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Hindu Chaitanya Shibir – Samarop Utsav

Hindu Chaitanya Shibir 1Hindu Chaitanya Shibir of Purva Andhra Pradesh prant ( Eastern Andhra Pradesh) was held at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh between 18th to 20th Jan 2013 to commemorate 75 years of RSS work in Purva Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 20000 swayamsevaks participated in the shibir. Additionally, special Matru Sammelans were organised with over 10000 women participating in them.

For the valedictory function, over 50,000 people from various parts of Andhra Pradesh esp from Vijayawada and Guntur came to watch the program. The program was blessed by Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy and the Chief Guest of the program was Dr.Arvind Rao, Retd DGP A.P. Police. Pu.Sarsanghachalak, Sri Mohan Bhagwat spoke on the occasion and Sri Ram Madhavji translated his speech into Telugu. The speeches were preceded by excellent demonstrations by the swayamsevaks.

Video Link for Physical demonstrations

Videos & Transcript of Speeches of

1. Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeer Swamiji’s Speech

2. Dr.Aravind Rao, Retd DGP , Chief Guest of the program

3. Pu.Sarsanghachalak, Sri Mohanji Bhagwat’s speech

Telugu Translation Video Link

English Transcript of the above speeches

( English Transcripts done by Sri Vidyadhar and Sri Jyoti Sharma)

Chinna JeeyarSri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeer Swamiji’s Speech

Aapadam apahartaaram, daataram sarva sampadaam

Lokabhi raamam Sri Raamam, Bhuuyoo Bhuuyoo namaamyaham

My dear bandhus,

Many blessings to the swayamsevaks gathered here today for demonstrating and asserting the glory and unity of Dharmic consciousness and strength in this region on Bharat’s eastern sea.

I also proclaim many blessings to the Sangh and its leaders for being a beacon light of inspiration for Dharma, and for inspiring and organizing such a multitude of youth in the service of Dharma, and initiating such a universally beneficent movement.

Today we need not go very much into the word Dharma. Most of us have heard of this idea. Dharma means, performing our roles properly in our lives, so that this work will bring to us the appropriate result. This our elders have instructed us.

Yato abhyudayaha nisreyasa siddhihi, sa Dharmaha.

That which brings progress and well being is Dharma.

This the Veda instructs us. The Itihasas illustrate this in real life experience. The Puranas go into the principle in great detail. The sastras assert this in many ways.

We are the trustees of this tradition. The great rishis have proclaimed a Dharma for all human kind. And all humankind are descendants of the Rishis.

It is our good fortune, that we remember the Dharma, we practice Dharma and we strive to perfect ourselves through Dharma. Some have forgotten Dharma. Some have abandoned Dharma out of demoralization. Some others may have attempted to invent their own methods.

Paramatma has gifted intellect to the human being. And then the physical apparatus to fulfill the dictates of the intellect. In addition he has ensured that human society has gurus and leaders to teach and illustrate Dharma. We in this Bharata Bhoomi have been able to hold these principles high, and proclaim our legacy. Others are just starting to think about these ideas.

The Veda instructs us to respect the dignity of all that exists no matter what form it has taken. We revere and worship the Veda and have followed its instruction. The society however today suffers from the actions of those that have forgotten this instruction. It is again our duty today to remind all about this instruction.

A social life requires money, strength and political power, and status. However these are beneficial so long as they respect and support local tradition, culture and life. And only so long are we able to respect and revere these.

Our elders have shown us how to respect people according to their individual contributions to the society. But even more importantly, they have established the worship of what is ours. We have been born into this society without our own conscious choice. And we have become the heirs to this culture.

We must always worship our Dharma, tradition family custom. What is not yours even that you must always respect. This, our tradition instructs us. We respect deeply even those that deny God. These we need not worship. But we must respect. And the many that have each a different religion we still respect. We need not worship. This is the instruction from our elders. Swiya Aaraadhana, sarva aadarana. Worship what is ours, and respect all.

However it becomes necessary from time to time to remind all, that this becomes a productive social habit only when everyone understands this principle. A believer in God can choose a certain form of God or a certain tradition for his worship. But if this person therefore presumes to privilege to abuse another form of worship or tradition, then it becomes our responsibility to inform and instruct such a person of the folly of his ways.

To put it simply, I worship my mother, my father and my tradition. I also recognize that my neighbour also has a mother, a father and a tradition. And these I respect and empathize with. I need not worship these.

I will also encourage and instruct my neighbour to worship his mother, father and tradition. I will not expect him to worship mine. But I must instruct him to look upon my mother, father and tradition with the same respect that I extend him. Today it has become necessary in so many occasions that we need to remind others of this fact.

Today we need to strengthen and enlighten life in the villages of India, which are verily the life source of this country. We need to make villages into models of enlightened living. This will require education in the village. And also create an extensive atmosphere of social harmony that enables and ensures deep respect and sympathy between all members of the community.

