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Let Muslims of India Declare Themselves – Gen Cariappa

Excerpts from an article by Gen. Cariappa, ( later Field Marshall )  written in 15th Aug 1964 and published in The Organiser,
We are secular country. I regard Muslims as much my brothers and sisters as I do people of all the other communities in India. I meet a wide cross section of them during my frequent travels in the country. I have a large number of good Muslim friends with whom I talk freely on men and matters here. In these talks some have given me, much to my sadness, the impression of their having their feet in two boats- India and Pakistan.
In this context I make a fervent appeal to all my Muslim brothers and sisters in India to please come out in the open soon and declare, at least to their own conscience whether their loyalty is to India or Pakistan. If to Pakistan, they must pack up lock stock and barrel from India and go to Pakistan at once. Such people have no right to have any claim on even one square inch of our sacred soil. If on other hand it is to India and I know there are Muslims who sincerely and truthfully feel so – they must expose disloyal  elements in their community with all speed and get them to quit India. Here then, will be convincing evidence that they are Indians and so would be accepted as such unreservedly by the majority class.
The partition of India came as the result of the demands of the top leaders of the Muslim League who wanted Pakistan. Now that there is Pakistan, I as a soldier just cannot understand why there should be Muslim League party in India today at all and yet there is a party still functioning here. To me this seems quite wrong.
So I make this second fervent appeal to our Muslim citizens to abolish the Muslim League in India immediately and set up Associations for the preservation of the great Islamic culture, philosophy, art and so on , as I have suggested earlier. This action will further prove the sincerity of their loyalty to India.
It is all very well to say that it is the duty and the obligation of our government to look after the safety and security of the minorities in India. I know our government is fully conscious of this duty and is carrying it out. But it is physically not possible for any government to keep an eye on every individual throughout this vast country.
I appeal to my Hindu brothers and sisters who are the majority class to live up to the traditional and historic greatness of the spirit of tolerance enshrined in our Hindu religion to take into their fold Muslim citizens of India as members of their family, both adjusting the observance of their respective religions and social functions without in any way causing hurt or showing disrespect to each other.
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Gen Cariappa, 15 Aug 64 Organiser

Gen Cariappa, 15 Aug 64 Organiser