In lectures delivered at Sverdlov University in Moscow, Stalin specified “cultural and educational organisations” as valuable allies in the Communist battle … These Stalin lectures of 1924 are now famous as “Foundations of Leninism”. Following the consolidation of power by Stalin in USSR and the expulsion of Lovestone from CPUSA (1929), “in 1933 … extensive infiltration began in the schools and colleges of” the USA.

In 1937, the CPUSA declared that “the Party must take careful steps to see that all teacher comrades are given thorough education in the teachings of Marxism-Leninism …” … “inject it into their teaching at the least risk of exposure” and that they “are faced with a tremendous social responsibility.”

Budenz adds “In the classroom, the Communist teacher or professor very rarely, if ever, teaches Marxism-Leninism openly. There are hundreds of indirect ways of reaching the same end. Books by Howard Fast … are proposed as suggested or recommended readings … [as are] many other “non-communist” sources … who always follow the Communist line…. An entire syllabus which would inevitably lead a student either to embrace Marxism-Leninism or to be sympathetic to the Communist line, can be drawn up without one notably or openly Stalinite reference in it.”

“Building on that foundation, the Communist teacher or professor notes the pupil or student most susceptible to pro-Red ideas. This student is cultivated privately, with a view to drawing him …”. In like manner, colleagues on the faculty who indicate sympathy for pro-Communist ideas are influenced by personal association to join the Communist Party. … often working behind the scenes with Communists in those groups, in the preparation of books, the presentation of lectures, the voicing of opinions, the raising of finances …”

Dr. J.B.Matthews … declares that since 1935 “the Communist Party has enlisted the support of at least thirty five hundred professions … adherents of the Party line in varying degrees …” (Communis and the Colleges, American Mercury, May 1953). …


The school and college libraries are other targets of the Reds. For a number of years, cells have existed among libraries and the Communist influes has not been small in the AMerical Library Association. At the local level, the big effort is to get the works of concealed Communists into the libraries, and if at all possible to have them placed on the required or recommended reding lists. .. There are several objects in this manouver other than the effect the books themselves (apparently non-Communist in character but many slanted in a Communist direction) will have on the students. …”… The organisation “is keenly aware of the value of prestige, of getting its concealed members recognised as “authorities”. …

Communists and Art of Political Compromises

  • Kuldeep Jha

Communist Party of India Marxist–Leninist surprised many by registering its highest tally in over 30 years in Bihar by winning 12 of the 19 seats it contested. Communist parties in India have characteristics of Virus. They can’t survive on their own but multiply rapidly in shelter of other’s body. In this case Mahagathbandhan.

They were not even averse to the fact that it was RJD which mercilessly killed their brightest student leader Chandrashekar Prasad in 1997. Chandrashekar was bright in True Sense. He was not intellectually pedestrian and morally corrupt like Kanhaiyya Kumar, who initially wanted to contest 2019 election on RJD ticket but Lalu rightly thought he is worthless a nut.

Chandrashekar was academically bright. He left prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) to pursue his passion, Politics. He is considered to be the most popular student union President JNU ever had. The AISA (All India Students’ Association), which wins JNU election almost every year, was almost single-handedly built by him.

After JNU, he moved to his home district Siwan in Biahr with the intention of working on the ground. He soon became too much of nuisance for the then Bihar CM and messiah of secularism Lalu Yadav. On 31 March 1997, he was assassinated by sharpshooters of RJD Bahubali Mohammad Shahabuddin, while addressing street corner meetings in Siwan.

After his assassination, the CPI (ML) alleged, “Several of our leaders and party workers have been murdered so far. Shahabuddin is the architect of the murder of Shyam Narayan and Chandrashekhar. Our party workers, who were present at the site of the murder, have identified the killers. They were Shahabuddin’s men.”

Ever agitated JNU students marched to Delhi’s Bihar Niwas and demanded Lalu Yadav speak to them. Police greeted them with bullets. Fascist BJP uses water cannons. What a demon BJP really is.A compensation of one lakh rupees was offered to the Prasad’s mother by the then PM of India I.K. Gujral, but she turned down the offer saying, “It will be an insult to accept money in exchange for my son. I curse those who have put a cost on my son’s life.” Mothers know no politics.

Not everyone though. Rohith Vemula’s mother alleged that Muslim League failed on Rs 20 lakh promise and said one of the two cheques she received bounced. But why should Muslim League pay her? What was their interest? We would never know.