Unfortunately, simple security of life has become scarce in villages and therefore so many are migrating from the village to cities. However in the cities, people scarcely know their neighbours. Lives in the cities have become occupied by technology like Televisions, computers, IPads, cell phones. These objects have absorbed all human attention and there is little left for the neighbour.

In earlier days, in villages it was common for the entire village to assemble at their local temples. Each would bring a little lamp for the temple. The entire village would play, sing and talk together at the temple. This was the relief for the entire village from their hard day’s work. And a place where the women folk would bond with one another. Today this habit is dying out even in the villages.

It is not just in the cities but also in the villages that we do not know the faces of our neighbours.

Even as there is some economic or technological development, at the same time there is a gradual degradation of humanity and human values.

It is our primary responsibility to restore our humanity and human values. The only reason that the Bharatas are recognized across the world is even today just this. That there is a substantial spirity of humanity and human values in our nation.

Even today we retain these values. We have never abused, accused, defamed or discouraged another nation or tradition. History stands witness to this fact. And we assert that such infamy will never be our lot even in the future.

However it is now necessary to recognize and reassert our own glory. There is a lot in our tradition that is great and glorious. However we have gradually lost the ability to share it with our neighbours. This ability we have to develop again. The youth in this assembly must pledge to recreate this ability. The youth here have to pledge their determination and dedication to develop this ability. You have to assert and demonstrate that you are one united family inspired by divinity and Dharma. This you have already done by assembling here. Now we need to develop this into a great and mighty movement.

Our villages may have many different communities and many different traditions. We must go back and encourage each to worship his family and tradition but also develop the deepest respect and empathy for other’s families and traditions. We pray to Bhagawan that this moment should be the start of a great movement for the development of model villages.

Every tradition must participate in this great endeavor. We cannot and will not divide this into questions between Dvaita, Advaita or Vishishtadvaita. We will walk together in one step. Once more we proclaim our dedication to the reassertion of Dharma.

Once more we proclaim prosperity and wellbeing to all.

Jai Sreemannarayana.

Arvind RaoSpeech of Dr.Karanam Arvind Rao ji, Chief Guest of the program

Former DGP Andhra Pradesh Police Department.

My salutations to Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeer Swamy. My salutations to the Sarsanghchalak of the RSS Mananiya Mohan Bhagavat garu and the adhyakhsa of the assembly Sri Gokaraju Gangaraju garu, to Sri Deshmukh and the many elders assembled here. My namaskarams to the multitude of desha bhaktas assembled here.

I have retired from my post as DGP of Andhra Pradesh about one and a half years ago. What I am talking about is to an extent related to my department. The relationship between the Integrity of the nation and the culture of the nation. Swamiji and I, each of us has considered this question from our individual viewpoint.

I found that there will be much to say about this question. But I have been allowed only ten minutes. I have brought with me a watch and a short list of things to say. All of you have sticks in your hands so it will not be to my advantage to continue beyond my allotted time.

I have gradually come to realize that in this country the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is only one organization that nurtures and proudly expresses deep nationalism and a powerful national cultural consciousness.

There are many individuals that are inspired and deeply motivated by a spirit of nationalism and also the deepest regard and dedication to the expression and promotion of national culture. But these individual efforts have no consolidated expression, focus or strength. But the only organized effort in this nation for national reconstruction is through your organization. And therefore I am here to attend this event.

I have been asked to talk about the integrity of the nation and I will talk about this issue. Today even our culture is no longer a local issue. It is a global issue. In fact there is nothing such as a local issue. Everything we experience or encounter is in fact a global issue. Including religion and culture. We may imagine that we are in our own homeland in a Hindu majority society and remain blissful in our personal illusions. However the clash of civilizations is a reality.

The two largest religious movements on this planet, both aspire to individually dominate the globe. They are vigorously and actively interfering in the smallest aspects of life in the remotest corners of this world. They are constantly planning and initiating wars and cultural attacks across the globe.

As a nation we have suffered slavery under foreign rule for a thousand years and achieved national independence only 60 years ago. And still our culture is still under attack. The British understood one fact, that the pen is mightier than the sword. Those that came before the British only used the sword. Whereas the British spent a lot of effort in understanding our culture. Whatever nation they wished to occupy, they studied the culture of that nation far better than the natives themselves and use that knowledge to attack the country. They have beautiful expression for the process, “deconstruction of the culture”.

This is the profession and propagation of the belief that the native culture is entirely worthless, primitive and evil. This process is going on in India even 60 years after the British have left.

This process has three different aspects.

I am sure that everybody present here is from the bottom of his soul a patriot. We are all committed to the glory and well being of this nation. On this we have no doubts. However how many of us have actually read or gathered any serious knowledge of our own scriptures or literature. How many of us have read the Bhagavat Gita or the Upanishads. Westerners are on the other hand closely reading these books. With far greater attention, eagerness and purpose than our own pandits. This is not to gain wisdom from our books but to find methods to demonize and degrade these books.

Since my retirement, I have had the time to review some of these books. These books will make your blood boil with rage. There is so much filth spewing about our scriptures. Assigning so many crooked interpretations to these texts. Abusing our traditions and so on. We have never abused or degraded others’ traditions. We profess and live a life of harmony with all traditions and cultures. But then they are not like this.

