Book Launch “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad…Some Unknown Pages”

“The days of pushing are gone” was the proud shout of an young Hyderabadi student when some Muslim goonda attempted to break into a queue on September 22, 1948, after Police Action. “What a change! A week back, I would have been killed for such a statement!” he noted in his diary that day. For common masses, Police Action was Liberation, said Dr. Rahul A. Shastri, citing this incident.

liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages“September 17, was a day of Liberation and Deliverance for the people of Hyderabad”, said Dr. Rahul A Shastri. “However much politicians seeking votes and historians seeking political favours may seek to revise, alter and rewrite history, for ordinary people, Police Action gave them a chance to hold their heads high with dignity and with pride of being an Indian. This was denied to them in Azád Hyderabad.”

He was speaking during the book launch of “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad…Some Unknown Pages” translated by him into English from Hindi.

Marking 17th September as Liberation Day, Hyderabad based Pragna Bharati and Samvit Kendra mutually organised this book lunch program in the city.  Dr. Hanuman Chowdary, chairman of Pragna Bharati presided over this function.

Rahul ji added that the heroism of common people in all three parts of old Hyderabad, their emotions, turmoil and aspirations, as well as some hushed up stories Razákár oppression liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages-1and atrocities are brought out vividly and dramatically in “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad … some unknown pages” written by Acharya Khanderao Kulkarni. Acharya Kulkarni personally visited the historical places and spoke to participants and their families at length who bravely stood against the brutalities of Nizam and recorded their courageous heart wrenching stories in the book.

liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages-3Justice Sri Gopal Reddy, former justice of Andhra Pradesh, speaking as chief gust of the event said, “It is for current generation to know the history of this geographical part and end of Nizam dynasty and introspect to do better than what our fore fathers have dreamed of doing after end of Nizam rule.”

“Not celebrating the Hyderabad Liberation Day officially is betrayal by the current government which came to power with a promise of respecting heroic fight of ordinary men and women against Nizam and his rule”, said 92 year old Padma Shri Dr  T.V. Narayana in his address to the gathering as guest of honor.

Dr  T.V. Narayana also questioned that when parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra are officially celebrating 17th September, why Telangana government is finding excuses, is it not to appease the some sections of society in Hyderabad?

Dr. Hanuman Chowdary, said the communists were having nefarious plans even after fall of Nizam dynasty in 1948 and were planning to establish the communist regime with the help of then Communist leader Stalin and they boasted to continue their armed struggle against India which was rightly dealt by then Home Minister Sardar Patel.

On this occasion, the 94 year old Dr. Padmavathi Shastri, resident of Hyderabad since 1947, who participated in the freedom struggle in her student days in Nagpur, was also felicitated.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks given by Sri Nagaraj Rao, organising secretary of Pragna Bharati, and followed by singing national anthem.

Historic Temple Entry of Scheduled Castes in Jakkuva village, Vizianagaram

Entry of Scheduled Castes ( referred as Dalits ) into Ram Mandir in Jakkuva village

Unveiling Statues of Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule & Dr. Ambedkar who worked for “Social Equality”  – Saamaajika Samarasata Vedika 

DSC_0047.JPGIn Vizianagaram district there is a remote village named Jakkuva in Mentada Mandal. On 3rd May 2014, Scheduled castes ( known as Dalits ) were not allowed into a recently renovated Sri Ram Mandir. On this incident, ‘Saamajika Samarasata Vedika’ (SSV) formed a committee to investigate the truth. The committee visited the village on 29th May 2014 and a detailed report of the investigation was submitted to the representatives of the Government. Vedika also performed a Dharna in front of the District Collectors Office on 23rd June 2014 against the Government delayed action and demanded justice to Dalit victims. During the course of last two years, the Vedika supported the SC’s for the cause and ensured Dalits get the just benefits from the Government. The north Andhra districts Samarasata Sammelan, with the help of the villagers and the local TDP, BJP and YSRC party leaders, have ensured the entry of the Dalits into the Ram Temple.

dsc_0123They also unveiled grand Statues of the stalwarts that supported the ‘Social Equality’ cause – Gautama Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Jyoti Bapule and Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar followed by a public meeting.

