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RSS Sarsanghchalak at Bhagyanagar ( Hyderabad)

Translation of Pu. Sarsanghachalak, Maa. Dr. Mohanji Bhagwatji’s speech during Bhagynagar Sambhag Sanghik

Maananeya Samavedam Shanmukha Sarmaji, Maa. Kshetra Sanghachalakji, Justice Parvatha Raoji Maa. Prantha Sanghachalak, Sri Deshmukhji, Maa. Vibhag Sanghachalak, Sri Dr.P.T.Chandramouliji, Mothers, elders and swayamsevaks bandhus,

After taking charge as Sarsanghachalak, I have been touring all the state headquarters to meet swayamsevaks and am in Bhagyanagar as part of the same. I have noticed that wherever I have gone, people know the name of Sangh, if not the full name atleast know it by its acronym, “RSS”. However, most of them do not know the work of Sangh. Even swayamsevaks need to put effort to understand Sangh.

The reason for this is that for centuries, this sort of work has not been done in the entire world. Whenever, we learn something, we learn it in comparison with something else and since there has not be an equivalent to Sangh work, it is difficult to understand it by comparison. Just as there is no equivalent to the sky, to the sea, to Rama-Ravana yudham (war), the same is the case with Sangh. There is no parallel to it.

Some advocates in Europe asked me, “Is Sangh a paramilitary organization ?” When I replied in the negative, they asked, “then what about the uniform & the military like drill etc..”I asked them, “Do you not have similar work in your schools, say the Boy scouts. Do you call it a para-military organization?” We exercise in Sangh, but it is not a gymnasium, we sing songs, but it is not a music college. We discuss here, but it is not a discussion forum. We cannot understand Sangh by reading about it. To understand Sangh, you must come into the Sangh. Join the RSS for 1-2 years and learn about it by experience. If you do not like it, you can leave at your will. If you like it, you can continue to work. Therefore, it is my belief that no matter what I say, you cannot understand the Sangh, except by experiencing it first hand. There is no fee to join. Why depend on 2nd hand information when you can experience it first hand. Then you can write about it. However, I will give some basic  information about our work.

Our chief guest said that the Sangh protects Hindu Dharma. Yes, the swayamsevak does take a pledge ( pratigya) to protect Hindu Dharma. However, the Sangh is not the sole caretaker of the Hindu Dharma. It does not want to play the role of the protector while the society looks on as bystanders. The Sangh’s organization goals are clearly stated in its Prarthana ( prayer) “ “Param Vaibhavam Netum etat Swarashtram”, which is to take our nation to its pristine glory by “Vidhaayaasya Dharmasya Samrakshanam”(protection of our Dharma). How? By Vijetri cha na samhata karyashaktir (by a strong & united society) and who are we, the swayamsevaks ? Vayam Hindurashtrangbhuta ( parts of the body of the Hindu society). Therefore, it is the Hindu society which will protect our Dharma, the swayamsevaks would act as the catalyst for this by creating awareness.

Today, the whole world requires the Hindu view of life. The world has experimented with various theories and failed and now is looking for a viable alternative.

A few thousand years back, in most parts of the world, there were only tribes and the king was treated as supreme power. This model failed and then they looked upon “their God” as the supreme. Taking this concept, they started spreading across the world to make people accept “their God”. They took to fraud by acting as if they are serving people selflessly and then tried to rope them into their faith. They used lure, force & went to the extent of extermination as well. All in the name of God, promising permanent heaven for the believers and permanent hell for the non-believers of their faith.

When this model failed, there emerged a new breed of scientists, who said that they will believe anything only if it is proved in their test tube. The scientific developments in modern world lead to the industrial revolution & to a situation of a few dominating the rest. As a reaction to this, communism started & an era of bloodshed was unleashed by the communists that is continuing to date.