So this is one aspect of their strategy.

Then there are their foot soldiers who are actively pursuing the agenda of converting the local population to these invading philosophies. These agents of conversion distribute this filthy literature locally. This activity is happening not only in India, but also in China. China is also a targeted country. But China has a government that is much stronger than ours. Recently I happened to read an article in a British newspaper called the Telegraph. On 17th December 2012. The article says, that the Chinese government treats conversions as a disease. As a disease to be cured. The Chinese government understands that conversions are a strategy to divide China. This is what the Chinese communist party states publicly.

Our intellectuals must also consider this reality. Swamiji has spoken about this. Many other speakers before me have also mentioned this. If the chinese communist party has spoken like this, how come our left leaning intellectuals do not recognize the same fact.

On the one hand nationalist thinkers and workers are condemned as religious fanatics. On the other hand the people who proclaim themselves as having no love for this nation are celebrated as intellectuals. How should we place these realities before our intellectuals. Mere demonstration of physical force will not impress our intellectuals.

Let us recall the examples set by Swami Vivekananda. There is nothing about him to demonstrate the physical might of India. When he went to the parliament of world religions in Chicago, all he did was to propound the greatness of our Dharma.

Any religion is a system of beliefs. The world abounds in such religions. Nobody has gone and witnessed heaven or hell nor has anybody seen God and his commands. But every religion asserts that it alone is right and all others are false. On the other hand we have the culture that says that any conception of God is perfectly legitimate. Either a god with a form, or a god without a form, with or without qualities. With any qualities you wish to worship. We have no objections to that. That is why we have so many gods.

The ability to absorb such a variety of thought process comes from two basic reasons.

The message of our scriptures, the Upanishads or the Bhagavad Gita shines beyond all sectarian boundaries. The understanding and wisdom of these scriptures there is no room for sectarian division. We need to absorb the wisdom of these scriptures. We need to establish these sattvic foundations of our culture. And strengthen the persuasive power of our culture.

We are faced not just by the opposition of our own intellectuals, but by a coordinated global campaign of attack. A large number of scholars based in the west are producing very ugly literature about our culture. Let us go back to Swami Vivekananda. What political power did he have? What he did was to develop deep understanding of our spiritual traditions, and also learnt the language and style of the dominant intellectuals of his time in order to speak their language and influence them.

So we need world class intellectual attainment and also the deepest knowledge of our own spiritual traditions. Only when we have the two simultaneously, can we deal with the situation. The leftist intellectuals of our own country are innocent simpletons who can be easily misled. Some western intellectual comes up with agendas for India. One train of thought says, that India is not a nation, it is a collection of nations. Therefore it is only appropriate that India must be divided up into several small states. And then our intellectuals pick up this line faithfully and repeat it, being the simpletons that they are.

We must consider the antiquity and spread of our culture from Kerala to Kashmir. Every person in this country repeats the words, “Bharata Varshe, Bharata Khande”. We remember the waters of the Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari and Saraswati every morning. Bharatiya culture spread upto Afghanistan and beyond. We may have had any number of kingdoms small or large. This situation never constrained or limited our cultural unity.

However the western invaders quote our political history and inform us that this is the natural state for India, that we must divide up India to fulfill Indian history. And this line is picked up enthusiastically by our simple minded intellectuals. On the other hand none of these intellectuals will profess the idea that China, Russia or America must be split up into multiple small countries.

So we have to have some very frank discussions with our own intellectuals to start with. Our efforts must start with this step to produce substantial results.

[I will conclude in the next three minutes so do bear with me for this short while.]

The other item of interest is that the intellectuals hold that Hindus are fanatics. A Hindu can never be a fanatic. Who can be a fanatic, one who claims exclusive rights to knowledge of God, or he that allows and accepts an infinite variety of conception of God. As indeed Swamiji just told us, we hold the deepest respect for every religion. Which among these viewpoints amounts to fanaticism?

These are the sorts of questions we need to ask our intellectuals.

We have never attacked another country. Never committed genocides. There is a book called “The History of Genocides”, this is worth reading. It is not sufficient that we read about our own scriptures and literature. We must understand the history of the rest of the world in great depth. The history of the world will become our defence document. The history of the world will illustrate to us the immensity of the horrors committed on the planet by western cultures . Compared to these horrors the crimes committed by India pale into insignificance.

They would abduct whole populations for forcing them into slavery. In India, we think casteism is a terrible horror. But the first agenda after our independence was to legally prohibit discrimination by caste. This was called the protection of civil rights. Not a single swamiji opposed this move. This illustrates the profound fact that Hindu society as a whole rejected caste based division of the society. A whole lot can be said about this issue but the constraints of time prevent further elaboration on this issue.

Hindus have never attacked another country or committed a genocide. On the other hand witness the example of South America. The Mayan and Incan civilizations of South America were destroyed (by European invasion). Millions were massacred. We need to sensitize our own intellectuals to these realities. It remains beyond our comprehension why they remain focused exclusively on Hindu baiting.

