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NIA arrests one more Hyderabadi for links with Islamic State

Mohammed Irfan is a resident of Zaheeranagar in old city

Nearly a month after filing chargesheet in the case of a Hyderabad-based Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) module busted in June last, officials of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Tuesday arrested one more Hyderabadi in the same case.

The arrested person, Mohammed Irfan, was a resident of Zaheeranagar near Mir Alam Mandi in old city. In a statement, NIA officials said that Irfan had been actively associated with the module of ISIS which was busted on June 22, 2016.

Five persons, Mohammed Ilyas Yazdani, Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, Habeeb Mohammed, Mohammed Irfan and Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Amoodi, all from Hyderabad, were arrested in that case. They were accused of conspiring to wage war against the Government of India by collecting weapons and explosive materials.

A fortnight later, Mohd. Ataullah Rahman and Abdul Raoof, both from Hyderabad, were held for being members of the same gang. Subsequent investigation confirmed that the newly arrested Irfan was actively involved in looking for suitable hideouts for members of the module for physical training.

Along with Muzaffer Hussain Rizwan, he went around different areas for safe house on the outskirts of the city. Following instructions from Ibrahim Yazdani, Irfan and Ilyas Yazdani gathered explosive precursors from the outskirts of Pochampally village of Nalgonda district.

NIA officials said Irfan had also gone to Anantapur town in Andhra Pradesh to secure explosive material. “He had taken oath of allegiance in favour of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Caliph of ISIS,” the NIA officials said. He was given the code name of Abu Jaffar. The accused was presented before a local court. He was remanded in judicial custody for seven days.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Terror Hawala In Kashmir Valley Rendered Trash


Intelligence sources maintained that Kashmir has emerged as a prominent focus for hawala transactions, as extremist outfits in countries grouped under the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) send money to terrorist groups in the state. Intelligence agencies estimate that about 90-95 per cent of extremist funding comes through this channel, with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia the primary sources of these illegal flows.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes may be causing inconveniences to the people, but the move has eventually halted all terror operations, especially in parts of the Kashmir Valley where nearly Rs 3,000 crore of hawala money in circulation is of ‘no use’.

The masterstroke by the government will also lead to a major shift in the terror infrastructure management and change the character as well as nature of terror funding in the country.

Besides terror, the four-month-long unrest in the valley, erupted after the killing of self-styled HuM commander Burhan Wani by security forces in July, is also expected to be wiped out in the absence of cash inflow, security agencies believe.

Major chunk of the hawala money is delivered to separatist leaders and local politicians to fuel protestors. According to Intelligence estimates, Pakistan pumps in Rs 800-1,000 crore annually for the separatist groups alone in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan pumps in Rs 800-1,000 crore annually for separatist groups in Jammu and Kashmir, according to Intelligence estimates. This is apart from Rs 300-500 crore that is funded to mainstream politicians and local terror groups such as Hizbul Mujahideen.

Thirty per cent of this fund is paid to the beneficiaries in US dollars in bank accounts abroad. Half of the 70 per cent funds is paid in original currency, and the remaining in fake Indian currency.

Intelligence officials said that lack of hawala money inflow will majorly hit activities of Maoists and other insurgent groups in the northeastern states. These groups create a corpus of Rs 2,000-3000 crore annually from extortion, and buy weapons and explosives to carry out operations. They will be also be hit hard as the stocked currency has become useless and availability of new high-value notes is not in abundance.

Intelligence sources maintained that Kashmir has emerged as a prominent focus for hawala transactions, as extremist outfits in countries grouped under the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) send money to terrorist groups in the state. Intelligence agencies estimate that about 90-95 per cent of extremist funding comes through this channel, with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia the primary sources of these illegal flows. Some traders of Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Kolkata are hand in glove with Pakistan’s ISI operatives and play a key role in transferring hawala money to terror modules.

Between 2013 and 2016, 17 cases were registered and 37 persons were arrested in terror-funding cases in J&K, mostly in hawala and FICN cases.

An Army source said that ‘cash convoy’ of terror groups—militants infiltrating the border with huge amounts of fake currency to support operations—will no longer be available. So far, this year, over 90 infiltration attempts by militants have been reportedly successful. “Every infiltrated militants generally come with Rs 3-5 lakh of cash with high denomination to sustain,” said an officer.

While mainstream politicians with Pakistan leanings and separatist groups backed by Islamabad will not be able to either fuel unrest in J&K or malign India’s image abroad, terror sleeper cells created by the neighbouring country in the hinterland will not be able to indulge in insidious agenda due to deprivation of funds owing to the scrapping of Rs 500 and  Rs 1,000 notes.