The problem before the world is 4 fold :

  1. Fanaticism – People who say, Only my path is great and those who follow my path will go to heaven. These fanatics want to increase their flock by confusing, by fraud & by force. If all this fails, they even kill the other person. They want to have a uniform world because they do not know the concept of “Unity without Uniformity”. There is no spirituality in these faiths; only an external form which is packaged as spirituality.
  2. Imperialism & The Race for dominance: America has unleased its power by imposing its will over the world under the garb of globalisation. Today America which is 4% of the world wants control over all the natural resources of the world.

China wants to expand its land base. It has annexed Tibet, is laying its claim over Arunachal Pradesh, has influence in Burma, Nepal, Srilanka, Maldives and is extending its influence in Bharat throught the Maoists. This is China’s nature; that of expansion.

  1. Exploitation of Nature : The exploitation of nature is occurring because of the concept floated by the west & some other faiths that nature & human beings are separate. These faiths believe that God has created nature for enjoying. A movie called “ The Eleventh Hour” delves deeply on this subject and concludes that to save nature, we must feel that we are part of it. Milk nature and give back to it. Do not exploit it.
  2. Theory of Contract: The world is grappling with the problem of broken families. This is because of the same attitude of dealing things on the concept of contract and not relationships.

If we observe, these problems, we realize that there is only one idealogy which can provide succour & hope to the world, which talks about not giving pain to others, looking at nature as mother, belief in relationships and not contracts and giving space to each other to fulfil his/her life mission.  This is the Dharma of Bharat- Hindu Dharma.

This is the philosophy that talks about “isavasyam idam sarvam. yat kinca jagatyam jagat. tena tyaktena bhunjitha. ma grdhah kasya svid dhanam” – The whole universe is of Ishavara. This  philosophy looks at tulasi, ganga, ( plants & rivers) as mother. It is this view of life that promises protection to nature.

Well wishers across the world believe that Bharat should and will rise only on the basis of Hindutva. However, our political leaders lack the will to make things change. We must realize that we will rise not by trade but on the basis of our agriculture base and on the basis of technology which is driven by Swadeshi,viz, by the needs of the land. This cannot be achieved by gifting agricultural land to MNC’s for making the factories. This sort of development is lopsided and will give rise to clashes. Nowadays, even some political leaders are speaking this language and our Prime minister has also said that we must change our lifestyle. But, these words are only parroted & superficial but not being put into action.

We are discussing matters with Pakistan while it is engaged in terror. How can there be talks when they continue to attack us ? We must first silence them. Yes, it is true that Satya & Ahimsa are cardinal principles of our Dharma, however it is also true that the concept of Ahimsa can exist  only when the aggressor is silenced & vanquished. In Kashmir, there are talks of bringing people from the PoK. However, 3 lac Pandits languishing in the footpaths of Delhi for 20 years is not talked about. Their resettlement is not a priority. They are not involved in the talks regarding the future of Kashmir valley.  The reason is that they chose to remain as Hindus. Two generations of Pandits have lost their livelihood and future. The same is the case of the 1 lac Hindus who came into J&K from Pakistan after the 1948 war. They have not been given ration cards and are suffering till today.

Bharat is 85% Hindu, and yet the Hindu is unsafe. Hindus have taken up the movement for the Ram Mandir when in fact it is their right. There can be only be one birthplace & the birthplace of Ram should have been given to the Hindus without any issue. The Hindus have been fighting for this for decades. The government continues to put our patriots into jail and give biryani to traitors.

The country has faced problems whenever we have forgotten our Hindu values. If we survey the country on the problems it faces, you would find one of these factors as a primary reasons :

  1. Reduction in Hindu population
  2. Reduction in the feeling of Hinduness.

Wherever there are religious conversions, there is instability & the place becomes a hub for anti-national activity. The problem in  Kashmir has arosen only because the Hindu population decreased. Hindu Bhav ko jab jab bhule, aayi vipatti mahan. We lost our land which stand as Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh. Even after Pakistan split into Bangladesh on the basis of the language identity, Bangladesh did not merge into Bharat because the Hindu population was low in Bangladesh.

