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Dr.Kalam’s New Book and the PM Controversy

Yesterday’s news was full of “Breaking News” of how Dr.Kalam did not disuade Sonia Gandhi from staking claim during government formation in 2004.

As usual, the TV channels chose their news hour to talk about this old and stale news and presenting it as a sensational revelation.

What is so special about this revelation ? The President’s secretariat gave a press release on 19th May 2004 itself stating that the discussion about citizenship did not figure at all. http://pib.nic.in/newsite/erelease.aspx?relid=8509. So whats new that Dr.Kalam has said now that he has not said earlier. At the same time, people like Dr.Swamy have been maintaining a different position on this issue which can be debated endlessly.

Earlier a book would be marketed by book launches etc but but now TV News Channels seems to be doing the job of marketing by publicising excerpts as sensational and create debates out of non-issues.

What is of relevance is that Sonia created a precedent and made a mockery of democracy by putting up a non-elected person in the office of Prime Minister. If at all she did not want to be PM, she could have put up another elected representative as the Prime ministerial candidate. But, she chose to put up Dr.Singh as PM and thereby ensuring that she pulls the strings. This speaks about the abyssmal state of affairs in our democracy. If at all the news channels were to do something, they should have been focussing on this degeneration of democracy.