I am not taking an ideological stand on the question. Even the maintaining of India’s integrity will require that this culture of inclusiveness is protected. This culture is dependent on the will and culture of the population. A demographic change in this population will imperil this culture. Once this demographic balance is disturbed, western powers and our own neighbours will actively interfere to create discord and trouble in our country.

So to maintain our culture and inclusiveness we need to protect our demography. And strengthen and maintain our culture. We need to sensitise our intellectuals to the fact that we never tormented or harassed any minority. Recently a certain BJP MP wrote an article in the Indian Express. The following statistics were listed. India was divided in 1947. The areas that became pakistan had a 14% Hindu minority. Today their number has dropped to 1%. Even that 1% are barely alive, living in terror. Until recently even I was unaware of these simple facts.

East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh, had a 24% population of Hindus. Today this has dropped to 7%. But this has not happened in India. Recently in Hyderabad, a certain leader has been recounting the strength of his community and their capability. So have we ever persecuted anybody?

That we are on the defensive today is because of our resolutely generous outlook. It is not sufficient that we nurture such an ethos within ourselves. We need to inspire in others the same kind of ethos.

To achieve this we need to open very frank discussions with intellectuals and politicians. We are today at a critical juncture. If our politicians are unable to put these facts frankly in front of this country, the possibility will no longer be open in the future. Six or seven years ago, Sri A.K. Antony made a very noble statement. That in this country no minority has ever been mistreated. Minorities are being given care, far in excess of their own needs. Many people criticized Sri Antony for this statement. We need to appreciate such a gentleman.

There are many like Mr. Antony. It is not true that all people belonging to the minority communities want to separate from India or dominate and lord over the majority. There are some who are like this. These people need to be brought actively into a dialogue. This has always been India’s route to society making.

If we dont do this now and confront the problems as they face us today, we will not have the courage to do this at a later date. Let us consider as an example, a frog that is dropped into hot water. That frog will then jump out of the water immediately. However if we drop the water into cool water and set a slow flame below the pot the frog will not immediately come out of the water. But by the time it realizes that something is wrong, it would have lost the strength to come out.

Our politicians are like this. Our intellectuals are not like this though. Our intellectuals are in an imaginary world of their own making. The are separated from reality and from their own culture. They live in some western culture. If they are able to recognize facts as they are, or perhaps read Hindu scriptures as they are rather than as they are misinterpreted and misrepresented by western authors. If they read the text of the Bhagavad Gita, all of their questions will be answered. The immense openness of the Hindu culture will become apparent if only reads the Bhagavad Gita. But we dont know this. All the intellectuals I have encountered ofcourse know nothing of Sanskrit, but they have not even read the Bhagavad Gita. They will go to great lengths to study French, English, German. Read thousands of books in English. But nothing from our scriptures.

There are twenty thousand people here perhaps more. Atleast you who are deep patriots need to do is go back and start with reading the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and other great literature from our own legacy. This is enough to inspire the world. This is how Swami Vivekananda inspired the world. He preached the philosophy and scripture of India. He did not undertake any other activity to create inspiration. He inspired the greatest philosophers and thinkers of his time simply from the truth of our scriptures. He inspired the entire country, you must be able to inspire at least a thousand.

We can do this only when we study the scripture. This does not come from physical power. This can come only from our Sattvic power. Now a days this is called soft power. Now soft power is not some mysterious thing. Our puranas show this in a very nice fashion. The contest, actually a war between Vishwamitra and Vashishta. Vishwamitra used all of his immense military power. Vashishta did not use any such power. He faced the military might entirely with his sattvic power. So physical violence and strength is not the real strength. This is what our heritage teaches us. Only when we absorb this wisdom can we therefore confront then morally and intellectually.

These few issues I have covered. I seem to have over stepped my time by a few minutes, so I ask to be excused. And so I conclude my speech. Namaskar.

MohanjiTranscript of the speech given by

 RSS Pu.Sarsanghachalak, Maa Sri Mohan ji Bhagwat

 Hindu consciousness is the consciousness of the entire world. The problems visible in the entire world: the environmental imbalance, dysfunctional families, the extinction of human values due to materialistic motives, different disputes in the world based on small things — the values based on which these can be solved… all world thinkers are voicing today that all such values(which can address the before mentioned problems) will be propagated by Hindu awakening alone. Based on those values only, the Sanatan Samskriti of Bharat was formed. The world is waiting that on the basis of Hindu awakening, Bharat will rise and it will show us the path to peace and prosperity. In Bharat there is a need of awakening the national consciousness.

