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A note on radical Islamic outfit PFI

Popular Front of India (PFI) is one of the most dangerous and radical Islamic organizations of our time. It’s activities not only  threatens the communal harmony but also create challenges to the unity and integrity of country.

  1. PFI is notoriously known for targeting, attacking, and killing people using hit lists, therefore innocent people become victims of its fanaticism. The recent killings in Kerala of Advocate Ranjith, Alappuzha and Srinivasan, Palakkad by PFI and its frontal organizations are an example of it.



  • In Kerala PFI and its frontal organizations are involved in many politically and religiously motivated attacks and killings. It targets not only RSS or BJP functionaries, even the workers of CPIM and IUML were targeted by PFI in the past.

Abhimanu,  SFI leader at Maharajas college, Ernakulam was stabbed to death by PFI and  Campus Front workers.  


  • In 2007, they chopped off the hand of Prof. T J Joseph of Todupuzha Newman College, alleging that he made derogatory remarks on prophet Mohammed.
  • In 2002, eight Hindu fishermen were massacred by NDF, the earlier form of PFI, at Marad Beach , Calicut.
  • Not only in Kerala, PFI is involved in many murders and attacks on Hindus and functionaries of nationalist organizations in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  The recent killing of a BJP functionary at Mangalore is an example.




  • The prominent leaders of PFI like EM Abdul Rahman, E Aboobaker, and P Koya were functionaries of Students Islamic Movement (SIMI), a banned terrorist outfit.


  • When SIMI was banned most of its workers become part organizations like NDF, KFFD, MNP these outfits merged in 2006 and formed PFI.
  • In a 2012, an affidavit filed before high court of Kerala by the state government categorically stated that PFI is another form of SIMI


  • On 18 September 2022, PFI organized a mega rally at Calicut Beach in which Afsal Khasmi of All India Imams Council given a call to prepare for martyrdom in the fight against Sangh Parivar. He made this call referring to Quran and Hadis. This was an open call for violence from the PFI stage. Unfortunately, his statement got wide spread support on various social media platforms and circles.


  1. According reports within the organization the PFI leaders says that the organization is working on Islamic tenets like ‘Hisas’ reaction or retribution
  1. PFI members have infiltrated all major political parties in a bid to influence the opinion of organizations they joined


  1. PFI workers have also infiltrated the state police department, recently in Kerala state police department took action against some of such officers for leaking official information to the PFI leaders.



  1. According to reports, some police officers in Kerala tried to suppress the investigation against PFI, particularly related to arms training
  1. Women ASI of Kerala police posted at Kanjirapally station, Kottayam district shared a post by PFI leader C A Raof, the content of the same is said to be explosive
  1. The PFI leaders from Kerala were behind a plot to create violence in Hathras, UP. According to available information, PFI leaders got funding from unknown sources.  

Siddique Kappan bail: PFI celebrates the release of UAPA-accused journalist; his friend reportedly threatens witnesses of “dire consequences” 

Kappan trying to mislead Supreme Court? Claim that he worked for reputed dailies is false, say journalists

  1. In June 2022, Assam police registered 16 cases against PFI and its student wing CFI for its connection with Bangladeshi terrorist outfit


  1. When Osama Bin Laden was killed by American forces the mouth piece of PFI in Kerala Tejus called him a martyr
  1. There is a tactical understanding between the ultra left organizations like CPI Maoist and PFI, the human rights organization of PFI named NCHRO is a melting pot of these forces.

NCHRO’s support for G N Saibaba and Varavara Rao is well known.



