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Role Models and Reel Models – Kamal Hassan as a reference

Happened to see an interview of Sri Kamal Hassan, the famous film actor on a TV show anchored by Smt.Jaya Prada titled ” Jayapradam” on 18th Jan 2011. He forms a chain of popular actors/ actresses who have been expressing similar views and given media space and attention .

His views on some key issues :

1. He commented on the Ramjanmabhumi issue. To a question” are you happy with the verdict”, He said” Who are the judges to pass a judgement. ? ” We the people of India shall pass the judgement.” He said “Me and Gautami were discussing about how a nice school must be constructed in the campus with many trees” …

I could not understand why he got worked up on the judgement when it went by evidence. Does he mean to say that the wrong must never be corrected, because it is the Hindu who has been aggrieved.

He then said that we must make many movies to arrest this growth of negative ideas… (meaning Hindu nationalist ideas)

It of course explains why he chose his movies like Dashavatara to propagate a lie that Vaishanavas and Shaivas killed each other in thousands and destroyed each other’ s temples and thereby making an argument that there was not much to complain that Muslims destroyed temples.

2. On marriage and Live-In relationship  – He says, ” Marriage as an institution will go but the family will stay”. He says” I am living-in for some many years and have no problem.” This is I guess after his 2nd divorce. He spoke about marriage as a contract to live together. Of course, this is because his understanding of Hindu concept of marriage is zilch.

To all the above, Jayaprada commented” Hats off ” !!!

BTW , he declared that he is an athiest

These are of course his personal views and he has a right to live and express his views as long as they do not bother the others. But, what is of major concern is that Hindus have lost the ” vichakshana” ( ablility to discriminate ) between  “role models” and “reel models”.

A popular film actor automatically becomes a role model in our society. His / her views are broadcasted by the mainstream media as if he/she is an expert on the subject. The views of actors like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Khushboo, Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat or Kamal Hassan are given media space and attention even though they are not experts in that field. The real experts meanwhile are relegated to the background. Note the number of filmstars who become MLA’s/ MP’s…to get an idea about what I mean.

I see a convergence in the ideas being propagated by films, film stars and newspapers, magazines demeaning the Hindu view and way of life by planting ideas in the minds of modern youth that take them away from the Hindu way of life..

The youth of Bharat must be taught to be able to separate the reel and real..

What are the ways to do this ? Any thoughts ?