Bharat is surrounded with dangers. There is danger from across the boundary. In the recent week the incidents that happened, it is not necessary to comment if Pakistan acted like friend or enemy. Despite extending the hand of friendship again and again, it rejects the offer and continues to demonstrate act of enmity. China also feels it should not let Bharat become powerful. So China is following policies such that Bharat may not grow. How is the security of our national boundaries? These days people use a term when discussing about the borders of Bharat, they say “it is porous”. Intruders are able to pass through, there is safe passage for terrorists, drugs, and fake notes also. How many people have entered Bharat without authorization? How many people came with authorization but stayed beyond the permitted duration? Due to this, even from inside these elements have got the strength to pose threat to the security of the nation. Raising prices, suppressing patriots, encouraging those people who are mocking the national integrity — we see such policies being formed. The people who are deciding the policies… we do not see any signs of welfare of the state in them, but we do see signs of lust of power! We get strong indications of fight for political power. And the society that has to put rein on this situation in this democratic setup is busy in small problems. The diversity has become difference and the rift has been expanded by the people in power. In such situation society feels discouraged. Is there any ray of hope? Where should we seek inspiration? Every person in Bharat is seeking the answer in his mind. If we analyze only the environment then we will not find any hope outside, we will find fear and dejection only. We should turn inwards. Let the situation be, what support do I have to face it? How to confront the situation and emerge victorious? What is the power needed to raise Bharat? For the nation, with unselfish mind and proven character, those who have worked towards this aim and are doing even today, all have come to the same conclusion… I will summaries it thus – To ignite the feeling of belonging`ness in the heart of every person in this nation, raising the innate virtues in him, we can transform this nation. This has not been said by any RSS affiliated person. It has been said by the founder of the communist party Manabendra Nath Roy in the conclusion of his book Radical Humanism.

The entire nation is mine — every individual should feel this. A common man may speak one of the several languages of our nation, there are around 3800 dialects… no one language can connect us all. There is freedom in the way of worship in our nation since ancient times. Foreign invaders came and introduced new religions and converted people to their religion. Due to this foreign deities also came into Bharat. Religion also cannot bind us. There are so many traditions of dressing and food habits. We cannot hold any one as universal. Nature has diverse manifestation in different parts of Bharat. So what binds us all? It is that thing which gives full recognition to all these diverse manifestations, accepts it, and wishes the good of everyone. What is that thought called in the world? Hinduism. It is the only available thread that can connect the nation together. And this mankind gets the support of the thought that has contemplated the welfare of mankind since time immemorial. Life progresses to higher level by following the way of Hindutva. Is Bharat a geographical entity? It has expanded and contracted depending on the might of the Hindu men of this land, but Bharat is the symbol of all virtues that mankind cherishes. Deluged in Tejas, the life principle has formed out of such experiences… the eternal Samskriti based on such life principle is Hindutva. Those who sacrificed their life for the protection and progress of this society, keeping the memories of such in our heart and following in their footsteps, that is the Hindu society. The land that nurtured the sages and Rishis who taught the way of living to the world, the society which holds that land dear to its heart and worships it – is the Hindu society. Hindutva binds the entire nation. It is its identity. Hindu society must get organized. That way Bharat will overcome all problems and become the Guru of the entire world again. Taking the conclusion of all seers and sages who selflessly worked for the welfare of the this nation– this RSS works for the organization of the Hindu Shakti. This is not against anyone. This is not in reaction to any specific event. This is for the welfare of all. It takes all in its stride. Hindutva never preached frightening others. Hindutva will never be the basis of breaking peace in this world. Hindutva and RSS And Terrorism cannot coexist. They are antonyms. It is not in the nature of it. Sangh does not teach terrorizing others. It does not know fear either. Evil people are afraid of Sangh. Sangh increases the positive chetna of the society. For more than 1.3 lakh poor needy people, several Sangh Swayamsevaks serve them daily spending money from their own pocket. They are taught to increase work on the basis of love, affection and friendship. Those who get fear, they spread wrong information. It will not have any ill effect on the society. Slowly as Hindu consciousness is emerging in the nation, the capacity of the society to repeal evil and establish Dharma is also increasing. RSS work is for the welfare of the entire world and the entire nation.
View of SwsevaksTo express the Hindu consciousness there is a need of power. History bears witness to the fact that if there is no power behind truth the world will not accept it, even to understand good we have to also recognize the strength standing behind it. Today Hindu Dharma, Samskriti, society is in problems. To come out of the danger there is a need of strength. Dr. Abdul Kalam said, Power is not of army or police, or weapons– it is of the people. To organize and unite the entire society – that is the aim of Sangha. We have to expand this organization to encompass the entire society.

I have to put one invitation to you. This work is for the welfare of the world, nation, and self also. Don’t be mere spectator of well wisher of this movement. No one policy, party, person may change the nation. When will all the positive forces be helpful? When the society which keeps a tap on these have clear understanding of the goal, when the society keeps the sanctity and strength in its mind, staying devout to this motherland and stays ready to sacrifice its life for the nation! Society should stand like this. You all are invited to join hands with Sangh towards this goal. Sakha gives Sanskara. You must also come and get Sanskara. Another three hour do one good work for the welfare of the society with selfless motivation. When the entire society works like that it will not take long to change the situation of this nation. Our mothers and sisters can go to Sevika Samiti also. They can extend support to the good work happening there. It has been our tradition that without Matru Shakti no Dharmic work is complete. For Dharma both are required. With the blessing of Matru Shakti and under their guidance if this nation dives into the work of raising itself, the life of every family, every person will be elevated.