  1. The campaign against UAPA is another glaring example of their joint venture
  • PFI leaders like EM Abdul Rahman and P Koya met leaders of Turkish IHH, an organization with alleged terror links


  • The affinity of PFI with Muslims Brotherhood and its sister organizations are not a secret when former Egyptian ruler and Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mursi passed away, PFI mouth piece called him a martyr. It extends similar respect towards the leaders of Hamas
  • Tejus, the mouth piece of PFI, also celebrated the culprits of 2001 parliament attack as brave
  • In May 2022 Kerala High Court observed that the PFI and its Political front SDPI are extremists organization’s


  • In May 2022 in a rally organized PFI and its frontal organizations in Alappuzha, PFI leaders used a child to make threatening slogans against Hindus and Christians. PFI district president Navas Vandanam was arrested in connection with this case.
  • In May 2022, PFI leader Yahya Tangal made derogatory remarks against HC judges. He said that the judges are wearing Saffron under garments.
  • PFI leaders are also involved in money laundering activities. The money generated through such means are used for anti national activities and create disturbance in the society. The ED unearthed many such activities by the leaders of PFI and its sister outfits recently. When ED officials raided the premises of some of such leaders in Kerala the PFI cadres created law and order situation to intimidate the officials.



  • In 2007 NDF/PFI cadres attacked Kottakkal Police station, Malappuram to release their leaders, foreign made weapons seized from the culprits


  • According to NIA records Shajahan Valavukandi started an Islamic State unit in Kerala with help of PFI workers in Kannur, Kerala
  • Bangalore bomb blast accused K V Jaleel was a PFI activist
  • Abu Tahir, an AL Qaeda operative, was a sociology student of Manchery Green Valley Academy, Malappuram district run by PFI leaders. Further, his study there was free of cost
  • There were reports that T Nazeer, a convict in the Kashmir terrorist recruitment case, was a NDF/PFI activist
  • Many of the ISIS recruits from Kerala had PFI backgrounds



  • PFI organized arms training in Phulwari, Bihar under the guise of Martial arts training camp. The training was given by trainers from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


  • Anti-CAA propaganda and violence perpetrated across the country was a design of PFI.




  • As per their vision document, India 2047, PFI wants to establish Islamic rule in India
  • PFI men arrested in Telangana for organizing weapons training
  • On 13 March 2022 in a press statement issued after its state general assembly meeting of PFI they said that they have created plan destroy RSS and like minded organizations, it was an open call for violence.
  • Inter state conspiracy in criminal cases involved by SDPI/ PFI Kerala ADGP


Lessons from Burhan Wani Episode to Patriots

imThe article is a Reader’s Contribution 

  • –  By Surendra K

If a member of a family dies, its impact is felt within the immediate family and relatives. Similarly if any socially-admired person dies, his influenced circle in the society will be affected. Not surprisingly, the killing of a dreaded Hizbul Mujahedeen terrorist Burhan Wani by Jammu and Kashmir police in India hugely disturbed the Pakistani government and Wani’s handlers, operating terrorists, organisations like LeT, Hizbul Mujahedeen and most of the Kashmiri separatists.
Based on an anonymous tip-off, the Special Operation Group of J&K police along with 19 Rashtriya Rifles raided (http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/jk-valley-on-boil-after-face-of-new-militancy-burhan-wani-is-shot-dead-hizbul-mujahideen-2902395/ ) the hideout of Burhan Wani at Kowpora Kokernag in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district and killed him along with two of his associates Sartaj and Masoom on July 8, 2016. And since then some section of the Kashmir valley are protesting continuously against this encounter, disturbing the day-to-day life of ordinary people, indirectly forcing security forces to impose curfew to simmer down the heated atmosphere.