But these minor issues of self-respect and honour never tend to bother modern Communists, who now crib that RJD did not give them enough seats or else they would have performed better.But what ideologically committed individual like Chandrashekar did was he sowed seed of Communism in masses and party is reaping benefits almost 23 years later in alliance with his killers, RJD. Small compromise to make for power, perhaps not a compromise at all.

The Terror Perpetrated By Communists in Kerala

Interview with Sri J Nandakumar, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Prachaar Pramukh RSS,

Nandakumar J

In the killing fields of Kannur lies an untold story that the “old media” has been unable to report, impaired by their inability to override the agenda and disrupt the carefully constructed narrative of an “oppressive” Sangh Parivar. However the facts and the history of the violence in Kannur devastates this in the way that only truth can.

In Kannur, a left bastion, where even small freedoms like the choice of newspaper are determined by the party and where the police force and judiciary are aligned with political parties, the price for peace is complete submission.

Q: May I please get statistics of how many such attacks have been carried out in the last five years?

Ans: In Kerala, 267 people related to the RSS were killed in the last 50 years, of which 232 were killed by the CPM. After 2010, sixteen RSS workers were murdered by CPM. The number of injured – with limbs chopped off, blinded, bedridden due to injuries – is almost six times the number of those murdered.

In between clashes, we have had open seasons for the brutality of ‘peace’- False cases foisted on our cadres, Police lock ups, beatings and worse.

Q: Do you see a pattern in these attacks, do they increase ahead of elections?

Ans: Yes, there is a pattern to all these attacks. But no, normally the spike in the number of CPM attacks against the RSS are not related to the announcement of elections. However this is true in case of CPM attacks against other parties like the Congress and the IUML. The attacks against the RSS are almost entirely related to the flow of CPM cadres and their families to the RSS and BJP.

Yet, this time, there has been a large increase in attacks against the RSS and the BJP, as we approach the assembly elections. This is because, for the first time, the CPM senses that the BJP is about to gain massively at the hustling and they want to thwart this by any means.

Q: Has there been follow up by authorities, any arrests made? There have been allegations that some of the incidents, like the February attack on Sujith was borne out of personal enmity, what do you make of these charges?

Ans: Yes, after each incident of CPM attacks, the Police do arrest some people. In almost all cases, especially in Kannur, the actual criminals, who carry out the ‘operations’ are not touched. The party gives a list of people to be arrested to the Police and these CPM volunteers are ‘arrested’ by the Police.

To understand why and how this is possible, one will have to know about the total control the CPM leadership has over its cadres and its influence over the Kerala Police.

Why does the party do this ? One reason is that, with this ‘arrest/surrender’ drama, the murder squads of the party are left untouched – free to carry out further ‘operations’. Secondly the cadres who surrender, will have an alibi which will free them as the matters reach the court. Thirdly, even if some people get convicted the party which normally comes to power every five years in Kerala, will reward their families with generous handouts and those in jails will be given parole liberally.

Yet, some genuine convictions are made. But it takes a very brave senior IPS Police officer to defy the CPM’s script.

The Congress party and its administration has actively and passively connived with the CPM is all this. One reason why none of the masterminds behind these political murders have been booked is because the CPM and the Congress consider the BJP as their primary rival. This unholy nexus has come to light again and again, so much so that the High court itself has openly (and not for the first time) said only a CBI enquiry can bring out the truth about the political murders in which ‘actual rulers of Kannur (CPM) are involved’. The court made this latest observation while consenting to the demand for a CBI enquiry into the murder of a Muslim League activist Shukoor by the CPM.

You have asked about the allegation that Sujith’s murder was out of personal enmity. This is not true and I would urge you to make your own enquiries about this charge.

The state police has, in its FIR, confirmed that Sujith’s was a political murder. CPM has, over the past, made this ‘it-was-a-personal-issue’ allegation in almost all the murders that they have committed, whether it is that of dissident Marxist TP Chandrashekharan, BJYM vice president Jayakrishnan Master or Sujith.

The Modus Operandi is to first run a propaganda campaign against the target to frighten him to submit to their will and then murder him if it does not work. After the murder, the CPM will, through its instruments of propaganda which includes TV channels (Kairali, People’s) and Newspapers (Deshabhimani), run a smear campaign against the murdered individual’s character alleging that it was a personal weakness that led to the murder rather than any political rivalry. This pattern is well known to anyone familiar with CPM’s political murders in Kerala.

Q: What happens to the families of those who die and those who are grievously injured? Does the RSS have provisions to look after these families?

