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Maoist activity – Its Rise in Delhi and National Capital Region

The war on Red Terror is no longer limited to remote jungles in far-off districts as urban Maoists have become a clear and present danger. Maoist front organisations, have succeeded in penetrating urban India and have managed to give a slip to intelligence agencies for some years.

In 2013, we had written on world wide “Civil Society movements ” and how the same model is being sought to be replicated in Bharat as well. The Maoist strategy is to launch / infiltrate civil society movements and develop cadre through that. Read the Article here .

As per the Institute for Defence Study & Analysis, the Maoists had prepared an urban perspective plan — a blue print for their urban movement/activities in September 2007. It is believed that Gobad Ghandy alias Rajan, who was arrested in September 2009 in New Delhi, played a major role in the preparation of this urban perspective plan.


Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist strategy of setting urban bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest of Kobad Ghandy from Delhi. – Courtesy IndiaToday


The Urban Movement has a defined role in the political strategy and military strategy of the CPI (Maoist). According to the CPI (Maoist),

“…being the centres of concentration of the industrial proletariat, urban areas play an important part within the political strategy of the new Democratic Revolution”. The Maoists envisage that they would mobilise and organise the industrial workers and channelise them towards playing “leadership role in organising the agrarian revolution by sending by sending … advanced detachment to the rural areas”.

In the Maoist scheme of things the objectives/tasks of the Urban Movement could be classified under three broad heads:

(a) mobilise and organise the basic masses and build the party on that basis ;

(b) build the United Front and

(c) Military tasks .

Looking at the leadership and rise of some of the neo political parties from Delhi and some other parts of the country , it is clear that the strategy # 1 has been employed.
Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist strategy of setting urban bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest of Kobad Ghandy from Delhi.
In addition the Red Terror affected districts, it is reported that the Home Ministry has identified several organisations in Delhi and the National Capital Region as Maoist front organisations.
These organisations and political parties try to gain inroads by talking about issues like  “bijli, paani, sadak aur rojgaar “, issues that are relevant to the common person. At the same time, the masterminds work on their bigger strategy of disruption and taking over control of government.
The Delhi election is a case study about the strategy of Maoists being put into action in a major metro.


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Hindu Rate of Growth


The term ” Hindu Rate of Growth” is a derogatory term coined for the low rate of growth in India during the first 3 decades after Independence which was primarily due to the faulty economic policy by the Congress during the 50’s and 60’s on the base of Socialism. It should actually have been called the “Socialist Rate of Growth”.

The term was coined by economist Raj Krishna. This meaning of the term, popularised by Robert McNamara, was used disparagingly and has connotations that refer to the supposed Hindu outlook of fatalism and contentedness.

Two renowned personalities who have challenged this false meaning attributed to “Hindu Rate of Growth” and proposed the correct view are Sri S.Gurumurthy and Sri Arun Shourie.

Arun Shourie pointed out that the so called Socialist rate of growth was a result of socialist policies implemented by staunch secular governments and had nothing to do with Hinduism. He says

It has almost become routine to slight Hindu sentiments — our smart-set do not even notice the slights they administer. Recall the jibe of decades: ‘the Hindu rate of growth’. When, because of those very socialist policies that their kind had swallowed and imposed on the country, our growth was held down to 3-4 per cent, it was dubbed — with much glee — as ‘the Hindu rate of growth’. Today, we are growing at 9 per cent. And, if you are to believe the nonsense in Sachar’s report, the minorities are not growing at all. So, who is responsible for this higher rate of growth? The Hindus! How come no one calls this higher rate of growth ‘the Hindu rate of growth’? Simple: dubbing the low rate as the Hindu one established you to be secular; not acknowledging the higher one as the Hindu rate establishes you to be secular! “. —Arun Shourie

S Gurumurthy states that it is the Colonial and Socialist rate of growth which has been misleadingly named as ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’. He states that Hindu India was leading World Economy for 18 Centuries in CE. Do visit this very insightful speech for more information on this by Sri Gurumurthy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9-UWbsvMf8

Bharat’s children must rebuke any attempt to defame the philosophy of this great land and must expose the hand of British and the faulty policies driven by Pt.Nehru and the Congress.

Update in Jan 2014 :

Unfortunately, the country is once again witnessing a phase where some educated sections are being be-fooled by “socialist politicians” who have come in under the garb of an anti-corruption crusade”.