Burhan Wani

Burhan Wani – Courtesy – news.statestime.in

As soon as Burhan Wani’s death was aired, all patriotic citizens welcomed it and backed our brave soldiers, but it was bad news and nightmare for Wani’s handlers and terrorist-supporting Pakistani think tank. To convert this ‘bad news’ into good opportunity, the Pakistani handlers put all their best efforts and succeeded in converting the dead terrorist as martyr and labelling him as a ‘good terrorist’ and his death as an indirect loss to Kashmir valley.
These people have professionally executed their pre-planned agenda through their well knitted ecosystem comprising of religious preachers, Jihad elements, separatist leaders, political mileage seekers and their media friends operating in J&K as well as in Delhi.
Since then, all of them came under one umbrella, where separatists’ elements played Muslim/Jihad card. Politicians claimed that “We have special status as per Article 370”, which is different from rest of the country and instigated the Kashmir valley youth by deploying them onto the streets as stone-pelting foot soldiers.
Once this started unfolding on the ground, biased media jumped into the fray by claiming that Burhan was an ‘innocent boy’ from a humble family background and whose father was a respected school teacher. Further, they even went onto say absurd things like, had he not picked up the gun, Wani would have been a scientist like Einstein and many such stories kept making the rounds day after day in newspapers and on TV channels.
Knowingly or unknowingly, some of the citizens are taken for a ride by such kind of developments, and we have witnessed how these stone pelting mob confront police by attacking police stations and killing men on duty.
As per Jihad ideology, the first enemy to prevent in establishing Islamic law in any country other than an Islamic country is their security personal; so they apply the same tactics in India. In this case, the killers of Jihad ‘poster boy’ Burhan Wani are none other than our brave security forces, so they target them first.
Once these stone pelting lovers are busy on the ground, the causalities are unavoidable, whether with pellet guns or with lathis. Taking advantage of these unfolding developments, the separatists/Jihadist think tank/anti-India/anti-Hindu opinion-makers including section of media as well as opinion-builders, sitting across the border and within the borders jumped into action in one voice under the banners of human rights and freedom of expression (FoE) and started linking deaths and injuries of only civilians and connected them as chain of events with continuous news feed of ‘Breaking news’ appearing as panellists in TV and/ columnists in print media with their pre-planned agenda.

So what is the agenda of these forces?

First – Disturb the smooth sailing of PDP-BJP coalition government; break the growing trust between the government and people, and manufacture an environment where proposed Sainik colonies and townships for Kashmiri Hindus will be labelled as feasible, right now from government’s mouth.

Along with all these, the old and standard repeated line of “reduction of army presence” in the valley is taking centre stage. This is also the root cause for unrest in Jammu and Kashmir since many years along with batting for freedom or independence of the valley while singing the UN plebiscite tune.

If we closely observe all these developments, in a nutshell, it looks like these separatist forces do not leave any single opportunity in converting any anti-government sentiments into anti-India, anti-Hindu to suit their Jihadist agenda. Moreover, such forces are experts in artificially creating this kind of disturbing environment after the death of terrorists and preach every generation on how Indian government is using forces and suppressing their voice.

By summing up all these pre and post developments of any terror activities, the think tank will conclude by saying that, to fix this continuous problem of unrest in Kashmir, the only solution lies in the independence (‘azaadi’) and to achieve this, everyone in the valley small and big, men and women and children as a responsibility should come out on streets and fight using all violent and non-violent methods, be it using the mosques or by picking the gun as per their convenience.
In the midst of all this, the present Modi-led NDA government is doing its best to restore the things to normalcy by force or talks. Once this charged atmosphere comes down, the PDP-BJP coalition should speed up in moving towards fulfilling its poll promises and all-round development in the Jammu and Kashmir state. More importantly, at the earliest, government must push for construction of Sainik colonies as permanent houses to accommodate Kashmir Hindus without any further hesitation.

The parliament should draw a detailed plan to implement the 1994 resolution aimed at reclaiming the occupied lands from Pakistan, which we call it as ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).
Today, it is Burhan Wani, tomorrow some other terrorist. To stop all this, there is no ‘good’ (OR) ‘bad’ terrorist. Just eliminate them; bring the religious leaders of Kashmir valley on-board and devise a strategy to delink the religious overtones for a peaceful Bharath. In doing so, identify the anti-national and Pakistani-loving celebrities residing in India and shame them whenever there is an opportunity.