This program was envisioned by the Vedika of Vizianagaram district, based on the noble preaching of Sri Kavyakantha Vaasistha Ganapati Muni, a renowned exponent of ‘Social Equality’, whom Sri Ramana Maharshi believed as incarnation of Ganapati and called as Nayana (Father).
Under the leadership of Pujya Sri Srinivasananda Swamiji (Head of Noth Andhra Saadhu Parishad, Anananda Asramam, Srikakulam District), the people belonging to SC community of Jakkuva aloing with other villagers entered Sri Ram Mandir, chanting “Jai Sri Ram” slogdsc_0159ans in ecstasy as they queued up for the divine Darshan. Later, the statues of the Leaders who lived for ‘Social Equality’ cause, Gautama Buddha, Sri Mahatma Jyotibapule and Dr. Ambedkar were unveiled by Sri K. Shyam Prasad (Samarasata Vedika, Kshetra Convener), Pujya Sri Srinivasananda Swami, Sri Dusi Rama Krishna (R.S.S. Kshetra Karyavaha) and Sri Somu Veerraju (M.L.C). Due to ministerial meetings for the ongoing Krishna Pushkarams, Sri Pydikondala Maanikyala Rao (State Minister for Endowments) and Dr. Smt. Kimidi Mrunalini (State Minister for Rural Development, Housing & Sanitation) could not attend the function.

dsc_0080Sri Dulam Busi Raju (State President of SC/ST rights & welfare society) has presided over the program. Pujya Sri Srinivasananda Swami, Sri K. Shyam Prasad, Sri Somu Veeraragju and Sri Dusi Ramakrishna have addressed the gathering. The program also honoured Sri Subbarao and Jagan Mohan Reddy who funded the Statues and Sri Narendra Udayaar for having sculpted the Statues. The program was attended by over 75 people from various castes across eight villages around Jakkuva village. At the end of the program, along with Swamiji, all the leaders present there, went to have meals in the homes of families in the SC Colony. After the program, a meeting was organized for the office bearers of North Andhra, namely Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakha districts.

A brief of the lectures from the program

“Our Hindu Dharma is the oldest and also scientific. In our Dharma there is no high/low within the Varna or Kula (caste). There is no ‘Untouchability’. Along the medieval period, few of the selfish and powerful groups have created these differences and propagated untouchability in the name of caste. These were bad practises and are against the tenets of Hindu Dharma. These practices have to be eschewed and as a family we need to live together in unity. Only if we adapt to this way of life, Hindu Dharma and Bharat will be saved. We have stopped many such bad practices that came into our culture over the times. In the past there were Child Marriages; there used to be a ban on cruising over oceans; girl child was not allowed or encouraged for higher studies, etc. But no one practices Child Marriages now. Girls are being educated equally with boys in all the castes. For higher studies and jobs people are going to foreign lands. Women are now reaching the pinnacle in various fields of education and careers. In the recent Olympics, women have brought medals to our country and waves of tri-colour of Bharat was seen all over the Olympic stadium.

In ancient times we have not seen differences in the name of Varna or Kula. These have come into practice over the time. Swami Vivekananda said very clearly – Differences in the name of caste and untouchability should not be practiced; “Right to Gyana (wisdom), Right to take up any field for economic betterment, Equal opportunities for all, Respect to all – these are the attributes that Hindu Dharma desires in our society”. The same is the message from Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Jyoti Bapule and Dr. Ambedkar, said Sri Kavyakantha Vaasistha Ganapati Muni. Our duty is to follow this message in our daily life. In Varanasi and Srisailam, any person of any caste can perform Abhishekam to Lord Siva.  In Tirupati, Annavaram, Simhachalam… and many more main temples, there is entry for every caste including scheduled castes. In spite of this, our village and few of the nearby villages have restrictions on entry into the temples. This is not Hindu Dharma. This is bad practice. We need to learn from our past and respect every caste and allow entry of all castes into all temples. In 1927, Dr. Ambedkar has performed a Satyagraha for entry into Nasik Kalaram Temple. The priest at that time did not allow SC’s into the temple. In 1992, in the same temple premises, when ‘Samarasata Yatra’ was conducted, that same priest’s grandson Sudhir Maharaj participated and said “In those days my grandfather has restricted entry of SC’s. From this stage today, I seek pardon from all of you for his mistake”.

Saamajika Samarasata Vedika is working across Bharat for ‘Social Equality’. This is the fitting time to build ‘Social Equality’ and we all need to meticulously work together for ‘Social Equality’; this is the meaning of our ‘life’.

Vote of thanks was pronounced by Sri Srinivas, Vedika District Secretary.

Sri Hatakesh, Samarasata Vedika, North Andhra Districts Convenor

Source : VSK Telangana

Quranic Concept of War – Understanding Terror

In the case of Islam, Spiritual strength means belief and readying oneself for Jihad. Hindus understand spirituality as “Adhyatmikata” , and then try to understand the Islamic concept of Jihad as only internal purification whereas in Islamic practise, it is both purification internal as well as external…and external purification as understood by the Jihadis is ethnic cleansing.


ISIS Women Believe Non-Muslim Women Are Worse Than Animals – Nadia Murad

nadia-murad-isis-survivor.jpgNadia Murad’s escape from the clutches of ISIS is bound to remain as one of the daring escapes in recent history. But, people who do not belong to Islamic groups make the classic mistake of not educating their people about what powers can do when motivated by Islam alone.

