Communist Extremism

Aahuti -The Untold Stories of Sacrifice in Kerala

Communists Attacks On Women and Children in Kerala

The spate of attacks in Kerala on those who are ideologically not aligned to communism is increasing day by day, esp after the CPI-M has taken over the reins of the state. The communist cadre do not spare even the women and children in their quest for a totalitarian state. Read More

Murder Spree by Communists in Kerala

Communists, that is, Marxists as per modern terminology, are always dead against other ideologies is a well known fact. World over, it is the same experience since the October Revolution which took place in Russia in the second decade of the last century. The very basic tenet of Marxism, Dictatorship of the Proletariat, espouses the authoritarian rule of the Communist party. This dictatorial euphoria leads to intolerance and hatred in the mindset of communists wherever they are. It is worse and grave wherever they get power.

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The Communist Conspiracy

Ideologically, Communism in India is, in several respects, a sort of extension of Macaulayism, a residue of the British rule. That is why Communism is strongest today in those areas where Macaulayism had earlier spread its widest spell. That is why Macaulayism has always been on the defensive and apologetic vis-a-vis Communism. Macaulayism has always tried to understand and explain away the misdeeds of Communism in this country. It has sadly deplored, if not condoned, as misguided idealism even the most heinous crimes of the Communists. The long record of our parliamentary debates is a witness of how, after the death of Sardar Patel, die treasury benches have always evinced an awed deference towards utterly unparliamentary and downright demagogic vituperations from Communist members.

This ideological affinity between Communism and Macaulayism is ultimately derived from a common source in the modern West-materialistic metaphysics, evolutionistic sociology, utilitarian ethics, hedonistic psychology, etc. In this world-view, man is essentially a homo fabricus, a tool-maker or mechanic. A centralised economy and an urbanised society are a natural follow-up of this world-view. In this larger ideological context, Marxism is a logical culmination of Capitalism. Marx reserved his choicest praise for Capitalism and his choicest abuse for what he denounced as Utopian Socialism. The only crime of this other school of Socialism was that it objected to the relentless drive of Capitalism towards total mechanisation, industrialisation and centralisation, reducing the individual human being to a helpless entity.

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