Pu.Samavedam Shanmukha Sharmaji address Feb 21st program

Address by Pujyasree Samavedam Shanmukha Sharmaji on the occasion of Bhagyanagar Sambhag Sanghik at Bhagyanagar on feb 21st.

Jai Sri Ram,

I am enthralled to see the RSS swayamsevaks in such large numbers. The RSS swayamsevaks stand for patriotism, service & Dharma. It is only the RSS that has the strength to protect the Hindu Dharma & Hindu religion. The reason being, it has swayamsevaks who are the personification of sacrifice & seva and who stand as the bedrocks of Hindu society.

The word Hindu denotes our motherland not merely a religion. Then the question arises, what about Hindu Matam( religion). Hindu religion, Hindu Dharma, India and Bharat are actually one and the same. The reason being, just as Bharat is our motherland, so also it is the motherland of the Hindu religion. Hindu Dharma encompasses the various sampradayas of this land like Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shaakteya, Gaanapatya, Jaina, Baudha etc.. A great person had said that a country is not land, but people. But, I feel that a country gets its relevance and meaning because of its culture. Every inch of this land is a pavitra kshetra( (holy land). From the Rama sethu to Himalayas, the Hindus treat all rivers as their mother; they hold the mountains in reverence. We must be proud of this Dharma. Hidden behind the protection of Hindu Dharma is the protection of everybody. We do not subscribe to low sentiments like others who say that they will provide service only if you convert to their religion. The Hindu serves for the sake of service because service is God’s work. The Sangh has shown this Hindu trait whenever there have been calamities and has provided selfless service.

The Sangh has always been in the forefront of protection of Hindu Dharma. For example, when the 7 Hills of Tirumala & Tirupati were sought to be reduced into 2 Hills by the government, the Sangh came forward to protect the jurisdiction of Tirumala. When the Amarnath land was in problem, the Sangh came forward. When the Rama Sethu was sought to be destroyed, the Sangh came forward.

The word Hindu is in vogue from pre-independence era and was a driving force for the Indpendence movement as well; Hindustan, Jai Hind etc are words & phrases which have been used well before Independence. Even the word “Bharat” owes it’s origin to the Veda, which the Hindus hold in reverence. Therefore, Hindu Dharma, Hindu religion, Bharatiyata, India are one and the same. Just as a human being cannot live without Prana shakti, so also Bharat cannot exist without Hindu Dharma.

The country is one because of Hindu Dharma. Hindus from the north hold Tirumala & Rameshwaram in reverence and come to have darshan here, so also the Hindus from the south hold Badri, Kedar , Kashi in reverence. This creates a oneness in the entire country. We say, Gangecha Yamune krishne Godavari saraswati, Narmade sindhu kaveri jalesmin sannadhim kuru and invoke the all the holy rivers of our land while we perform any puja. These rivers owe their origin from the Himalayas to Malaya mountains, spread across the country. Even though our customs and traditions seem different, we are one country and one culture because of our common Hindu Dharma.

Protection of Hindutva is protection of Bharat. The founder of the RSS, Dr. Hedgewar, recognized this and started this movement. We must take this work forward.

The Hindu must protect himself. Satvikta & Taatvikta are part of the Hindu nature. In addition, Gyanam is the highest in Hindu religion.Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish shastra – All these are part of Hindutva or Bharityatva.

The pre-requisite for any force for protection is discipline and this army of swayamsevaks can protect themselves and our Dharma. I use the word protection, because the Hindu by nature does not attack anybody. The Hindus are being attacked today by conversion & terrorism. Some people say, “ What is in a religion ? Why not follow others religions.” We must be careful of such people. The people who are being converted are from our own fold and therefore this leads to quarrel. Conversion is part of the bigger conspiracy to break the country, divide the people and encourages treachery.

We respect all mothers, but we cannot replace our mother. The same is the case with our motherland and our culture. We are born in this culture and we shall live our life in it. As said earlier, a country is people, land and culture and it has no meaning without its native culture.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai !

2 thoughts on “Pu.Samavedam Shanmukha Sharmaji address Feb 21st program

  1. Dr. Gour Mohanty

    Through right education ,conspicuously absent in the present secular curriculum ,pride has to be instilled in the minds of Hindus, that they are singularly fortunate in inheriting a religion ,indeed the real mother of all religions .As rightly pointed out by Swami Vivekananda,that lion among men ,that Vedanta is to be the religion of future humanity.Only if the people are exposed to the grand and lofty ideas of the major Upanishads ,which again are secular in true sense of the term ,they would realise how silly and childish appear the tenets of the later semitic religions in comparison.From my own humble experience of the study of the Hindu scriptures , I have been convinced that they have incorporated all the good thoughts and lofty ideas that occur in human mind , in an almost exhaustive manner.The same of course may be repeated in a different language , in a different manner as had been so admirably achieved by Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo.


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