Vijayadashmi Speech by RSS Sarsanghchalak

Source: News Bharati English

This day,our minds are filled with the hallowed memory of our guiding lights like Swargiya Sudarshanji. In the course of the march of victory, the memory of great heroes provides us with the inspiration to forge ahead.

Vijayadasami is the festival of victory. The whole nation celebrates this festival to commemorate the triumph of humanity over savagery, the forces of good over the forces of evil. This day is marked for overcoming the limitations imposed on our efficiency and prowess by our own imaginary weaknesses and to assert our valour. Since we can redeem our nation from its present predicaments and intricacies only through the multi-faceted efforts of the people’s strength, the peoples psyche requires such a transgression.

We have demonstrated time and again our ability to  do so even during our 65 years of independence. In every field of human life, including science, trade, arts, games, etc. and in the environment of competition prevalent both at the national and the international level, the examples that proclaim the acumen of Bharat, have become quite common now-a-days. In spite of this, in the current situation, the minds of people of our entire nation show the sign of anxiety, concern and, at places, even disappointment about the future. The developments during the last one year have helped only to accentuate these concerns. The security situation, both internal and at the international borders, still continue to be a matter of concern. The promptness should be exhibited and efforts be seen to address the problems like the inadequacy of latest weapons and ammunitions, technology and other equipments and materials our armed forces require to protect our land, lack of proper roads, transport facilities to move men and material to the frontier posts, and  insufficiency in communication network. On the contrary, unnecessary controversies regarding trivial matters concerning the offices of the personnel of our armed forces are made topics of unhealthy discussions in the media that affect the morale of our armed forces. The will to achieve self-sufficiency in everything related to national security through indigenous production should be seen in our policy. No interest is shown The promptness should be exhibited and efforts be seen to address the disinterest, inefficiency and lack of coordination discernible in our defense strategy.

It is necessary to make fool-proof security arrangements to protect our national boundaries, including the islands and archipelagoes that form part of our territory.


From the point of view of security, along with the security of the national boundaries, military preparedness and protection, in the present context, our foreign policy and its execution also play a significant role. From this angle, the higher-ups in our administration had a few years ago made a much-awaited declaration of “Look East Policy.” All the South East Asian countries are aware and have accepted that their basic values and that of Bharat’s national life are the same and until recent times and even today, with reference to culture and trade, they were having close relationship with us because of business and other transactions. So, it was proper on our part to have resolved to establish friendly relationship and cooperation with all these countries. The people of those countries have also been favourable to this. And, of course, the declaration was made with great speed and much enthusiasm. However, the tardy progress at the level of implementation has been most disheartening. The fact that China has entered the arena as a competitor with full force and preparation makes the worry at the low pace of progress on our part all the more confounded. Now we know that China has befriended Pakistan to such an extent that they have given their nuclear technology to Pakistan. And the consequences of China surging ahead of us to establish such strategic relationship with our immediate neighbours like Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka could be imagined from the angle of our national security. More over, in all these places people of Indian origin are living in great numbers and to safeguard the interests of these people also, our foreign policy should be oriented in such away to keep these traditionally friendly countries on our side.


But certain developments that happened with the backing of our own government and administration in the last few years, have only added to the worries of the people and created a suspicion in their minds, whether our policies are formulated in the best interests of our nation or not. In Jammu and Kashmir, because of the policies pursued by the government during the last decade, terrorist activities are on a come back trial. The areas under Pak-occupation have to be liberated; discrimination shown in administrative and developmental matters in the case of Jammu, Leh –Ladak and the Kashmir valley should be stopped forthwith and these areas must be made on par with the other parts of the country; conditions should be made favourable and secure for those Hindus to come back to the valley with honour, who were forced to flee their home and hearth; persons who took shelter in the state of J & K at the time of partitions should be granted state citizenship, but the policies adopted are further complicating the sitution. The power crazy political parties governing at state and  Centre continue with the process of ignoring the national interests and are succumbing to the pressures of foreign forces. It appears from the prevalent situation in the eastern parts of the nation that we have not learnt any lessons from our grim situation in the Northern parts caused by the progressive depletion of the nationalist Hindu population due to historical processes.


