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This is an article written in 2004 when Sonia Gandhi was projected as a Prime ministerial candidate. Some of the material is summarised from material collected from Dr.Subramanya Swamy and Sri Gurumurthy’s articles. Some of the predictions that Rahul Gandhi would become the General secretary of the congress have come true and it does seem that the dangers that are before the nation remain.


Over the past few months, and more so over the last few days the debate on whether Sonia (Antonia Maino) should be allowed to become Prime Minister of the World’s largest democracy, Bharat is under fierce debate.

People who defend her say that our culture has always been open and those who oppose her are narrow-minded and insult the women folk of our country since she is our “bahu”.

As an attempt to explain why we are opposed to Sonia ( Antonia Maino) as Prime Minister of our country, we have listed some of the issues that require examination. We request you to read them and decide for yourself whether you can accept her as the Prime Minister of our country OR would join us in our effort to expose and oust her thereby keeping the pride of our nation high.

1.The Prime Minister & Access To Nuclear Weapons : The Prime Ministerhandles a particular file, which contains all the secrets of the government. Where the nuclear weapons are , where the missiles are, who can press the button, which missile points in which direction, who are our spy links in different countries? This single file contains all this information. That file is not handled by anybody other than the Prime Minister of India. If it falls into wrong hands, it will strip India naked before inimical forces. `Can we afford to hand over these secrets to her? ` Even the Defence Minister cannot do anything; he cannot look at that file. Even the services chiefs know only their part of the secret. The combined, collective national secret would be in the hands of this foreigner.

2. Sonia’s Relation With India :
a. Citizenship: Unlike foreigners like Sister Nivedita & Annie Beasant, Sonia’s love was not with our country but with Rajiv Gandhi. Compare Nivedita with Sonia Maino. When Sonia came to India in 1968, she was wedded to an Indian who was the son of our Prime Minister. She did not apply for Indian citizenship in 1968 when she married Rajiv and came to India. She applied for India Citizenship in 1983 only when a case was filed against her that it was improper to have a foreigner living permanently in the prime minister’s house.

b. Spy Connections: It has been alleged that she had connections with the Italian spy network since 1968. She even brokered a security deal for Indira Gandhi’s bullet-proof car through her brother at Italy. The car was contracted from Germany.

c. Lack of faith on India: When Rajiv Gandhi was alive, the security of their entire family was organized by Italian security agencies. Jack Kunzi, Commissioner of Police at Geneva taunted a RAW official “Your Prime Minister’s wife does not seem to trust you or your embassy. She gets the security for her children co-ordinated by Italians.” George, her secretary, used to directly communicate to western agencies through Italian Embassy in Delhi and the Italian foreign office in Rome.

d. Her Bofors Connection : . Among those who are the suspected beneficiaries of the Bofors deal is Ottavio Quattrocchi, Italian family friend of Sonia Gandhi, who tried to cut into the commissions, Bofors were paying to their long time agent

e. Land Grabbing: She showed immense cunning after her husband’s demise in starting the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. She grabbed the land allotted to the Congress party for its national headquarters. During the Narsimha Rao government, she got allocated one billion rupees even as part of the nation’s gold lay mortgaged abroad. She has since then obtained total control over the wealthiest cultural institution of the country, having a corpus of one billion rupees and 21 acres of prime land in New Delhi valued at 50 billion rupees.

f. Abandoning the Country During Crisis: During the 1971 War, she ran away with her husband breaching the discipline of commercial pilots.

3. The Mystery Behind Her & Her Pretensions: How she met Rajiv Gandhi in England? What she was doing in England when she met him is still a mystery. She brought her family into the security matters of India even when Indira was alive. She forced Italian security on India even when Rajiv Gandhi was alive. She openly distrusted Indian security and diplomatic system and privately liaised with the Italian diplomatic system for her security. If she did this when Indira was
alive; if she went as far when Rajiv was alive; if she did this when she was just out of the Congress and out of power, what will she do when put in power?

Or what she will not? Yet she pretends to die for India. This is not real Sonia. The whole western world, not exactly the friends of India, knows about her. But not we, in India. We do not know the real Sonia.

Have You Ever Asked These Questions?

Why do we have rules in the army which prohibit a foreigner, a foreign born person, even though he is a citizen, from occupying certain high-ranking offices in the army? Why do we say that our IPS officers should not be of foreign origin? Why do we say that our IPS officers cannot marry foreigners? Now, herein comes the idea of the modern nation-state. A modern nation-state has a built-in insecurity and that is the reason why it has to secure itself. But can the Prime Minister have a foreign wife? Can the Prime Minister’s son have a foreign wife? Or More so Can We have a Foreigner as Prime Minister?

The Legacy Would Continue:
Rahul, who like Rajiv Gandhi may become the general secretary of the Congress and is being groomed as the successor to her mother, is set to marry a foreign national. So, this demeaning thought will not stop with Ms Gandhi. This can be countered only by arousing the spirit of India which was the drive of the freedom movement. In the first freedom movement, we became free to think and act independently, but we never turned the freedom into Independence. Will the spirit of our freedom movement manifest again to make the free India really independent India?

