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Rising Bharat International News Feed: October 19th 2020

  • Relation with US
  1. India Buys Winter Gear From US On “Urgent Basis” Amid China Row: Report

(NDTV, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • India Buys Winter Gear From US On “Urgent Basis” Amid China Row: Report

(NDTV, 19 October 2020) News Link

  •  India, US expected to sign BECA deal during 2+2 dialogue this month-end

(Times of India, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. India-UK Air Bubble Arrangement Sees Weekly Direct Flight Between Goa And London

(Republic World,19 October 2020) News Link

  • European countries
  1. French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain: France supports India’s strategic autonomy

 (Tribune India, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. Australia to join Malabar naval exercise with India, US and Japan

(daijiworld, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. Snubbing Technique Unit From Canada To Control Assam’s Baghjan Blowout: Oil India

(NDTV, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Financing India: India and Canada relation to touch 100 billion CAD

(Free Press Journel, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Bangladesh
  1. NIA chargesheets 12 for trafficking women from Bangladesh

(Mumbai Mirror, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Bhutan
  1. Illegal liquor godowns busted near Indo-Bhutan border

(thenortheasttoday, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Shri Lanka
  1. India and Sri Lanka begin their annual exercise SLINEX today

(DD News, 19 October 2020) News Link

  1. Indians stranded in Pakistan due to COVID-19 return to India via Wagah-Attari border

(Times Now News, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Pakistan invites Indian Sikhs for Guru Nanak’s 551st birth anniversary

(Times of India, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Pakistan readies plan to sabotage J&K telecom blackout with new mobile towers (Hindustan Times, 19 October 2020) News Link
  • Revealed: Pakistan Army’s new conspiracy to unleash terror in Jammu and Kashmir

(Zee News, 19 October 2020) News Link

  • Pakistan Army emotionally blackmails its population with its own idea of India

(The Print, 19 October 2020) News Link

Rising Bharat International News Feed: September 26th 2020

  • Relation with Shri Lanka
  • पीएम मोदी ने महिद्रा राजपक्षे से की बात कहा, श्रीलंका के साथ संबंधो को प्राथमिकता देता है भारत

Key points:

  1. ्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी से श्रीलंका के प्रधानमंत्री महिंद्रा राजपक्षे के साथ कई मुद्दों पर बातचीत की. दोनों देशों के बीच बाइलैटरल वर्चुअल समिट का आयोजन किया था. प्रधानमंत्री ने कार्यक्रम को संबोधित करते हुए भारत की पड़ोसी पहले की नीति को दोहराया. उन्होंने कहा की श्रीलंका से संबंधों को विशेष प्राथमिकता देते हैं. दोनों देशों के संबंध हजारों साल पुराने हैं.
  2. विदेश मंत्रालय ने कहा कि श्रीलंका के पीएम महिंदा राजपक्षे ने बातचीत के दौरान भारतीय सहायता से निर्मित एक प्रतिष्ठित परियोजना जाफना सांस्कृतिक केंद्र का जिक्र किया. जो बनकर लगभग तैयार हो चुका है. श्रीलंका के प्रधानमंत्री ने अपने भारतीय समकक्ष को इसका उद्घाटन करने के लिए आमंत्रित किया है.
  3. मंत्रालय की ओर से कहा गया कि प्रधानमंत्री मोदी को उम्मदी है कि कुछ उत्पादों के आयात पर श्रीलंकाई पक्ष द्वारा लगाए गए अस्थायी प्रतिबंधों में जल्द ही ढील दी जाएगी इससे श्रीलंका की अर्थव्यवस्था समेत वहां की आम जनता को भी फायदा होगा.

(Prabhat Khabar, 26 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Japan
  • Navies of India, Japan to hold 3-day mega military exercise from Saturday

Key points:

  1. Indian and Japanese navies will hold a three-day mega military exercise beginning Saturday in the North Arabian Sea to further consolidate their operational convergence , officials said.
  2. The exercise is taking place in the backdrop of growing concerns over China’s military muscle flexing in the Indian Ocean Region as well as in the Indo-Pacific.
  3. The officials said the fourth edition of the India-Japan maritime exercise JIMEX will feature a multitude of advanced exercises across the spectrum of maritime operations, in reflection of high degree of inter-operability and joint operational skills.