The level of terror conspiracy by Pakistan that used to be relatively simple in nature earlier is likely to become complex and multi-layered as its network of sympathisers and members of sleeper cells will be choked of funds as the number of higher denomination currency is currently limited in number. The end-user can be easily tracked down by the number series of the notes and bank branch of its origin. The agencies already maintain the list of suspects and criminals in different areas, a senior Intelligence official said.

“In this backdrop, ISI will be compelled to shift to the organised crime networks for logistic procurement and funding for terror activities. With currency of higher denomination being limited in circulation, Pakistani agencies and terror affiliates will now have to rely on gold for conversion to Indian rupees. However, rules relating to purchase and sale of gold have also been made difficult as the sellers are required give declaration that it belongs to him or her,” counter-terrorism expert Rituraj Mate said.

He added that Pakistan had created an elaborate but discreet network for logistics for terror activities and specific modules from a group of sleeper cells to execute terror such as bomb blasts. Both would disperse after playing their respective roles. This well-synchronised arrangement will now be shattered, and support from conventional criminal gangs and organised crime networks is likely to be sought by the ISI.

The demonetisation of the currency comes after a government crackdown on NGOs that were involved in terror funding, making the job of Pakistan-backed terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen and their affiliates such as Indian Mujahideen.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

India a sinful country for ISIS recruits

These lines seem from a fiction thriller. Sadly, they aren’t fiction.

“I do not want to live in this sinful country; the sun is setting on our backyard. It is time to take that greatest journey and migrate to the land of Allah.”

“The time has come and may we all meet in paradise. I cannot live in this country; I am moved to tears watching all of you live a luxurious life style, watching TV, listening to music…”

These are lines from the letters written by Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh. Till yesterday, they were among the lakhs of ordinary residents of Kalyan in Maharashtra. Today, they have left Kalyan to seek what they believe is their true kalyan.

Fayaz and Shaikh are now global jihadis. They’ve left their homes for Iraq. Reason? They’ve decided that they must join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or the ISIS.

Naturally, Arif Fayaz’s and Fahad Shaikh’s families are a shocked and broken lot today. The boys were engineering students, in their early twenties. Also, these are no ramshackle families, but reasonably middle class households of doctors. Both boys’ disappearance was known only after one of the parents discovered a chilling note, which told their families about their sudden inspiration and departure for a cause that has only one end — death.

The distraught parents have filed complaints about their missing boys with the Kalyan police. They have also written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh, seeking their help. Till yesterday, their boys were bright students, and the parents hoped they would complete their studies and acquire decent jobs.

That was yesterday.

The parents still cannot believe what has hit them. They are shell-shocked, unable to even understand what brought about this change in their kids. Far from being the archetypal Islamic fanatics, Fayaz and Shaikh weren’t even religious, leave alone fanatical, the parents have stated in their complaint.

The tragic cases of Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh bring to the fore the growing threat of religious indoctrination of Muslims in India. The Internet and its reach has only made the task easier. The ISIS is the latest and according to global terrorism experts and watchers, the deadliest among worldwide Islamic terrorist outfits. It has been waging a war against the Iraqi government with a declared intent of overthrowing it to establish a full-fledged Islamic Caliphate on the lines of the 7th century Islamic rule of the religion’s founder Prophet Mohammad. The ISIS has, in fact taken the towns of Tikrit and Mosul from Iraqi government forces and its self-styled Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has already declared the areas under ISIS control to be the Islamic world’s new Caliphate.

Of particular concern to intelligence agencies is the growing radicalization of Muslim youths, which includes the Indian subcontinent. In recent years, the Wahhabi sect of Islam has gained increasing traction in the Muslim world. Wahhabism propagates intolerant Islamic zealotry, which enjoins all Muslims to wage unrelenting war upon all non-Muslims in the world. It also exhorts Muslims to totally reject all forms of modern civilization and embrace the strict puritanical Islamic living.

More worrying is the fact that an increasing number of young Muslims, including those in India, have begun believing this to be the only way to “clean up” the world. Kalyan’s Arif Fayaz came under the Wahhabi spell sometime back. He would object to the way his parents brought up his sister. “She watches lewd content on television and listens to music. On television, they show people smoking and dancing, and you watch that all day instead of praying. All this will lead you to burn in hell. I have to go and cleanse up the world,” he wrote in the letter to his parents.