Will You Join This Movement for Restoring National Pride, Or Would you prefer Someone else to do the Job For You ?

Rahul Gandhi says RSS equal to SIMI – A rejoinder

The PM in waiting for the Congress , Sri Rahul Gandhi, has come out with his latest mathematical equation , viz RSS = SIMI;  Is he aiming for a noble prize in Mathematics ?

Both are hardline, he says and  they are not welcome in Youth Congress. I know only that both SIMI and the RSS are fanatical and hold fundamentalist views,” he said at a press conference at Bhopal on 6th Oct 2010.


But Rahulji, what is new in your revelation…You are only continuing your family tradition… Just in case you forgot,


Your great-grandfather , the late Sri Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was the innovator of these views. He was so forthright that he mentioned that Hindu revivalism will take the country backward. That was explicitly stated by him to the then President of India, Dr.Babu Rajendra Prasad when Rajendra Prasadji was going to participate in the inauguration of the Somnath temple. Pt. Nehru thundered that ” he will wipe out the RSS” and ” I will not allow an inch of land to fly the Bhagwa”. He did make all efforts to wipe the RSS but failed. 

But then, two years before his death in 1962,  the Chinese gave him the shock of his life and attacked India . His friends, the communists, openly welcomed the CHinese attack in Bengal  with wall writings, stating’ Welcome to China”. How could they, he wept ?

It was at that point of time that he really saw closely the yeomen service that the RSS swayamsevaks rendered in assisting the Indian army in fighting the Chinese. He saw the services that swayamsevaks across the country rendered in blood donations and raising funds and material to keep the morale of the army up. It was only due to their love for the nation.

 But, it was too late, he had already planted many of the communists in key positions in the goverment, in education system, in the buereacracy in his attempt to wipe out Hindu nationalism. There was little he could do to turn the tide back.

ONe year before his death, in 1963, he invited the RSS to participate in the Republic day parade and over 3000 ganavesh dhari (uniformed ) RSS swayamsevaks participated in the parade. He had a rare vision of clarity saying that ” The RSS swayamsevaks are patriots “. The same words were told to him 15 years back by Sardar Patel, but he did not lsiten then. Unfortunately, after getting a resounding slap by the communists he left for his “heavenly abode”.

Little did he know, that Hindu nationalism is the life breath of our country and world peace is ensured only when the people who want world peace are strong. The only community in the world who have the concept of Vasudaika Kutumbakam ( world as one family) are Hindus.


Rahulji, your grandmother , Smt. Indira Gandhi also attempted to wipe the RSS during the Emergency. And what was the reason for imposing emergency ?

On 12 June 1975, the Allahabad High Court  found Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minsister guilty on the charge of misuse of government machinery for her election campaign. The court declared her election null and void and unseated her from her seat in the Lok Sabha. The court also banned her from contesting any election for an additional six years.

In order to save her chair, she imposed emergency and banned the RSS along with other organsiations. The country rose as one voice under the leadership of Loknayak Jayprakash Narain backed by the RSS cadres.

‘The Economist’, London,(dt.4-12-1976)  described the movement as “the only non-left revolutionary force in the world”. It said that the movement was “dominated by tens of thousands of RSS cadres, though more and more young recruits are coming”. Talking about its objectives it said “its platform at the moment has only one plank: to bring democracy back to India”

Indira had to lift emergency on  21st March 1977.


Do you See that the only time that Independent India was subject to a Nazi like Emergency situation was during the Congress rule under your grandmother and the Congress party…and yet the country being largely Hindu has forgiven all those sins, and given your family opportunity after opportunity. In any other country, for the atrocities commited, you would have been driven to political oblivion.

Later in her life, Indira also had her moment of truth, during the Andhra cyclone.  Seeing the service of the RSS workers, she chided the Congress workers saying ” I see only RSS cadres in the affected areas .” The then Congress CM of A.P., Chenna Reddy said, ” What RSS does today, the government does tomorrow”.

Compare this with what SIMI stands for…

What is SIMI ?

The SIMI ( Student Islamic Movement of India), The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, is an Islamist fundamentalist organization, which advocates the ‘liberation of India’ by converting it to an Islamic land. The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence.

 Does SIMI believe in Nation-State ?

As the organization does not believe in a nation-state, it does not believe in the Indian Constitution or the secular order. ( compare this with the RSS, which worked night and day towards restoration of Indian democracy).

SIMI also regards idol worship as a sin and considers it to be a holy duty to terminate idol worship.

 According to the SIMI, Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is an outstanding example of a true Mujahid, who has undertaken Jihad on behalf of the ‘ummah’.

There are more such details which you should be knowing as the General Secretary of the Congress party.

Our prayer

We pray to the Paramatma, that you need not wait till the end of your life as your great-grandfather and grandmother had to do, to realise the truth about the RSS.

“Ishwar aapko aur aapke anuyayiyon ko sadbhuddhi de. ”