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Muslim attacks on Hindus in Old City, Hyderabad


I am sure all of you must be concerned about the attacks by Muslims in Old City. It is amazing how the media has blacked out the actual news. Whatever little is coming out is being projected as if Hindus removed the flags that were tied for Milad un nabi & therefore the problem started.


Logically, as per the rules of GHMC, any buntings that are tied , must be removed within 3-7 days of the event. However, the officials lack the courage to remove them in areas where the Muslims are in good numbers.

As pre-preparation for the Hanuman Jayanti program tomorrow, i.e, 30th March 10, Hindus were tying buntings and also erected a Photo of Sri Rama near a Hanuman temple ( Peepal Hanuman mandir ) at Moosabowli( this is on High Court – City College route). The Muslims of the area opposed this and attacked the Hindus there. Hindus are in a minority in this area.

This was immediately followed by attacks in other parts of Old city. Needless to say, this was pre-planned.

Goshala burnt :
They also burnt a goshala killing 4 cows at Shamshergunj, Aliabad. Two temples in the goshala were also burnt.

The Hindus have retaliated wherever they could since the law which the counsellors & the police are in cahoots.

Today’s news is that a 10th class student has been attacked while he was going for the exam.

Update to be continued…


30th March:

Curfew continues for the 2nd day. Meanwhile attacks have happened in Musheerabad & Kavadiguda. Few English newspapers report that few people from a rally taken out by Bajarang Dal threw stones on establishments. It is in fact the other way round. The Hindus are provoked to retaliate and then targetted as being aggressive.

One more interesting point, a few days back ( on 26th march ) a dargah which is bang on the main road near parade ground collapsed due its structural faults. This was immediately attended to and a leaders from TDP & Congress reached there immediately to show their solidarity and informed that they would build the dargah at the same spot.  A security cordon was formed around it.

This same dargah was alleged by a TV channel yday to have been destroyed by the Bajrang Dal activists on 30th ! This exposes the media once again.

Charminar MLA, Pasha openly lead a gang of rioters to attack the hindu establishments near Charminar but was not reported.

Important questions :

Why do riots occur only where Muslims are more than 15%. why are there no attacks on Muslims by Hindus where Muslims are less than 5%.  Is it something to do with the group Muslim mindset ? If the logic is that hindus are aggressors, then the areas where Muslims are in less than 5% should be natural targets. it proves that there is something basically wrong with the fundamentalist Islamic mindset which cannot live in any country where they are not in a majority and the battle continues till they gain complete dominance.

Readers would remember that MIM MLA, Afsar Khan fired pistol shots in a medical college two years back. This was followed by an open demonstration of callousness by firing pistol shots on the main road. The ruling Congress ignored this and Afsar was let off.

In the recently held GHMC elections in 2009, , MIM ( Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen)  won  43 counsellors. It also has  7 MLA’s, 1 MP & a Dy.Mayor. The city has been laid under siege by Owaisi & the MIM.

Video of goshala being set on fire.