The young wannabe jihadis men reportedly saved money over the past year and then left for Iraq on their own expense. The Intelligence Bureau has confirmed that Fayaz and Shaikh are fighting near Fallujah which is close to the Iraqi capital Baghdad. How good they are as fighters, is an entirely different question, but for the ISIS only numbers matter. For the latest Islamic Caliph, Muslims coming from various nations to join in his jihad, irrespective of their utility in the battlefield, is an Islamic boost of sorts, as having Muslims from different parts of the world strengthens the ISIS.

For the parents of Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh, their world has collapsed in the gunfire and explosions ripping apart Fallujah, a land so distant from their homes. Sadly, there may be more families like theirs who might be fated to see their boys disappear, only to join the one-way trip to jannat.



Rejoinder to Outlook- That Old Psychotic Path

This is a rejoinder to the article in Outlook by the title ” That Old Psychotic Path” by Sri Neelabh Mishra


“But there is a major problem with the line that discourse has been taking, phrased as it is in the language of ‘us’ and ‘them’, Hindus and Muslims. ”

The problem is with your line of discourse to impose a neutral perspective on a participant. And this is the inherent flaw (I guess dishonesty, because they are aware of this flaw) in what the “seculars” advocate – the Hindus have to take a neutral stand, and the Muslims can take a participant view and represent their community in a clash.

And the problem with your line of argument is also that it is siding with Muslims in the guise of being neutral – which you try to show as the bias of others. It is in reality your bias and your *alone*.

Now you can hang to RSS’ argument on Kasab or Afzal, but plain fact is that the UPA has done nothing to contain Muslims terrorism but insead criminally misusing its power to book false charges on Hindus. The plain fact is that the cong has lifted terror laws. And journalists like you are paid to whitewash the congress and Muslims. One such Barkha got exposed, and it is a matter of time before you are exposed too.

“It does not analyse the correctness or otherwise of the swami’s confession, made before a magistrate.”

What information do you have to analyze the confession? It is just a selective leak by the cong-paid CBI officers with no head or tail. If anything, people with head on their necks must think of why such leak was made when no investigation report was released. You can put onus back on the organizer, but that only shows you are not ready to see the obvious.

“None of its ‘secularist’ opponents had ever suggested that the aam Hindu was a terrorist, but the RSS had to bring in that reference to buttress its ‘victim Hindu’ plank—as if disowning the fringe elements or saying they’d left the parivar wasn’t enough.”

Here is the other trick of trying to separate RSS and an “aam Hindu”. After all, make the Hindu society tooth-less by attacking its strong organizations. Attack VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS, Sivasena, ridicule them in public discourse, misuse statepower to ban Hindu organizations (this was done multiple times). But this strategy is now too old for people not to see through this.

“This is a dogmatic claim of moral superiority for Hindus, as opposed to people of other faiths. ”

First of all, the RSS is only responding to the “Hindu terror” and “Saffron terror” kind of jargons you people had brought into public discourse. So the onus is on you to defend when your lies are exposed.

Secondly, there is no need to a claim on this – it is an obvious fact that Hindus have the moral superiority. Not a claim but a possession. It is not Hindus who invaded the world and exterminated millions of people from tolerant faiths – Muslims have done that all over the world. The very fact that Kashmir is in that state today, the very fact that you have two Muslim dominated countries Pakistan and Bangladesh carved out of India is proof enough. And to this day, the very fact that people like you try to attack the Hindu organizations but have no courage to talk of the disproportionately large violence done by the Muslims, is a proof.

Thirdly, there has been a strategic mistake on the part of BJP and RSS to respond to Chidambaram’s statement on Saffron Terror. It was Chidambaram’s cheap tactic to divert public attention from the killings of hundreds of CRPF jawans by the Naxals, and the government’s failure in handling it. The UPA screams of Hindu terror, tries to choose a soft target whenever it is checkmated on issues like terrorism, corruption, national security. And people like you are there for it.

Fourthly, for any man of honesty and commonsense, there is an antecedent and a consequent. Hindu violence is either a retaliation or a defense, and is essentially consequent of Muslim violence and rowdyism. And addressing the antecedent is what any honest or “neutral” person does. Trying to create a consequence, not talking of the antecedent, and attacking the man who fights back in defense, the way you are attacking Hindu organizations, shows you either lack commonsense or honesty.

So if you are honest, talk of Kashmir, talk of North-east, talk of Kerala, talk of Hindu protection in India. Then people will believe you.