While we know that ISIS men are brutal, what is very telling is the attitude of the Muslim women too in supporting the ISIS men.

Nadia says ” None of the men who raped me revealed their identities, but one name that does stick out is Sarah.

This was the daughter of the first man who made Nadia his “sadir” or slave. The name would flash up on his mobile as he raped her. Nadia says: “I never met her or his wife, but they knew what he was doing to me. They accepted their men were raping us. To IS women, we are not worth the value of animals.”

The Yazidi women were abducted and then had to suffer, while , many Hindu girls succumb to “Love Jihad” and then go through the same horrors. “Love Jihad” is not the same as a marriage out of love, but a deliberate attempt to slight the Hindus and use Hindu girls as a tool for increasing numbers.


Read her Story here

Nadia Murad was eight when Tony Blair took Britain to war with Iraq, destabilising her country so badly that IS were able to rise to power and 13 years later butcher her family and take her captive to rape again and again.

After he was damned by the Chilcot Report, Blair insisted his conscience was clear and he could “look the nation in eye”.

But to get a true measure of the consequences of his actions, Blair should meet Nadia. Her eyes would tell of the bloody legacy of that decision, in the physical and mental scars she carries.

Nadia, a member of the ancient Yazidi community despised by IS, was captured in 2014 and raped so many times, by so many men, she cannot give numbers.

Getty ImagesThousands of Yezidis trapped in the Sinjar mountains as they tried to escape from Islamic State (IS) forces, are rescued by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Peoples Protection Unit (YPG) in Mosul, Iraq
Thousands of Yezidis trapped in the Sinjar mountains as they tried to escape from Islamic State

She says: “Soon I stopped fighting them. I took myself to another world when they raped me.”

She was one of 5,000 woman kidnapped by IS in 2014 from the Yazidi, a secretive sect who derive many of their beliefs from Islam and Christianity but are wrongly labelled devil worshippers in areas near their homeland in northern Syria, northern Iraq and eastern Turkey.

Six of her brothers were slaughtered before her eyes, with 300 other men from her village. Her mother was also killed.

Nadia and her sisters, female cousins and nieces, were forced to “marry” IS extremists. None of the men who raped her revealed their identities, but one name that does stick out is, she says, “Sarah”.

Philip CoburnIraqi Yazidi woman Nadia Murad who had many members of her family (including her mother and many of her brothers and sisters) murdered by Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq
Nadia Murad wants to tell her story

This was the daughter of the first man who made Nadia his “sadir” or slave. The name would flash up on his mobile as he raped her. Nadia says: “I never met her or his wife, but they knew what he was doing to me. They accepted their men were raping us. To IS women, we are not worth the value of animals.”

Nadia escaped after three months, knowing she would be executed if caught. She says: “I preferred to be killed and just finally stop it.”

She made it out alive and has now found asylum in Germany.

REUTERSCivilian children stand next to a burnt vehicle during clashes between Iraqi security forces and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Mosul
Civilian children stand next to a burnt vehicle during clashes between Iraqi security forces and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State

As we speak, she perches on her hotel bed, motionless, as she says IS extremists did to her “what a mind could not imagine”.

Nadia grew up with eight brothers and two sisters in the village of Kocho. In the summer of 2014, IS began taking nearby villages. “We knew they wanted to exterminate us,” Nadia says.

More than 50,000 Yazidis escaped to Mount Sinjar, leading to US air strikes, but Nadia and her family were trapped.

REUTERSNadia Murad Basee, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith, speaks to members of the Security Council during a meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York,
Nadia Murad Basee speaks to members of the Security Council during a meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York,

The terrorists entered her village on August 3. IS told the Yazidis: “Convert to Islam or die.” Everyone was herded to the village school. “But no one agreed to convert,” says Nadia, firmly. IS took the men, including Nadia’s brothers, and the women watched through the windows as they were shot.

Nadia, whose father had already died, says: “They were using Kalashnikovs, hitting the men in the face, making them lie face down. We were screaming. The guards started beating us.”

Six of her brothers died that day. Two managed to survive. The petrified women were then split into groups – the elderly, the married, and the unmarried.

Nadia and her mother had no time to even hug as they were separated as it “all happened so suddenly”.

REUTERSA fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) holds an ISIL flag and a weapon on a street in the city of Mosul
A fighter of the Islamic State

Her mother was later killed, but Nadia was taken to Mosul with 150 girls, including three young nieces, aged 15 and 17.

During the bus journey they were physically and sexually assaulted. “They laughed at us. They said, ‘You are owned by IS. You will be married to us’.”

In Mosul, Nadia, and 30 others, were taken to a small room so IS thugs could scrutinise them.

Nadia says: “Girls began vomiting and falling unconscious. My nieces were clinging to me.” Then an obese man approached Nadia.