We have been repeatedly warning for the last many years against infiltration, smuggling of weapons, narcotics and counterfeit currency notes, etc. through the porous border areas of Assam and Bengal. Our intelligence agencies, High Courts and Supreme Court, and even the governors of the respective states also have tolled the warning bell from time to time against this menace. But ignoring all such warnings, for the sake of power, wrong policies have been followed and wrong decisions have been taken due to lack of a clear-cut national view, and, as a result, Northeast India has been facing problems of grave magnitude. The demographic imbalance caused as a result of infiltration has rendered the native population into in a minority,in many parts of NE Bharat and the phenomenon is stretching its hands all over Bharat. The poisonous brew of separatism and terrorism, growing there under the shade of religious conversion on a large scale, is given a new lease of life time and again because of the weak policies. The interference by expansionist China is looming large on our northern borders. Making use of this favourable condition, terrorist organizations like Al- Qaeda are also trying to get a foothold in the area. In such a situation, only the effective presence of our armed forces and the strong moral of the people who have been living there braving the adversities remain the only substratum to ensure the security of our land and people. Before it is too late, we have to change our policies at the earliest. In our Northeastern region as also in other states of Bharat, infiltrators should be identified at the earliest and their names should be deleted from the voters list, and their ration cards, identity cards, etc. should be cancelled and necessary arrangements should be made to send back those infiltrators who are staying in our country illegally. The National Register of Citizens should be prepared in accordance with the clear-cut directions given by the courts, recording the place of birth, place of either parents or grandparents, supported by  relevant documentary evidence. Not only in the Northeast region, but elsewhere also it has been our experience that, whenever either under pressure of public opinion or as directed by the courts, to identify foreign nationals and doubtful voters becomes inevitable, both the government and the administration have, rather than identifying such people, invariably let off the Bangladeshi infiltrators and, at the same time, harassed the harmless Hindu migrants from Bangladesh, who have settled there for very many years.


We all have to clearly understand and accept that for the Hindu society world wide  Bharat, which is traditionally known as Bharat only for the reason that this has been the land of Hindus, is the only land they can claim as their fatherland and their sacred land. And wherever Hindus become a minority or ineffective, even the names of such regions get changed. If at all Hindus are forced to flee their land of residance because of persecution, they have no other place to go. So, no Hindu, from wherever he comes here, should be considered a foreigner. Either those who have recently come here from the Sindh, or those who have come from Bangladesh seeking refuge, or such hindus who have been forcibly and unwillingly made to take refuge here because of the torture or persecution they had to undergo, should get refuge in Bhatrat with love and respect. Also, it is the responsibility of the Indian government to play its role effectively to protect the interests of the Hindus all over the world.


There is one more dimension to this whole sequence. Only for the reason that the infiltrators belonged to their own religion, some quarters come forward to even justify the illegal activities being carried out by the infiltrators. People from the Northeast, staying in other parts of Bharat, either for education or vocation, were being threatened. The incident that took place at the Azad Maidan in Mumbai, has acquired notoriety. It shows that the anti-nationals who take pride in the desecration of the Amar Jawan Jyothi in Bharat in protest against the action taken by the Myanmar government against Rohingyas, continue to exist here.


It is a matter of concern, anger and disgrace that as a result of  the policy adopted by the  very administration detrimental to the national interest, and because of the growing impudence of the anti-national fifth columnists, such forces could bring great ignominy to both the law and order machinery and the government. It is very unfortunate that, in spite of all might and preparedness, those, who allowed a free play of anti-national forces because of their defective polices, are our own people, belonging to our independent nation.


Let alone inculcating national sentiment in the society as a whole, what we witness in our own Hindustan, is that, for the sake of votes, probably out of the feeling of fundamentalism or separatism or antagonism, for the last ten years attempts are being made progressively to insult or weaken the Hindu society either through wrong policies or through deception and subterfuge. Attempts are made to tarnish the image and goodwill of our revered Acharyas by levelling concocted charges against them. Swami Lakshmanananda, who was engaged in serving the vanavasis, was murdered through a premeditated action and the real perpetrators of the crime are still at large; misuse and misappropriation of the funds and assets of Hindu temples continue unabated; an atmosphere of suspicion and imputation is being created; with an aim to malign  or denigrate the Hindu beliefs, traditions or cultural values, deliberate attempts are made to raise controversies regarding the funds and assets of Trusts formed by the Hindu saints and the temples like Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple of Thiruvananthapuram. Although the majority Hindu community is very broad-minded and accommodative, attempts are still being made to bring in a legislation that defames the Hindu society and  vitiates the atmosphere of amity that prevails. The very people who swear by democracy, secularism and the Constitution, have introduced reservation based on religion and are advancing the theory that the  minorities have the first claim over the national assets. Political alliances are hatched with the avowed aim of launching indirect attack against the Hindu society through love-jihad and religious conversion. As a result, in the mind of the Hindu society that has been living here, practicing the national values, naturally there has been a lurking doubt whether the leadership here is representative of them and taking care of their interests and aspirations or not? The dictatorial, materialistic and fundamentalist forces and the forces of rank opportunism that have infiltrated the state governments and the Central government, who are out to destroy Hindutva and Hindustan, are engaged in yet another attempt to vitiate the atmosphere of amity. According to reports, attempts are on to acquire a large plot adjacent to the Ramjanmabhumi so as to construct a big structure for Muslims.


The construction of Ramjanmabhumi Temple is an issue pending before the court. So, making such irresponsible proposal at this juncture will amount to playing with the sentiments of the people and will result in vitiating the atmosphere of amity. Keeping in mind the judgment delivered by the Allahabad High Court on September 30, 2010, the parliament, in fact, should bring in legislation at the earliest to allow the Ramjanmabhumi Nyas to construct a majestic Ramjanmabhumi Temple, and at the same time ensuring that any construction for the sake of Muslims shall be allowed only  outside the cultural boundaries of Ayodhya . This is the only way to solve the issue amicably, ridding it of all political overtones.


