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Teesta Gets Suitably Rewarded by Congress

The Congress lead UPA government has rewarded Teesta Setlavad by clearing her name for a 2nd term in the HRD Ministry’s Education panel.  The panel is the highest body for advising Central and State government on matters relating to Education.


Teesta is known for her rabid anti-Hindu hate mongering. She has also been caught lying and forging documents submitted to the court in the riots cases in Gujarath. She was also part of the drafting committee of the now infamous “Communal Violence Bill”.

Till now, we have read in our school history books that Hindu society has been plagued with problems from times immemorial, that this nation lost to every other invader,  that the Moghal rule was a benevolent rule and added value to our culture except for a few exceptions, that Shivaji was a small chieftain, that Guru Teg Bahadur was a dacoit, that Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries were terrorists, that India was never a nation and now

…one more chapter would be added that the Gujarathi Hindus and the Gujarath riots are a symbol of an intolerant Hindu society on a hapless minority.

Her credibility as an educationist has to be questioned and the motives of the Congress exposed.