Bharat was termed as the “Sone ki chidiya (the golden bird). The wealth generated in this country was unparalleled…so much so that the country has been under continuous attack by invaders since thousands of years. Through the vigilance and sacrifices of lacs of countrymen, the country has emerged out of the crisises and remains home to the oldest civilization of the world, Hinduism.

The attacks on the country are continuing even today. This section aims to update on the attacks on the country and culture by the 4M’s – Missionary, Marxists, Fundamentalist Mullahs and Macaulay putras. There is a 5th M, which is some section of the Media which is sold out to the imperialists.

We are the oldest existing civilization in the world. The expansionist ideologies are causing a threat to the  territorial integrity & civilization. To add to this there is set of idealogues who do not have any leanings to the national ethos and propagandists who never tire to defame anything that has its roots in Bharat’s past.

We urge readers to send their contributions that are suitable for this section



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