(Times of India, 26 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Afghanistan
  • India opens a communication channel with key non-Pashtun leader of Afghanistan

Key points:

  1. On Friday External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar held talks with former Afghan vice president and Delhi’s old friend Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum (Uzbek origin). Dostum is no stranger to India having engaged with Delhi in the past.
  2. In an interesting development close on the heels on Afghan peace talks in Doha India hosted a key non-Pashtun leader of Afghanistan as part of Delhi’s efforts to broadbase its engagements in the war-affected landlocked country.
  3. Following the meeting, Jaishankar tweeted that India remains fully committed to an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process. “Glad to meet Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. Exchanged views on developments in Afghanistan and the larger region. His vast experience and deep insights were evident. India remains fully committed to an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process,” he said.
  4. India has been a major stakeholder in peace and stability of Afghanistan and while being part of Taliban peace talks remains cautious about Taliban and its mentor Pakistan. (Economic Times, 26 September, 2020) News Link
  • Nepal favors Bharat
  • Nepal PM KP Oli backs India’s proposal for common definition of terror at UNGA

Key points:

  1. Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has extended support to India over its proposal for a common definition of terrorism — CCIT or Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism — during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).
  2. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and other Indian officials have from various forums and during several bilateral meets urged world community for the early passage of CCIT.

(Zee News, 26 September, 2020) News Link

  • Relation with Maldives
  • Maldives helps India block bid to hold Saarc summit in Pakistan

Key points:

  1. After it stood up for India at the OIC earlier this year, the Maldives again came to India’s rescue at the Saarc foreign ministers’ meeting on Thursday by helping India block the proposal to hold the 19th Saarc summit in Pakistan. Islamabad is the host for the summit which was to take place in 2016 but has remained suspended after India’s call to boycott the event because of the Uri terror attack carried out by terrorists from across the border the same year.
  2. In his Saarc address, Maldives foreign minister Abdulla Shahid called for creation of a conducive environment to reach consensus on convening the 19th Saarc summit. “At this point, we are preoccupied with dealing with Covid-19  and do not think it is the appropriate time to discuss the time of summit,” he said. The current Saarc chair Nepal had put the stalled summit process on meeting agenda, calling for member states to explore options to hold the summit. The proposal had to be dropped.
    (Times of India, 26 September 2020) News Link
  1. “Lies, Misinformation, Warmongering”: India Hits Out At Pakistan Over Kashmir

Key points:

  1. Responding to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, India firmly said, “The only dispute left in Kashmir relates to the part of Kashmir that is still under illegal occupation of Pakistan. We call upon Pakistan to vacate all those areas that it is in illegal occupation of.”
  2. “This Hall heard the incessant rant of someone who had nothing to show for himself, who had no achievements to speak of, and no reasonable suggestion to offer to the world. Instead, we saw lies, misinformation, warmongering, and malice spread through this Assembly. The words used today at this great Assembly by the leader of Pakistan (Imran Khan) demean the very essence of the United Nations,” said Mijito Vinito, First Secretary, India Mission to the United Nations.
  3. “This is the country that brought genocide to South Asia 39 years ago when it killed its own people. This is also the country that is shameless enough not to offer a sincere apology for the horrors it perpetrated even after so many years. This is the same country that provides pensions for dreaded and listed terrorists out of State funds. This is the same country that has the dubious distinction of hosting the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the United Nations,” Mijito Vinito, First Secretary, India Mission to the United Nations added.
  4. Mijito Vinito, First Secretary, India Mission to the United Nations said, “What should rather be on the agenda of the UN is Pakistan’s deep state and its unrelenting political and financial support to terrorist organisations and mercenaries which are a threat to global peace and security. The only crowning glory that this country has to show to the world for the last 70 years is terrorism, ethnic cleansing, majoritarian fundamentalism, and clandestine nuclear trade.””The only way for Pakistan to become a normal country is to abjure its moral, financial and material support to terrorism, turn its attention to the problems faced by its own population including its minorities and stop misusing UN platforms to further its nefarious agenda,” the statement concluded.

