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Rising Bharat International News Feed: August 30th 2020

  • Relation with US
  1. U.S. to hold high-level talks with Australia, Japan and India.

Key points:

  1. The United States plans high-level talks with “Quad” security partners from India, Australia and Japan in September and October, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said, while criticizing “very aggressive” behavior by China.
  2. O’Brien said the Quad relationship, which has been denounced by China, was coming into its own and likely to pay huge dividends.
  3. “We’re seeing a very assertive, a very aggressive China and the United States is not going to back down from its long-held principles that the world’s ocean ways and international waters should be free for navigation, and the same with space and with air rights and international airspace,” he said.
  4. On Thursday, the Pentagon expressed concern about China’s recent military exercises, including the firing of medium-range ballistic missiles in the South China Sea.

(Japan Today, 30 August, 2020) News Link