Evangelist Extremism

1. Christian Conversion in Andhra Pradesh- A case sheet – by Samavadam Shanmukha Sarma


2. Conversion destroys religious harmony

– Swami Dayananda

Swami Dayananda is one of the few Swamis in modern era who very candidly talks of why religious conversions should stop. At a time when anybody who speaks or works against religious conversions is targetted by the media and the government, Swami Dayananda comes across as the brave and rare anamoly.

Pl fnd below link to an artcile on this subject by Swami Dayananda.


3. Denigration of Hindu Gods in Karnataka by Christians


4. Facing the New Evangelisation Strategies

What Keeps Hindus attached to their traditions and remain as Hindus inspite of varied onslaughts? This question has been bugging almost all evangelists who have come to Bharat.  In their ambition to Christianize the whole world, the evangelists have time to time revised their strategies. Though most parts of the whole world fell to their designs, they have faced major resistance in Bharat. However, the future of whether Bharat would remain Hindu depends largely on how the Hindus respond to the evangelistion strategies and methods. to continue reading,  Click Here

4. The Conversion Agenda

An impressive video on the methods adopted by Xtian missionaries in India and global attempt to destablise India.The missionaries use the government, media & NGO’s to further their cause.




5. Christian Conspiracy in North East

Janjati Dharm Sanskriti Suraksha Manch would like to draw your kind attention on the topic Christianity: For a New Status in Arunachal Pradesh, published in “The Sentinel” dated 19th March 2011 written by Wangpon Sabin, Ex-President of Tutsa Baptist Church Council, Arunachal Pradesh and also on the appeal of Arunachal Christian Forum published in a section of local media of Arunachal Pradesh on 19th March, 2011. In these writes-up, they have challenged the credence and relevance of Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Bill 1978. Not only that, they have sought to re-define the meaning of indigenous faith and include Christianity also in the list of indigenous faith as because 40% population, as Wangpong Sabin claims, has been converted to Christianity. He says, Today, it is estimated that more than 40% of the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh are practicing Christianity. This matter can no more be ignored or reverted. The religious faith and practices of more than 40% indigenous citizens of a state can no more be classified as “non-indigenous”. He says further Christianity is now as indigenous as Buddhism or Vaishnavism as mentioned in the Act, the only difference being that each of them was accepted by the indigenous people in different periods of history”. By saying that the church equates Christianity with Buddhism and Vaishnavism. The only difference is that Buddhism and Vaishnavism came little early and Christianity little later but the doctrines preached, as it appears from the silly arguments of Church, is all the same.

Here, I would like to state that whatever Wangpon Sabin has said is nothing but a tip of ice-berg of deeper conspiracy hatched by church and supported by foreign powers inimical to our country. After giving a small jerk, Church wants to watch the reaction from the govt and the civil society. If there is no reaction or little reaction with manageable intensity, then the church can go for next phase of their conspiracy. If there is strong reaction or opposition, the church will keep the implementation of their well-thought plan in abeyance only to re-surface at such time a favorable govt in Itanagar is installed. Till then, the church in league with militant organizations and alien forces would work underground to over throw the constitutionally elected govt in Arunachal Pradesh and install such a govt headed by such a Chief Minister who would support Church conspiracy (i) of forcible conversion at gun-point and (ii) de-stabilize Central Government or (iii) at least influence the Central and State policies in favor of Christians by discriminating the Hindus. Read More

1 thought on “Evangelist Extremism

  1. Gem

    Many NGOs running to get money from foreign they convert poor peoples, illiterates, and lower middle class peoples paying money, insisting to attend church every sunday and asking them to attend meetings where they use hypnotism method to convert to Christianity. also many of them opening schools which they easily convert the childrens to insisting them to read bible, But at the last moment, everybody will believe and return to Hinduism as this is the only religion based on nature and universe with scientific.
    It is shame that many of the politicians also not care about these functions and they support them for what meant….


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