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How Shall We Vote ? – M.S.Golwalkar

Courtesy – Organiser Archives

Vol. X, No. 24   Delhi,  Margshirsh Shukla 8, 2013; February 18, 1957

By  Shri MS Golwalkar (Sarsanghchalak RSS)

Guruji GolwalkarShortly the people will go to the polls to elect their representative s to the Lok Sabha and the various Vidhan Sabhas and entrust the governance of the country to them
for the coming five year period. Five years is quite a long period in which much good or harm can be done to the people depending upon the nature of  the representatives. There is no provision in the Constitution for recalling representative who might fail to answer to the electorate or who might go back upon the promises lavished upon  the People at the time of the elections. Heavy is the responsibility of the voter, therefore. For it is in his hand now to seal the fate of the country for five long years. So the voter has  now to bring all his strong commonsense to bear upon this problem of extreme moment and make the correct choice.

Nehru View Vs. CR View

Leading persons are busy advising the voter. Two main theories have been forthcoming. One has come –so the newspaper reports say—from no less a person than Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru calling upon the people  to ignore the personal character and qualities of the individual candidates and pay attention only to the party—in his case the Congress—and cast their votes for the party. The other view – advocated recently by Shri C Rajagopalachari—is to ignore the party and examine the individual candidate and study his character, for the rightly says it is the  character of the representative of the people which in the last analysis is of utmost importance in the conduct of State business within and without  legislatures. Both these views are partially correct. Both these views, therefore, have to be taken together and a good party with candidates of character and devotion to the national cause, free from all self-seeking, of ability, capable of co-ordinated action, and imbued with coherent national views, has to be chosen by the electorate.
I belong to no political party and no political party has any special claims upon me. I do not, therefore, advocate the cause of any particular person or party. But as a Hindu, devoted to the best of my limited and humble abilities to the cause of Hindu People, I make bold to express my personal views and to make a few suggestions. The people are of course free to accept or reject them. Socialism Leads to Fascism.

Of the major parties in the field, the Congress, the PSP and the new Socialists have kept the ideal of socialism before them. Their socialism is not inter-national like that of the communists, but is direct towards the building up of a socialistic state or a co-operative commonwealth-bombastic words carrying no sense to the average citizen. Socialism of this type has resulted in Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy and the history of their rise and fall with all that the world has had to suffer from their totalitarian dictatorship is too well known. There is no guarantee that the same sad tale will not be repeated in our country.

The Communists

The communists are wedded to the Russian group and dream of establishing the Russian system in our country. What that system is can  will be imagined from the recent event in Hungary. The last forty years of their existence have witnessed such blood-baths, such mass massacres as we have no parallel even in the darkest and least civilised periods of history.

Anti-Hindu Parties

In addition all these parties pride themselves on being non-Hindu. Take the example of the various laws interfering with the Hindu way of life.
The Hindu People, their Dharma, Sanskriti and all they cherish and hold in reverence stand in danger of being wholly obliterated if the reins of power are entrusted in the hands of such elements

Vote Fearlessly, Boldly, Rightly

I address myself to the great Hindu People, to strive for whom has become my Dharma, the hoary immortal Hindu People whom I worship as the veritable manifestation of the Eternal Divine. I pray to them to rouse themselves to their self-consciousness and freely and boldly exercise their right of vote without being misled, without being distracted or frightened into upholding any individual or party.

Hindu Rate of Growth


The term ” Hindu Rate of Growth” is a derogatory term coined for the low rate of growth in India during the first 3 decades after Independence which was primarily due to the faulty economic policy by the Congress during the 50’s and 60’s on the base of Socialism. It should actually have been called the “Socialist Rate of Growth”.

The term was coined by economist Raj Krishna. This meaning of the term, popularised by Robert McNamara, was used disparagingly and has connotations that refer to the supposed Hindu outlook of fatalism and contentedness.

Two renowned personalities who have challenged this false meaning attributed to “Hindu Rate of Growth” and proposed the correct view are Sri S.Gurumurthy and Sri Arun Shourie.

Arun Shourie pointed out that the so called Socialist rate of growth was a result of socialist policies implemented by staunch secular governments and had nothing to do with Hinduism. He says

It has almost become routine to slight Hindu sentiments — our smart-set do not even notice the slights they administer. Recall the jibe of decades: ‘the Hindu rate of growth’. When, because of those very socialist policies that their kind had swallowed and imposed on the country, our growth was held down to 3-4 per cent, it was dubbed — with much glee — as ‘the Hindu rate of growth’. Today, we are growing at 9 per cent. And, if you are to believe the nonsense in Sachar’s report, the minorities are not growing at all. So, who is responsible for this higher rate of growth? The Hindus! How come no one calls this higher rate of growth ‘the Hindu rate of growth’? Simple: dubbing the low rate as the Hindu one established you to be secular; not acknowledging the higher one as the Hindu rate establishes you to be secular! “. —Arun Shourie

S Gurumurthy states that it is the Colonial and Socialist rate of growth which has been misleadingly named as ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’. He states that Hindu India was leading World Economy for 18 Centuries in CE. Do visit this very insightful speech for more information on this by Sri Gurumurthy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9-UWbsvMf8

Bharat’s children must rebuke any attempt to defame the philosophy of this great land and must expose the hand of British and the faulty policies driven by Pt.Nehru and the Congress.

Update in Jan 2014 :

Unfortunately, the country is once again witnessing a phase where some educated sections are being be-fooled by “socialist politicians” who have come in under the garb of an anti-corruption crusade”.