She says: “I screamed, ‘I can’t go with you, you’re too big for me’. A smaller man was walking past and I begged him to take me.” He did, but the fat man took one of Nadia’s nieces. “If I had known…” she trails off.

Nadia was kept locked in a room to be raped by her captor and other men.

She says: “He had many guards, they came a lot. Day or night. The first time I fought, but he was strong. I couldn’t fight. They were violent, they beat me.”

In her three months of hell, Nadia was “married” to two other men. Planning her escape was what kept her going, but one attempt ended with her being caught and gang-raped by six militants.

But she was determined to flee, in part because she stopped fearing death. “I was telling the men to kill me.”

In November 2014, her captor left a door open and she ran for it. She found help and got to a refugee camp, before ending up in Stuttgart, Germany.

Her two sisters have survived and one has joined her in Germany. The third, along with her two surviving brothers, are in refugee camps in Iraq. But she says: “My 13-year-old nephew is being trained by IS to fight for them.” One niece escaped, only to die in an air strike. It has made Nadia more determined to keep telling her story until every Yazidi is free, a bravery which has earned her a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She is begging the British government to take more refugees. Nadia says: “What IS has done to the Yazidi people is genocide, the UK must offer more asylum to refugees. So many are in camps and they have been through terrible suffering.”

Her friend and translator Ahmed Burjus tells me later: “When she is travelling, Nadia is OK, but when she is at home she cries and cries. She loses her voice from crying. Being inside reminds her of her captivity.”

Goldie Behl should give a second thought to his serial on ‘Aryan Invasion’ theory

goldie-and-rajivRajiv Malhotra, an eminent public intellectual, has raised a red flag through his FacFacebookdeo post on an upcoming TV serial by well-known masala movie producer Goldie Behl of Rose Movies fame.

Rose Movies has made many good movies over years. However, Goldie Behl has more flops to his credit than hits. Now he has moved onto the small screen. Name of the proposed serial is ‘Aarambh’. It is his take on ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ – a theory long discredited by new scientific researches by archaeologists, genetic studies, linguistic studies and historical evidence. ( Ed : Read about how the theory is discredited – Here )

Rajiv Malhotra’s contention is based on the fact that shooting has already begun. As per insiders, it is based on AIT. Interestingly, Vijayendra Prasad who gained global fame from his super hit movies‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’ and many more in South is supposed to be writing for this serial. While other movies of his are work of fiction and he could take huge flights of fancy, this serial is not a fiction.

A simple disclaimer about this serial being work of fiction will not absolve it of the crime of raising social tensions by giving new oxygen to so-called Aryan-Dravid divide. Imagine somebody making a fictional serial on Prophet Mohammed or Jesus and putting a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction. I am sure, nobody will buy it. Such a fictionalization of the oldest living civilization will not be a good idea.

Aryan Invasion Theory was invented by Max Mueller under the aegis of British. This myth was further perpetuated by Bishop Caldwell to serve British interests, as Malhotra explains. Nobody in India had bought this idea but it was used for political gains in last 60-70 years first by Dravidian movement spearheaded by Periyar Ramaswamy Naicker. It is being revived more seriously since last two decades or more by Church to exploit the political situation, especially in South to run its conversion factory.

Genetic studies, latest being by Harvard group of scientists, had convincingly proven that genetic pool of people in North (supposedly Aryans) and South (supposedly Dravidian) is the same. They come from same stock. Linguistic studies show deep connects between languages of north and south India with lot more in common in words and grammar. Archaeological proofs show no violence or war in Harappan belt that displaced Dravidians from Harappan civilization to south. There is no sign of any violence in these places. A new theory that people moved out from Harappan and Mohanjo Daro belt due to drying up of river Saraswati is backed by scientific evidence. How can then a serial show something that is blatantly wrong? ( Ed : Read Report Here)

This AIT was perpetuated for political gains by interested parties beginning from British. A serial through mass media like TV will definitely leave a mark on the new generation that is reading neutered and castrated history and has no time to go to the internet to understand the real history and legacy of this ancient land. So, this fiction will shape their thoughts as history. This could give air to social disrupters.

Only recently Ashutosh Gowarikar fictionalized Mohanjo Daro civilization. He did take a lot of creative liberties; but not to the extent of legitimizing AIT.

We know our film makers are quite lazy about research. Our movies about history and ancient Indian culture are witness to this. There seems to have been no attempt to study alternative view point by the producers. Rajiv Malhotra has appealed to the makers to evolve more scholars, discuss the ideas thoroughly and take a common view before going ahead with this ambitious project which may end up doing more harm than good. Rose Movies may make good money but at the cost of the integrity of this nation and hurting glorious civilization of India.

We do hope better senses will prevail and Goldie Behl will revise his plans based on established truth, around which he can fictionalize with love stories or drama or anything interesting for his show business. No nation can afford to damage its heritage and still hope to gain the respect of the world.


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