However, the prevailing political atmosphere in our country is not such to raise expectations of solving the issue in the best interests of the nation, without vitiating social amity. Nowhere in the world the experience of allowing big companies through direct foreign investment in the retail sector has been encouraging. So to allow  foreign companies to enter in a big way in  retail business  by enhancing the limits of foreign direct investment to insurance sector and pension sector will, rather than bringing us any profit, ultimately result in loss of income to retailers, lesser prices to our cultivators for their produce, and price rise to consumers. Along with this, it may also pose a threat to our food security.  Even otherwise, plunder of our natural resources, destruction of bio-diversity and environment in the name of development and depriving those who are dependent on these of their income and habitation, is going on unhindered. Citing the economic progress made by a small section of our society, we have been claiming that we are on the fast track of development! However, even that progress has come down from 9 per cent to 5 per cent. And the whole nation is reeling under price rise. The gap between the rich and the poor has ever been increasing, so much so that the problem of inequality has assumed frightening proportions. God alone knows why such half-baked laws are brought in with breakneck speed with out any deliberations or discussions. Instead of such so-called reforms what are needed are real reforms. In this field, calls for well-meaning reforms in the electoral system, tax system, internal auditing, penal code are either ignored or suppressed.


The plan and direction of development currently followed by the world, is the product of a deficient thought and the result is for us to see all over. More over, this plan is being carried out according to the game plan of rich multinationals to serve their ends. And till such time we redraw our plan with an holistic approach and abreast of the times, taking into account all dimensions of life, according to our ability, necessity and capacity, we will not be able to achieve a balanced development and progress beneficial to all; nor the world will be able to emancipate itself from the incomplete and deceptive life it is presently leading.


The consequences of incomplete thought had made the lack of national and individual character in our country more pronounced and painful. The mind-boggling revelations about corruption have not come to an end yet. Many small and big agitations have been conducted demanding punishment to the corrupt, for bringing back black-money stashed away in foreign banks, and for stringent laws to curb corruption. Many Sangh swayamsevaks also have taken part in such agitations. At the same time, knowing well that corruption is on the rise because of lack of character, Sangh continues to concentrate in its work of character- building..people should be made aware of need to change the system, taking care to ensure that they do not fall a prey to disappointment or develop any aversion.for the system. Or else, a situation similar to one developed in the Middle East countries in which fundamentalist and foreign forces had created almost an anarchic situation to serve their interest, would be repeated here. Non-political, lawful and wide social pressure is the only means to eradicate corruption. For its success, we will have to bring about widespread reforms in the educational system, administrative system and the electoral process. Also, through widespread discussion and exchange of views, we will have to think of the basic as well as long-term changes to be effected in our system. The ill-effect of blindly following even now a defective and destructive pattern in our social life, is now very much before us. Increasing caste feelings and hatred, exploitation and harassment of the deprived sections of the society, the growing instances of harrasment of women due to lack of moral values, including among educated sections, rapes, female- feoticide, licentious living, murders and suicides, breaking up of families, growing antisocial activities, stress and depression in life due to loneliness, which were not seen, or only minimal in the society earlier, have become endemic now.. And time has come for us to think about system based on our eternal values, suitable to the present times to reorganise the society.


We can’t become free of fault by leaving all responsibility to politics, government and the administration. Right from our homes up to the social sphere, are we in a position to project ourselves as the perfect example of purity, lawfulness, discipline, honesty in dealings, sensitivity, etc. that form the practical and necessary ingredients for a solid national life? Let us know the basic fact that every reform starts from our own view of life and behaviour and nothing can be achieved merely through agitations.


Mahatma Gandhi has mentioned about seven social sins in one of the issues of Young India, in 1922.The seven social sins are:


  • Politics without Principles
  • Wealth without Work
  • Pleasure without Conscience
  • Knowledge without Character
  • Commerce without Humanity
  • Worship without Sacrifice


This appears to be description of our present-day social and political scenario.  In such a situation, it is for the forces of virtue to work in society, taking society along with them. We have to accept this challenge and move forward. Swami Vivekananda was one among the pioneers of Indian renaissance from whom great men like Mahatma Gandhi, had drawn inspiration. In the coming days, the celebrations of his 150th birth anniversary will commence. It is for us to realise his message. Becoming fearless, with self-respect and self-confidence and sterling character we will have to do penance. We have to awaken the Dharmic Bharat through our dedicated, selfless work and serving man as God without expecting anything in return.The work of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is to mould individuals filled with these qualities. This work is the need of the hour. All of you have to actively participate in this work. Attracted by our incessant penance and unrelenting hard work, the society will rise and come forward to work together. Then, like the great Ganges rushing towards the sea overcoming all obstacles, the star of good fortune of our nation will start his journey from his horizon to zenith.So, as exhorted by Swami Vivekananda, let us “Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached!”