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Rejoinder to Outlook- That Old Psychotic Path

This is a rejoinder to the article in Outlook by the title ” That Old Psychotic Path” by Sri Neelabh Mishra


“But there is a major problem with the line that discourse has been taking, phrased as it is in the language of ‘us’ and ‘them’, Hindus and Muslims. ”

The problem is with your line of discourse to impose a neutral perspective on a participant. And this is the inherent flaw (I guess dishonesty, because they are aware of this flaw) in what the “seculars” advocate – the Hindus have to take a neutral stand, and the Muslims can take a participant view and represent their community in a clash.

And the problem with your line of argument is also that it is siding with Muslims in the guise of being neutral – which you try to show as the bias of others. It is in reality your bias and your *alone*.

Now you can hang to RSS’ argument on Kasab or Afzal, but plain fact is that the UPA has done nothing to contain Muslims terrorism but insead criminally misusing its power to book false charges on Hindus. The plain fact is that the cong has lifted terror laws. And journalists like you are paid to whitewash the congress and Muslims. One such Barkha got exposed, and it is a matter of time before you are exposed too.

“It does not analyse the correctness or otherwise of the swami’s confession, made before a magistrate.”

What information do you have to analyze the confession? It is just a selective leak by the cong-paid CBI officers with no head or tail. If anything, people with head on their necks must think of why such leak was made when no investigation report was released. You can put onus back on the organizer, but that only shows you are not ready to see the obvious.

“None of its ‘secularist’ opponents had ever suggested that the aam Hindu was a terrorist, but the RSS had to bring in that reference to buttress its ‘victim Hindu’ plank—as if disowning the fringe elements or saying they’d left the parivar wasn’t enough.”

Here is the other trick of trying to separate RSS and an “aam Hindu”. After all, make the Hindu society tooth-less by attacking its strong organizations. Attack VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS, Sivasena, ridicule them in public discourse, misuse statepower to ban Hindu organizations (this was done multiple times). But this strategy is now too old for people not to see through this.

“This is a dogmatic claim of moral superiority for Hindus, as opposed to people of other faiths. ”

First of all, the RSS is only responding to the “Hindu terror” and “Saffron terror” kind of jargons you people had brought into public discourse. So the onus is on you to defend when your lies are exposed.

Secondly, there is no need to a claim on this – it is an obvious fact that Hindus have the moral superiority. Not a claim but a possession. It is not Hindus who invaded the world and exterminated millions of people from tolerant faiths – Muslims have done that all over the world. The very fact that Kashmir is in that state today, the very fact that you have two Muslim dominated countries Pakistan and Bangladesh carved out of India is proof enough. And to this day, the very fact that people like you try to attack the Hindu organizations but have no courage to talk of the disproportionately large violence done by the Muslims, is a proof.

Thirdly, there has been a strategic mistake on the part of BJP and RSS to respond to Chidambaram’s statement on Saffron Terror. It was Chidambaram’s cheap tactic to divert public attention from the killings of hundreds of CRPF jawans by the Naxals, and the government’s failure in handling it. The UPA screams of Hindu terror, tries to choose a soft target whenever it is checkmated on issues like terrorism, corruption, national security. And people like you are there for it.

Fourthly, for any man of honesty and commonsense, there is an antecedent and a consequent. Hindu violence is either a retaliation or a defense, and is essentially consequent of Muslim violence and rowdyism. And addressing the antecedent is what any honest or “neutral” person does. Trying to create a consequence, not talking of the antecedent, and attacking the man who fights back in defense, the way you are attacking Hindu organizations, shows you either lack commonsense or honesty.

So if you are honest, talk of Kashmir, talk of North-east, talk of Kerala, talk of Hindu protection in India. Then people will believe you.