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RSS Sarsanghchalak on Ravidas Jayanti

It is increasingly becoming evident that media houses need good translators who can translate Bharatiya languages into English & also get a culture course. This is once again proven by the media reports on Dr. Mohan Bhagwat’s speech ( in Marathi ) on Sant Shiromani Sant Ravidas on his Jayanti, Magha Purninma, 5th Feb 2023 at Mumbai.

What RSS Sarsanghchalak, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat said can be actually translated as below

People of his own caste ( jaati ) were opposing him. His family members out of concern of his well-being stopped ( opposed ) him, yet he ( Ravidas ) did not veer from his search for Truth, the search for what was called Eternal Bliss. Is there any such thing he thought ? He did not want go by hearsay, but wanted to experience it himself.

In this search, he got the company ( as a Guru ) of Swami Ramananda and experienced the Absolute Truth. Sant Ravidas experienced, ” Truth is Iswara ( God ). It is this Truth which says that I am omnipresent – in all beings irrespective of form and name. We are all One , no one is high or low and we are all to be equally respected. Those pandits (scholars) who take reference of shastras ( scriptures ) in support of discrimination of jaatis ( castes ) are misleading. We are caught in the whirlpool of high-low jaati (caste) discrimination and have become confused. We need to educate society that our tradition and knowledge do not preach discrimination. Our tradition says, that we must not leave Satya, Dharma and Karma , (loosely translated as Truth, Dharma & Duty ). “

For Hindi translation check this thread by Sri Rajiv Tuli :

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