(NDTV, 26 September, 2020) News Link

  • At UN, Pakistani Leader Says India Sponsors Anti-Muslim Hate

Key points:

  1. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday assailed India’s Hindu nationalist government and its moves to cement control of Muslim-majority Kashmir, calling India a state sponsor of hatred and prejudice against Islam.
  2. Khan said at the annual U.N. gathering of world leaders that Islamophobia rules India and threatens the nearly 200 million Muslims who live there.“They believe that India is exclusive to Hindus and others are not equal citizens,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a prerecorded speech to the U.N. General Assembly, which is being held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. “The international community must investigate these grave violations and prosecute the Indian civil and military personnel involved in state terrorism and serious crimes against humanity,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

(US News, 26 September, 2020) News Link

Regional issues should not precede over National interest: Dr Swamy at India Foundation Lecture

New Delhi: India Foundation organised a symposium on “India Sri Lanka Relations and New Challenges” at the Indian International Centre at Delhi. The conference was attended by a galaxy of intellectuals and the list of speakers included Dr Subramanian Swamy, President of Janta Party, Shri Balbir Punj, Rajya Sabha MP and D Raja from the CPI. Shri Balbir Punj was the Chairman of a delegation of Indian MPs that had recently visited Sri Lanka. The symposium was held on Wednesday, May 09, 2012,

India-Sri Lanka Relations – New Challenges

Dr Subramanian Swamy said relations between India and Sri Lanka is both cultural and historical. Lord Ram anointed Vibhishan Ji as the King of Sri Lanka after defeating Ravan. In fact, scientific reports have proved that the DNA of people from India and Sri Lanka are the same. Dr Swamy said that in the wake of these facts the government of India should focus its attention on the plight of ordinary Tamils and not on the LTTE. He added that if India spoils its relations with Sri Lanka then yet another neighbouring country would become our enemy and would then be exploited by China and Pakistan. Dr Swamy further said that the issues of Tamil people are regional and regional issues should not be given precedence over national interest. Due to myopic policies of the present UPA government at the Centre, all neighbouring countries are turning hostile towards India which marks a big diplomatic failure of the government, he said.

Shri Balbir Punj said that Sri Lankan Parliament has a statue of Vibhishan Ji, who is revered and acknowledged by Sri Lankans as their first King. Shri Punj added that though Sri Lankan people do not understand much of Hindi yet they love and watch Hindi movies and like listening to Hindi songs. He further said that Lankans are followers of Buddhism and have a deep regard towards India. Yet, Tamil and Sinhalese live in complete separation in Sri Lanka. Sri Punj, further explained that Lankan Army has been imposed in all Tamil dominated areas and the situation is so grim that if any individual from the Tamil community wants to organize a function or a party, he/she needs to first inform the Army. No decision can be taken without Army’s permission, he added. Shri Punj said various associations of Sri Lankan Tamils have told him that they all want and favour an undivided Sri Lanka.

Symposium at India Foundation, NewDelhi

CPI’s D. Raja said that he was the first person who spoke for the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils. Detailing on the ground realities, Shri Raja said Tamils can live in Sri Lanka but cannot be a part of the ruling set up. Preference to Sinhalese language is given across government jobs and other places. The Sri Lankan Army and Police have almost zero percentage of Tamils. He further explained that after independence, India and Sri Lanka had entered into an agreement under which Sri Lanka sent back a few Tamils to India. This was unfortunate. After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination Tamil movement in Sri Lanka turned into a terrorist movement. Shri Raja further pointed out that today all Tamil monuments are being destroyed in Sri Lanka. Though I am a Communist yet I have to say that Buddhist idols are being put up at the Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. At several places it becomes difficult to distinguish whether the temple is Hindu or a Buddhist. In fact, now the movement has graduated from terror opposition to being a Tamil opposition, said Shri Raja.

The symposium was convened by BJP’s National Spokesperson Smt Nirmala Sitaraman. Shri Chandan Mitra, Shri Tarun Vijay, Smt Jaya Jaitley, Shri R Balashankar, Shri Ram Madhav, Shri NN Jha and several other intellectuals of the society participated in the symposium.


Source : Samvada.org