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Janmadina song ( Happy Birthday song)


I found this song to be both sweet, and could be a source of inspiration for the boy/girl to whom it is sung for.

Hope you like it and use it for all birthday events in your home. Pass it on to friends and relatives as well,  if you like it.

The audio link is hosted at Audio Link

janma-dinam idam, ayi priya sakhe shantanotu te, sarvadâ mudam

O dear friend! May this birthday bring auspiciousness and joy to you forever.

prârthayâmahe, bhava shatâyushi îshvaras-sadâ, tvâm cha rakshatu

Indeed, we all pray for your long life. May the Lord always protect you.

punya karmanâ, kîrtim arjaya jîvanam tava, bhavatu sârthakam

By noble deeds, may you attain fame, and may your life be fulfilled.

Original lyrics by Swami Tejomayananda.