Ans: The RSS, with the local people’s help has made proper arrangements to look after the kith and kin of the deceased workers who have been murdered. It has left no stone unturned to look after and treat those workers who have lost limbs and have been permanently disabled. The Organisation has got a mechanism for this and it has evolved due to the peculiar circumstances in this state.

Q: Kerala, has the highest number of Shakhas in the country, what do you think is the reason that makes the youth in the state join RSS, especially when communists have a stronghold in the region?

Ans: Kerala, once a hot bed of Communism, is transforming into a breeding ground of Islamic terrorism. There is a feeling of insecurity among Hindus of Kerala and they see the Sangh as a bulwark against these forces. The Communist parties through their anti Hindu stand had tried to destroy the traditions and value systems on which the Kerala society is rooted. The young generation is now once again seeking their lost roots and seeing its cultural revival through the Sangh and its offshoots.

Growing frustration among the youth in particular about the misdeeds and corruption of the mainstream political organisation is another reason. Organisational planning and disciplined implementation of the plans by the committed workers has paved way for the growth of RSS in Kerala.

Q: Is there any other detail that you can share about the growing violent attacks against the RSS workers and what these are attributable to?

Ans: The RSS has the same pattern and methodology of work in Kerala as it has all over India. That is to say that we have consistently worked within the democratic system and tried to take the whole society along with us. We do not see the CPM or any other organisation as an ‘Enemy’. We have time and again appealed for peace and for the right to carry out or organisational work like any other outfit in the state.

Many independent researchers who have studied about the murder politics in Kerala, including the prominent Gandhian thinker Udayabhanu, have stated this fact categorically. However, the CPM in Kerala, after the collapse of communism world over, has chosen arrogance as a philosophy and violence as its tool.

You should know that it is not just the RSS that is targeted by the party. The CPM has attacked the Congress, IUML, and even its allies in the LDF – the CPI and the RSP. Last week, while a brutal attack was carried out on BJP cadres (including former state president Muraleedharan) at Trivandrum, a Congress worker (who had left the CPM earlier) was murdered at Alleppey by the party and a bomb attack by the CPM at Nadapuram injured 3 Muslim league workers.

When it comes to violence, the CPM is an equal opportunity party.

Source – Opindia

Maoist activity – Its Rise in Delhi and National Capital Region

The war on Red Terror is no longer limited to remote jungles in far-off districts as urban Maoists have become a clear and present danger. Maoist front organisations, have succeeded in penetrating urban India and have managed to give a slip to intelligence agencies for some years.

In 2013, we had written on world wide “Civil Society movements ” and how the same model is being sought to be replicated in Bharat as well. The Maoist strategy is to launch / infiltrate civil society movements and develop cadre through that. Read the Article here .

As per the Institute for Defence Study & Analysis, the Maoists had prepared an urban perspective plan — a blue print for their urban movement/activities in September 2007. It is believed that Gobad Ghandy alias Rajan, who was arrested in September 2009 in New Delhi, played a major role in the preparation of this urban perspective plan.


Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist strategy of setting urban bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest of Kobad Ghandy from Delhi. – Courtesy IndiaToday


The Urban Movement has a defined role in the political strategy and military strategy of the CPI (Maoist). According to the CPI (Maoist),

“…being the centres of concentration of the industrial proletariat, urban areas play an important part within the political strategy of the new Democratic Revolution”. The Maoists envisage that they would mobilise and organise the industrial workers and channelise them towards playing “leadership role in organising the agrarian revolution by sending by sending … advanced detachment to the rural areas”.

In the Maoist scheme of things the objectives/tasks of the Urban Movement could be classified under three broad heads:

(a) mobilise and organise the basic masses and build the party on that basis ;

(b) build the United Front and

(c) Military tasks .

Looking at the leadership and rise of some of the neo political parties from Delhi and some other parts of the country , it is clear that the strategy # 1 has been employed.
Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist strategy of setting urban bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest of Kobad Ghandy from Delhi.
In addition the Red Terror affected districts, it is reported that the Home Ministry has identified several organisations in Delhi and the National Capital Region as Maoist front organisations.
These organisations and political parties try to gain inroads by talking about issues like  “bijli, paani, sadak aur rojgaar “, issues that are relevant to the common person. At the same time, the masterminds work on their bigger strategy of disruption and taking over control of government.
The Delhi election is a case study about the strategy of Maoists being put into action in a major metro.


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