Communist Goons attack Sishumandir Celebrations at Hyderabad


It has been reported in the TV channels that RSS cadre attacked the Sundaraiah Vignana Kendra at Hyderabad. The following is the factual report.

What happened on the night of 10th March?

– On 10th March, 2008 (Monday) at about 6.00 p.m. the Silver Jublee Celebrations function of Sisumandir, Nimboliadda started at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram, Baghlingampally, Hyderabad. Upto 8.00 pm performance of some exercises by students (sareerak pradarshanas) and cultural programmes continued. Those who were present in the hall were mainly small children of classes from 1-7 and their parents.

– The main function started at about 8.00 p.m. Sri G. Kishan Reddy, BJP Floor Leader in AP Legislative Assembly, who was the Chief Guest at the function spoke for about 10 minutes.

– While another Guest Sri Ram Mohan Reddy, Advocate, High Court of AP was delivering his address at about 8.15 p.m., a group of 10-15 persons with slogans against RSS and BJP entered the hall and tried to move over to the dais. They were prevented from doing so my the Karyakartas present there and they were sent out.

– A large police force soon arrived at the venue.

– The programme continued for another 10-15 minutes. But sloganeering continued outside the hall. The crowd of CPM activists out side the venue soon grew to a few hundred. They tried to attack Kishan Reddy and they were prevented by police from doing so.

– Meanwhile some of our Karyakartas also started coming to the venue.

– CPM people started demonstration outside the venue saying that they would not allow Kishan Reddy and all the students and their parents inside the hall to leave the premises.

– Police escorted Kishan Reddy and all those inside the hall to outside by back door.

– Some vehicles of the parents of the sisumandir, which were parked outside the Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram, were damaged by CPM cadre.

– By 9.30 the CPM people once again started marching over to Kishan Reddy and others in an attempt to attack them.The police prevented the CPM cadre

– The CPM group assembled right in front of Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram and BJP activists at the Sundaraiah park end about 50 meters away.

– There were loud sloganeering by both groups.

– The police arrested Kishan Reddy and others and dispersed everyone there by trying to persuade sometimes and at times by resorting to lathi charge.

– It was alleged by the CPM that a portrait of P. Sundaraiah which was in another hall at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram was vandalised by a few allegedly BJP/ RSS activists and petrol was poured over it and that it was the reason why their cadre entered into and demonstrated during the Sisumandir anniversary programme. The allegation is a blatant lie. It could be possible that CPM cadre themselves deliberately prepared a ground in order to resort to a planned attack on the Silver Jublee Anniversary of Sisumandir, Nimboliadda.

– CPM, taking advantage of it being in power in Kerala, has been indulging in political murders there. In Nadigram and elsewhere in West Bengal also violent attacks are used to silence and eliminate political opponents.

– Is CPM thinking that its support to the UPA government at centre is a license for it to indulge in vandalism and physical attacks on its opponents all over the country? Such tactics cannot be allowed to succeed in a democratic society.

– The negative coverage by a section of media that RSS/BJP activists attacked Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram is completely untrue. It was the CPM cadre who attacked the silver jubilee celebrations of Sisumandir, Nimboliadda.

– The pre-meditated attack on the silver jubilee anniversary of Sisumandir, Nimboliadda must be strongly condemned by all right-thinking citizens.

March 11th, 2008 Update :

A protest Dharna was organised by the BJP attended by karyakartas belonging to RSS, BJP and ABVP.

The rally began after the dharna and the police resorted to arrest to prevent the karyakartas from going to the assembly.

An interview of the parents of the Sishu Mandir Vidyarthis was also taken by TV 5. A special program is being telecast at 8:30 pm today,i.e., 11th March 08 on the issue.

Condemn the pre-meditated attack by CPM on the 25th anniversary meeting of Sisumandir, Nimboliadda, Hyderabad held at Sundarayya Vignana kendra by writing to various TV channel and newspapers.


4 thoughts on “Communist Goons attack Sishumandir Celebrations at Hyderabad

  1. Vishnu Sharma

    It is imperative that the BJP, Shiva Sena and other Nationalistic parties have its own security force: The SURAKSHA SENA (SS)

    We want a Suraksha Sena whose cadres are armed with Batons, Daggers and Ropes, Cell phones and Whistles, instead of Bamboo sticks to protect party members and party functions and party rallies.

    All Suraksha Sena cadres should drill on how to combat attacks from CPI(M) rogues.

    In numbers, the Suraksha Sena should out number the CPI(M) goons
    In ferocity, we should overwhelm them and destroy them during encounters.
    In tactics we should outsmart them.

    If they kill ten of us, We should kill hundreds of them.
    We should also target CPI(M) leadership.

    Here are two Axioms I want the SS to internalize:

    Marxist terror can only be broken by overwhelming Nationalistic Counter-Terror.
    Marxism will be stamped into the ground and finished in India.

    The Emblem of the SURAKSHA SENA should be two upraised King Cobras
    (Side view) against a rising Sun.

    (Some what similar to a Double Integral in Calculus.)

    We want absolute fear and terror to strike the hearts and minds of Communists in India.

    So far they have been allowed to run scott free.

  2. arisebharat Post author

    This is first hand information. Parents of the children who were there in the hall have also spoken out. Please go through the press briefings given to TV 5; Kindly do not bother about the prestige of the RSS, please lay out the information that you have with evidence…( which ofcourse is lacking from the commie side ); The commies are generally experts at propaganda with no facts. Worldover it has been the practice of Commies to attack opponents and even dissent by brutal extermination. Remember Tianamen square incident where thousands of students were attacked by the government. Their crime was that they had gathered to oppose the government. This time the crime of the school children was that they invited a BJP MLA as a chief guest.


  3. indu

    this report is exactly opposite to what happened there really. so stop this non sence propaganda. it destroys the prestige of rss.

  4. Govindan

    CPI(M) is a rogue party. They are fascists, but accuse others of being fascist. Since BJP-RSS was gaining popularity in Kerala, they started attacking them. Since they felt the heat of the wanton killings at Kannur, in Delhi, we should be prepared to deal with the Marxist goons all over India. The marxist murderers who showed their true colours in Nandigram by killing muslims and committing atrocities on them, are taking advantage of the support they are giving to the Congress at the centre. The bitter truth for the Congressmen is that they were at the receiving end till the marriage of convenience with Sonia Congress. Hundreds of congressmen were murdered by the CPI(M)goons. So BJP should take all precautions to defend themselves. Please instruct all BJP-RSS offices to be alert.


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