Leaders say that the country can be united only by emotional integration. But what is this emotion? This emotion cannot be achieved by language, there are more than 3800 dialects. This emotion can neither be achieved by caste or regionalism. It can be achieved only the basis of the Hindutva, the feeling that we are all Hindus.

There is a lot of politics that is being played around statehood. This is a simple issue which is being politicized. The size of a state must be determined on the following factors:

Ø      Administrative convenience,

Ø      Developmental convenience,

Ø      Aspirations of the people & peace

Ø      Security of the country

The size of the state can be big or small based on the above factors. But, politicians are playing with the lives of students on this. The state of Madhya Pradesh was carved into Chattisgarh & MP because they understood each others aspirations.

We must realize that Akhand Bharat from Himalayas to Sri Lanka, from Kabul to the east of Chindwin river must be realized and the demarcation of states is a matter subservient to that aspiration. Forget your division and work for the same.

We are the children of the same forefathers, we have the same Hindu heritage. Scientists have established that for the last 40,000 years the same DNA is prevalent among all people in the Indo- Iranian plateau. The difference of caste, state are superfluous before our bigger goal of seeing the glory of Bharat Mata & ensuring that Akhand Bharat is once again established. The country can be made great on the basis of our culture and that is what the basis of the greatness of our country will be. Live and Die for the country.

In our country, the Muslims and Christians are also from the same Hindu forefathers. They must realize this and work for the glory of Bharat. Therefore, the only source of “emotional integration” of Bharat is Hindutva. All great patriots who have worked, spoke or written regarding how to take the country forward have written on these lines only. They may not have used the word Hindu, but the message remains the same.

The Sangh’s work is not based on opposition to anybody. It is based on pure love for the motherland and for our Dharma. Sangh’s work is to fulfil not to oppose, not to destroy.  This is the same concept articulated by many patriots irrespective of their faith.

Dr.Abdul Kalam in his various speeches and books has talked about 3 factors to take the country forward

 Worship Shakti ( strength) : He mentions that India was attacked by aggressors and ruled by invaders for 1000 years only because we stopped worshipping Shakti. When he says invaders ruled us for 1000 years, he does also include the Muslim invaders.

  1. People’s strength : The strength of the country is not determined by its police or army. It is the strength of the people & their unity. This can be achieved only by spreading awareness and building the feeling of oneness.
  2. Shed selfishness and work towards the glory of the country.

Similarly, a person like Dr.Verghese Kurien, a devout Catholic Christian says that the country can progress only when sufficient work is done in educating the masses & not by elitist education.

Therefore, I appeal to you, do not hand over your future to others. Political parties, policies, leaders, philosophers can only assist you, but the prime responsibility of building the future of the country is dependent on the common Hindu. Sangh is working towards creating this environment and swayamsevaks have entered various streams of national life where they are rendering yeomen service. Swayamsevaks work in remote locations to serve the deprived and depressed classes. More than 1,57,000 service activities are run by swayamsevaks with the aid of common society & not by government funding.

Each of the swayamsevaks who came for this program today has purchased his own ganavesh and paid Rs.100/- towards fund for organizing the program. The sole driving force being “ Tan Samarpit, man Samarpit aur yeh jeevan samarpit, chahata hun deshki dharti tujhko kuch aur bhi dun” ( to devote my all to this motherland) and with the belief that we may last for a few days, but O Mother, your glory should remain for ever! ( tera vaibhav sada rahen maa, hum din chaar rahen na rahen).

I invite you to join this great movement of nation building and not remain only as sympathizers. The men can join the RSS shaka and the women can join Rashtra Sevika Samiti.  This is the proven way to the glory of the motherland and I wish all of you devote your time and energy in taking our country to its pristine glory.