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Denying Mother Theresa’s Mission in India

Sri Mohan Bhagwat of RSS addressed a function in village Bajhera, 8 kilometers from Bharatpur in Rajasthan where he inaugurated ‘Mahila Sadan’ and ‘Sishu Bal Grah’ an NGO for helpless women and children. Speaking on the concept of service in Bharat, he talked about how service is to be done expecting nothing in return . He lauded the service of the volunteers of Mahila Sadan & Sishu Bal Grah who were delivering yeomen service. He compared this with the Christian missionaries like Mother Theresa whose agenda of service has a religious mission. Read full text

This was enough to set the English TV channels questioning the “secular” credentials of Bhagwat. After all, how can one question on the service of Mother Theresa – they said ?

But, the point that most people miss is that Theresa herself was very clear about her mission. It is the gullible convent educated Hindus who  distilled the religious overtones of her work and broadcasted to the other Hindus that her service was without any religious goals.  In fact this is an insult to Mother Theresa herself !  Her life was devoted for spreading the message of Christ and denying her that objective is denying the purpose for which she lived.  The following interview clearly shows the true nature of her work which from her perspective was indeed to spread the message of Jesus to the whole of India.

This is an excerpt of one of the last interviews with Mother Teresa conducted by Edward W. Desmond in 1989 for Time magazine. Excerpts from the interview appeared in Time magazine and the full text of the interview appeared in The National Catholic Register

Time: What’s your greatest hope here in India?

Mother Teresa: To give Jesus to all.

Time: But you do not evangelize in the conventional sense of the term.

Mother Teresa: I’m evangelizing by my works of love.

Time: Is that the best way?

Mother Teresa: For us, yes. For somebody else, something else. I’m evangelizing the way God wants me to. Jesus said go and preach to all the nations. We are now in so many nations preaching the Gospel by our works of love. “By the love that you have for one another will they know you are my disciples.” That’s the preaching that we are doing, and I think that is more real.

Full Interview


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