Latur Shows How To Overcome Water Shortage

Praising people of Latur in Maharashtra for showing a new direction to those suffering from water shortage, Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr. Mohanrao Bhagwat said that the RSS has been working to unite the society to face such times of distress and overcome them.

Latur 1.jpg

He was speaking after performing ‘Jal Pujan’ (worship of water) on the banks of Manjra river here. The completely dried up river was brought to life once again by the collective efforts initiated by RSS Jankalyan Samiti, Art of Living and people’s participation.
The ‘Jal Pujan’ program was organised by ‘Sarvajanik Jalyukt Latur Vyvasthapan Samiti’ at the Nageshwar temple premises in the presence of Patron and President of ‘Jalyukt Latur Samiti’, Dr. Ashokrao Kukde and other prominent persons.
Sarsanghchalak said that the RSS was aiming to unite the society as has been achieved by the people of Latur. We may have different thoughts, differences over issues but when we come together as a society and work unitedly, we work as one people. This happened in Latur when the water scarcity became acute.
The people came together and faced the situation boldly without getting panicky and undertook efforts to tide over this calamity successfully. This example will work like a guiding light for the country, the RSS Chief said.
In facing the natural calamity of drought and water scarcity the people of Latur created a new pattern of people’s participation. Now this new ‘Latur Pattern’ would guide the country, he said showering praise on the people to make ‘Jalyukt Latur’ successful.
Latur suffered an acute water shortage in this summer and the railways had to send special water trains to meet the demand of the people. However, under the initiative of RSS Jankalyan Samiti and Art of Living, the people of Latur took up the work of rejuvenating Manjra River and succeeded in their mission.
They cleaned the river bed from Saai to Nagjhari and Takli covering a distance of 15 km by direct participation of the people.

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