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Ideological background of Gujarat AAP president Gopal Italia

Tweet Thread by: Vijay Gajera

Recently many videos of Gujarat AAP president Gopal Italia came to light in which he is talking against temples and Hindu rituals.

He has also used third-grade language for PM Modi.

From where does he get this hate? Let’s see👇

In 2018 Anti Hindu and foreign-funded Shabnam Hashmi and his NGO arranged a program with the name ” Dismantling India” In Ahmedabad Gopal Italia and Altnews owner Nirjhari Sinha attended this event along with a few other communists

Writers of this biased report are N Ramdas (former AAP Lokpal and associated with Ford Foundation), Harsh Mander, communist Kavita Krishnan, Foreign-funded Colin Gonsalves, and many other communists and their supporters.

Shabnam Hashmi is the founder of ANHAD NGO which has received funds from many Christian NGOs in the past. Her NGO also closely works with foreign-funded activists like Medha Patkar and Teesta Setalvad.

You can also see her involvement in anti-CAA protests and Farmer protests!

She is part of deep leftist and foreign-funded NGOs.

Now let’s come back to AAP Gujarat President Gopal Italia again. If you think Gopal has taken part in just one event with Shabnam Hashmi, You are wrong.

In 2018 he was actively working with Shabnam Hashmi and with her NGO. You can see him with Shabnam Hashmi in this pre-planned interview.

Let me introduce one more person who can be seen in the same video. Mr. Gagan Sethi. He works for cartels of Ford Foundation-funded NGOs. He works for Oxfam too.

He is the founder of Janvikas NGO which is funded by the Ford Foundation and other foreign NGOs Is it just a coincidence that Arvind Kejriwal has also received funds and awards from the ford foundation?

s this the reason Arvind Kejriwal has made him AAP Gujarat President and one of the CM candidates?

Imagine if AAP comes to power in Gujarat, who will run the government? These foreign-funded people like Shabnam Hashmi, Medha Patkar, Teesta Setlvad, Harsh Mander, and all other communists activists who have played a big role against every big infra projects in Gujarat.